Good Job, Brain!: Episode 167

Pleasures? Guilty? No such thing.


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Good Job, Brain! #167: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure? (2015-11-30)
Time to let our hair down, uncover and admit to some of our guilty pleasures, and the facts and trivia behind them. The lurid crime-filled world of Law & Order: SVU, reality shows, and how real is courtroom TV? Chris confesses his love for his girlfriend Judge Judy — and shares the story of how she became TV’s highest-paid star, and how exactly do courtroom shows work. Get your hands nice and jazzy as Karen delivers a handy Broadway show tunes quiz that will show up in pub trivia one day. And we love Disneyland facts, and we love pee facts, so why not both? Some of the outrageously funny things that the Disneyland custodial crew has ever seen. ALSO: Star Wars Lego Mad Libs. Starring Karen Chu, Colin Felton, Dana Nelson, and Chris Kohler.
Running Time: 1h 2m 30s
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