The Geekbox: Episode 196

This week, we talk about a bunch of old junk. Get off our lawn, you damn kids!

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The Geekbox — Episode 196 (2012-11-27)
Wherein we discuss Taxi Driver, No Country for Old Men, Ratchet & Clank, Disneyland, sexy Tinkerbell, dead men telling no tales, Captain Jack Skellington, Captain Eo (in 2012), crystal skulls, the terrible lessons that Pixar movies teach us, Medieval Times, and our favorite video games of all time. Starring Ryan Scott, Adam Fitch, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 34m 9s
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5 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 196”

  1. Antinonymous says:

    Better to have a list that goes by year instead of of all time. Some game you played a lot 10 years ago but not once ever since is NOT your favourite/best game of all time.

  2. Dave says:

    Really late but Fitch naming Final Fantasy II/IV as his favorite made up for all the stupid stuff he’s said. I love it.

    Also Final Fantasy III/VI is way overrated on the interwebs at this point. It’s a very good game, but not the greatest.

  3. Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda, after the video game. Are you saying Robin Williams is retarded?

    Also, stop saying Final Fantasy II/IV. It’s Final Fantasy IV. Not 2. FOUR.

    Yes, the SNES version was called Final Fantasy II, but that was over twenty years ago.

  4. Ranma Saotome says:

    Another episode of hating something because you can’t understand it… (sigh)

    … and Ryoga, stay away from Akane!!

  5. Ryoga Hibki says:

    I usually disagree with Higgins, but this time he’s right. No Country for Old Men sucks! All of Higgins’s points were correct. Depressing story with no point and no ending. Never understood why it was so acclaimed. Boring movie, waste of time.

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