The Geekbox: Episode 563

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The Geekbox — Episode 563 (2020-05-19)
Wherein we discuss Justin “Daniel Radcliffe” Haywald, more babbies, What We Do in the Shadows, Stargirl, the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, Star Trek fans vs. Star Trek (spoilers for season 1 of Picard!), Trials of Mana, Xenoblade Chronicles, beating games during quarantine, poor personal safety habits, E3, Unreal Engine for PlayStation 5, the uncanny valley, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Paper Mario: The Origami King, and Adam’s Switch friend code (that’s SW-7521-5852-225 for anyone who’s interested). Starring Ryan Scott, Adam Fitch, Justin Haywald, and Ryan Higgins.

Running Time: 1h 44m 19s
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