The Geekbox: Episode 174

This week, it’s the Ryan Higgins Hates Everything episode. Feel free to visit our forums and assign a rating of 9.5-10 on how hard he hates everything! Also: Come play Team Fortress 2 with our forum regulars this Sunday, as the community is celebrating the Geekbox TF2 server’s two-year anniversary! You just might win a prize, like a copy of L.A. Noire, Quantum Conundrum, or Bastion!

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The Geekbox — Episode 174 (2012-06-26)
Wherein we discuss tropes on tropes, too-rapid mobile technology, Google hate, Ryan Higgins vs. every company ever, Brave, the Pixar canon, and Final Fantasy VII. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Adam Fitch, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 9m 19s
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23 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 174”

  1. Antinonymous says:

    The Google issue with rape on TVTropes was due to the site using Google Ads which they objected to letting them profit off of based on rape pages. It’s not whether the site is listed on Google or not, Google only removes sites if a government authority complains or there’s copyright issues.

  2. Will says:

    Up sucks. Sorry, but beyond the first 15 minutes, it’s a super duper kiddie film with way too much twee. Wall-E is highly overrated as well.

    The Toy Story Trilogy reigns supreme. Toy Story 2 might be the funniest film of all time. Toy Story is just a well written adventure flick. Toy Story 3 is a beautiful closer to the trilogy. Ratatouille is awesome. Brave is okay.

    And yes, Tangled was fucking awesome!!!

  3. Leon says:

    The constant negativity on this podcast made me shut it off halfway through, and it’ll probably be a long time before I download another episode. I know it’s a free show, I don’t have to listen, etc., but there was a time when I looked forward to each episode of the Geekbox, and I’m sad that it has devolved into attacking Higgins nonstop for every little thing.

    Do I agree with everything he said? No, but I felt like he wasn’t even given a chance to explain himself before he get yelled at by everyone else on the cast. It’s like you came up with the premise of “Everything Ryan H says will be the worst thing ever, so we will just shit all over him no matter what.” Every topic of conversation seemed to turn into a bad high school debate team topic where it was 3 vs. 1 and the 1 was being attacked by the 3 before he could even finish a sentence.

    Maybe I’m a hypocrite because I enjoy the bits on The Comedy Button where everyone makes fun of Ryan Scott, but that’s not what I come to The Geekbox for.

    So what does this mean for you hosts, ultimately? Nothing, I guess. You lose one fan that to be entirely honest had only been listening to one episode in 5 lately because of similar complaints. Oh well. You guys still have plenty of fans and I have plenty of podcasts to listen to.

  4. sdf says:

    Hey now, the hosts of “Comedy” Button shouldn’t be allowed to post comment on the other podcasts feedback.

  5. Mike says:

    Hey Higgins, don’t worry. You’re mostly right throughout most of this podcast. Walmart sucks. Amazon sucks. Very destructive companies. Prometheus sucks too though. You are still wrong about that.

  6. Lepton says:

    If you guys could refrain from shitting on your “friend”, Ryan Higgins, that would be great. At some point, Karin’s shouting, moaning and bellowing and Ryan Scott’s browbeating made me snap off the podcast in anger.

    In conclusion, fuck you guys for acting so shitty to your friend.

  7. Alex says:

    I never comment but I was pulling my hair out listening to Higgins. Anytime I stop the podcast before it’s over is always disappointing.

  8. fakename87 says:

    I’m seriously considering stopping listening to the podcast just because of Ryan Higgins.

    Here’s how a typical scenario goes

    -Ryan Higgins says some dumb bullshit

    -everyone on the podcast explains to him why he is wrong

    -He insists that he is right and then goes “Oh lets move on”

  9. Steamshadow says:

    “Why is Ryan Higgins wrong about everything”

    Amen to that Adam. He annoys me so much. And P.S. Prometheus does still suck.

  10. Brodie Spears says:

    Hmmmmm…I was going to say some things, mostly about how I dont want to listen to Ryan Higgens bitch anymore….but I think Ryan Scott’s Dad has the bad comments wrapped up. Good podcast! (minus the bitching.)

  11. contrabann says:

    Aren’t these comments lovely?

    Just wanted to say I work at Gamestop and the reason we have an opened copy of new games is to allow us to place an actual copy of the game on the shelf to display. Our marketing cover art has additional promotional material, which would misinform the average customer.

    We are allowed to check out games, but only PREOWNED copies of said game, and only if we have two or more copies of it. Sadly there are probably a few employees who do check out new games, hopefully they’re the minority.

    Also, our electronic transaction service is pretty obsolete.

  12. NickF says:

    Great episode today. The hypocrisy coming out of Mr. Higgin’s mouth was hilarious.

  13. Adam says:

    Well, like father like-
    wait.. no.

  14. Ryan Scott's Dad says:

    Fuck my son. I should of aborted that mother fucker.

  15. Ryan Scott's Dad says:

    All these people are fags.

  16. Ryan Scott's Dad says:

    I have a raging hard on.

  17. Ryan Scott's Dad says:

    Eat my butthole.

  18. Ryan Scott's Dad says:


  19. Ryan Scott's Dad says:

    Karen is a slut.

  20. Ryan Scott's Dad says:


  21. Ryan Scott's Dad says:

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  23. Ryan Scott's Dad says:

    This is dumbest shit I have eve heard. Fucktards.

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