The Comedy Button: Episode 34

It’s the day after (OK, the week after) the Alcoholocaust. So how did the drunkards fare!?

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The Comedy Button — Episode 34 (2012-06-15)
This week, we remember the morning after the Alcoholocaust, discover we’re definitely not experts in Asian culture, offer some bad advice in response to your terrible emails, confirm that geese are still jerks, get a shout-out from Radford University, discuss dinosaur porn at length, look like dorks, compare children to dogs, hate on Sunday comic strips, love high school football games (and the associated partying opportunities), discuss moving out of the states that suck, discover the worst Italian restaurant ever, find a sweater full of AIDS, and marvel at Burger King’s latest monstrosity. Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Scott, and Max Scoville.
Running Time: 1h 1m 27s
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14 Responses to “ “The Comedy Button: Episode 34”

  1. JD says:

    The most hilarious part about this episode was how much none of you knew about Radford yet were able to hit the nail on the head. You may have heard of Virginia Tech if you know anything about football, which is only 20 minutes away. Radford is pretty much an STD-infected dudebro liberal arts college where hippies who can’t get into UVa or VT but want to stay in state go to college. Thanks for the laughs, which were extra funny for me having experienced some Radfordites first-hand.

  2. Radford is a prestigous institition

  3. King says:

    I found a gif from the pterodactyl porn Max was talking about

  4. nick says:

    well your still here so no. @sdf

  5. sdf says:

    hey has this show stopped sucking, or did they replace all the down syndromites

  6. nick says:

    just thought i’d try.

  7. Scott Bromley says:


  8. nick says:

    on the next episode could you guys please all throw out your best solid snake voice? i am a big fan of mgs

  9. nick says:

    i just want to say thanks replying to what i say. i can’t send emails because i forgot the password to my gmail acount

  10. Scott Bromley says:

    Stacey will more than likely never be on the show. She just doesn’t want to do it.

  11. nick says:

    so scott when is stacy going to be on the show? also ryan please get april on the show. and if anthony still does’nt have a girlfriend maybe he can bring a blowup doll and brian can do a funny voice for it.

  12. nick says:

    i thought i’d share a bad joke i heard. what do you get when you mix a whore and a computer? a fucking know it all.

  13. Felipe says:

    Weird, episode. Felt like people were missing, you guys should totally have Jen on more often!.

  14. Ryan E. says:

    OH BOY!

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