The Geekbox: Episode 157

Local listeners (and now two-time guests!) Alea Garbagnati and Chris Noyes join us this week to tell us all about the horrors of Star Wars in 3D so we never have to experience it for ourselves — and my awesomely awesome wife April is back as well! Enjoy the episode, and please share!

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The Geekbox — Episode 157 (2012-02-14)
Wherein we discuss the Jelly Belly factory, molecular gastronomy (WTF?), the amazing Jeremy Lin, Star Wars: Episode I 3D, crazy TV producers, Sherlock in America, Comic Book Men, superhero identities, murder mysteries, Double Fine’s crazy Kickstarter adventure, and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic series. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Alea Garbagnati, Ryan Higgins, Chris Noyes, and April Scott.
Running Time: 1h 21m 32s
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2 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 157”

  1. Bryan Piggens says:

    Ryan Higgens finds the dumbest things to get angry about.

    I mean, I can appreciate being precious about wanting to go into things fresh, but I don’t think his, like, proposal of genocide is reasonable in the face of just, like, easily avoiding the problem by not looking into things you don’t want to look in to.

  2. […] yeah and Chris and I were on the Geekbox again. Check out the episode here. Share this:TwitterLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Categories: Geek | Leave a […]

  3. sdf says:

    Just bring in April if Chow can’t make it. But only if Joynt can’t make it either.

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