The Geekbox: Episode 235

Comic Conspiracy co-host Toby Sidler fills in for Ryan Higgins this week. Enjoy!

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The Geekbox — Episode 235 (2013-09-04)
Wherein we discuss Elysium, The World’s End, The A-Team, Guardians of the Galaxy, awesome voice actors, Inspector Gadget, PAX Prime 2013, Mega Man, Mighty No. 9, Plants vs. Zombies 2, nerdy podcast panels, Felicia Day’s nerdy book club, the five freebies list, the Nintendo 2DS, Cards Against Humanity, Ryan Higgins’ newfound alcoholism, Hate Plus, and Grand Theft Auto V. Starring Ryan Scott, Adam Fitch, and Justin Haywald, with special guests April Scott and Toby Sidler.
Running Time: 1h 15m 16s
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One Response to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 235”

  1. Sam says:

    Come on Ryan, please no more talking about movies for you. You are starting to become my Harry Knowles.

    I kind of hate-listen to this show to be honest, as your opinion movies combined with Higgins’ opinions on video-games, and Fitch’s personality in general are a lethal combination, but I guess you’re doing something right.

    You seem like a cool human being in general which is way I’ve been listening to Geekbox after first listening to the Debriefings/Comedy button but I can never understand you’re close-mindedness when it comes to movies especially for someone who claims that Seven Samurai (and I believe other Kurosawa movies) are among your favorites of all-time.

    I know it’s not your job to familiarize yourself with movies but to be completely like…oh well, the summer is over so no more good movies this year…is kind of lame thinking, especially with how your tastes are in video games where you typically don’t seem to dig the Call of Duty/Battlefield/typical blockbuster fare.

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