Thoughts on the Suicide Squad

It’s not often that I get to speculate on a Suicide Squad movie. But hey, the official cast list for Warner Bros.’ upcoming supervillain team-up adaptation was released yesterday. It looks like we’re getting Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Tom Hardy as Rick Flag, Cara Delevingne as the Enchantress, and Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang. Also, Jared Leto is playing the Joker, and Oprah Winfrey is reportedly the studio’s top choice to play Dr. Amanda Waller.

So, in honor of that, here we go: Here are 10 thoughts from me, the world’s leading Suicide Squad expert — and yes, sadly, that’s an absolutely serious claim I’m making — on what we can probably expect from this movie.


1) This is not a Joker movie. The dude is going to have a cameo to basically introduce Harley Quinn to mainstream moviegoers, plant seeds for a future Batman movie, and then peace out. I expect this will happen by way of a flashback, where we’ll get to see a brief glimpse of Dr. Harleen Quinzel as the Joker’s psychiatrist. There’s no way they’re putting the Joker on the team (and if they do, it’s 100% because some suit-and-tie-wearing guy thinks he knows better than the actual comic book creators).

2) It’s called the Suicide Squad, and the most boring thing they can do with this team is to go for a long stretch without killing anyone off. If I had to pick someone to bite the dust, it’d probably be either the Enchantress or Rick Flag (at the very end, maybe — it would kinda-sorta echo some beloved story beats from the classic comics). Then again, they could be using the Enchantress to plant seeds for Justice League Dark, so who knows.

3) I dunno about Will Smith as Deadshot. That one is pretty weird. When I first heard that he was attached to it, I figured he’d be playing either Bronze Tiger (which would have been equally as bad for the reasons I’m about to state), or an alternate take on Captain Boomerang. I know Will Smith has been in some dramatic roles over the last few years, but I fear that this is going to be some sort of wacky, wisecracking version of Deadshot, as opposed to the stone-cold killer that he should be. It’s true that the Suicide Squad is very darkly humorous a lot of the time… but I dunno about this one. I’m not at all opposed to Will Smith being in the movie, but Deadshot just seems like a weird role to saddle him with.

4) Captain Boomerang (I refuse to call him “Boomerang” as he’s listed in the official announcement) will be the resident gadget guy. Standard five-man ensemble logic necessitates a leader (obviously Rick Flag), a diametrically opposite number two (Deadshot), some heavy-duty muscle (Enchantress is the clear choice), a down-to-earth audience surrogate (Harley Quinn is about the closest thing we have here… and a good origin flashback could make her a very sympathetic character), and a smart guy. Boomer, despite his stupid gimmick, is an effective thief and inventor, so I totally expect to see him toting a bag of cool tech tricks. This dude is gonna be the DC movie equivalent of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon, in terms of audience favoritism.

5) I’m thrilled that they’re acknowledging Rick Flag at all. The recent DC Comics “New 52” relaunch forgot he existed, but Flag is historically the one character — aside from Amanda Waller — who is most closely associated with this team. Flag is a human element in a pack of freaks and lunatics, he’s a pretty excellent character, and I hope they spend some time really getting inside his head, because this movie could really and truly be about him more than anything else. I think Tom Hardy is a great choice to play Flag. (Side note: I hope this means he shows up and becomes super-important in the comics again.)

6) Assuming Jesse Eisenberg does, as rumors suggest, reprise his Batman vs. Superman role as Lex Luthor in this movie, I’d say there’s a strong possibility that Batman vs. Superman movie ends with him as the President of the United States, with Amanda Waller as his Secretary of State — and head of his special Task Force X (AKA Suicide Squad) project.

7) The fact that they want Oprah Winfrey (or, alternatively, Viola Davis or Octavia Spencer) to play Waller speaks volumes about how she’s been written in the script. This isn’t going to be the waifish superspy that’s been featured in the recent “New 52” comics, or the one-note ice queen from shows like Smallville and Arrow. It’s going to be the larger-than-life, badass normal, don’t-screw-with-me-if-you-know-what’s-good-for-you Waller, who is one of the single best characters in the DC Comics universe. Also, Oprah Winfrey will certainly get this movie a giant mainstream audience that it might not otherwise have.

8) If you see any other Suicide Squad members pop up at the very beginning of the movie that aren’t listed here, they’re dead on arrival. I’m speculating that KGBeast could pop in and bite the dust early, since he’s apparently showing up in Batman vs. Superman.

9) Seeing as how Warner Bros. is trying to build a Marvel-esque cinematic universe here, I really, really want to see Oracle pop up as the team’s radio support. Or maybe Thinker, Clock King, or Calculator as second options. Oracle would be awesome though — and it would have a nice ring to it, especially since Suicide Squad was the first place where anyone ever saw Barbara Gordon as Oracle (yes, she was their support staff before she was Batman’s).

10) No idea what the heck the plot is gonna be, but I’m really hoping they go after snake-themed terrorists in DC’s ambiguously-Middle-East country of Qurac. Or maybe they’ll go to Kahndaq and run into Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in an early Black Adam cameo. The plot could be anything, really.

BONUS #11) If the ending credits and/or the stinger don’t feature a mystery character throwing pies at people in Belle Reve Penitentiary, I’m going to be so bummed out.

Also, if you want to see the absolute worst and most uninformed Suicide Squad analysis imaginable, just click here.

Oh, and GO READ THE COMICS. This is one of the greatest comic book series ever written.

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  1. Leonardo Talavera says:

    Firstly,horrible EW article.
    Secondly,have you seen the DC animated movie Assault on Arkham? Great Suicide Squad movie and Captain Boomerang was pretty Damn cool in that flick.
    Anyway I’m hoping that that don’t follow a plot like that,the one you brought up was cool. I also don’t think that Leto will only cameo,must’ve a series of Flashbacks?
    Lastly I don’t know who the pie throwing guy is. Do you mean Trickster?

  2. Jason says:

    Thank you ryan for the link to the link to the entertainment article. Had myself a really loud late night laugh.

  3. Xiong says:

    Damn, that EW “article” you linked was HORRIBLE! Oh man it was so baaaaad…

  4. cristian says:

    I was SO SURE that the “just click here” link was going to Higgins twitter

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