The Geekbox: Episode 319

Sorry for the Sunday special — I’ve been digging myself out of a very deep work hole this week. You can partially blame E3. Oh, the exciting things that I’ll tell you about in June! Don’t forget to check out our Patreon campaign to see how you can support the show!

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The Geekbox — Episode 319 (2015-04-22)
Wherein we discuss trailers vs. the Geekbox, Star Wars Celebration, lots of summer movie trailers, Batman vs. Superman, Fantastic Four, Jurassic World, hot WB behind-the-scenes stuff, StreetPassing in movie lines, Star Wars, BB-8, the Force Awakens trailer, Star Wars: Rogue One, Nintendo at E3, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, who Nintendo’s franchises should go to, UK television that needs the HBO treatment, rare video game systems, and GameStop’s plan to sell classic games. Starring Ryan Scott, Justin Haywald, Ryan Higgins, and Alice Liang.
Running Time: 1h 17m 51s
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