The Comedy Button: Episode 144

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The Comedy Button — Episode 144 (2014-09-12)
Between bouts of consuming the borderline-toxic novelty sodas and candy that one sadistic fan sent us, we delve into the little-known friendship between Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain. Starring Brian Altano, Scott Bromley, Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Scott, and Max Scoville.
Running Time: 1h 5m 4s
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One Response to “ “The Comedy Button: Episode 144”

  1. DarthEnderX says:

    I live in CT, and I can honestly say that I agree with Brian that we don’t really have anything bad going on.

    I don’t agree with his sentiment that being in a place with nothing is worse than being in a place with bad stuff.

    I’d rather be hanging out in an empty parking lot than a burning building. Even if the burning building is more interesting, at least I’m not on fire.

    I don’t have to deal with tornadoes, or earthquakes, or wildfires, we’re far enough North that maybe one hurricane every 20 years is actually serious, but not so far North that winter kills a bunch of people every year.

    All in all, it’s pretty sweet. Until the lizard army emerges from beneath New Haven to consume us all.

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