The Geekbox: Episode 107

It’s a three-man nerdcast this week, with returning guest Adam Fitch. We should have more of our regular hosts back after the Game Developers Conference wraps on Friday!

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The Geekbox — Episode 107 (2011-03-02)
Wherein we discuss notable absences, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, the language of memory, the quirks of game localization, remake decay, Woolseyisms, off-the-cuff Japanese lessons, Radical Dreamers, Fire Emblem: Sealed Sword, NEStalgia, mobile viruses, the stupid Academy Awards, Superman villains, epic film scores, the Libyans, Joy Division, and the Fitch Hitch. Starring Ryan Scott, Adam Fitch, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 22m 52s
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10 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 107”

  1. Rose Spinoza says:

    Man. I love Adam. Sure, I don’t really agree with him on grinding in rpg’s (or the DQ series in general), but still, … I’m an Adam fan.

    So yeah, have him back more often.

    ….Hm. Okay. And since I don’t acctually comment too much. Karen is cool too 🙂 .

  2. Kevin says:

    Guys, being dicks isn’t the same as giving constructive criticism. You don’t need to whine about the guest “being a chore to listen to” how a movie that was briefly mentioned was “extremely shitty”.


    Go off on what you hate somewhere where people who enjoy the podcast wont be bothered by it.

    I wouldn’t normally post such a comment, but I felt obligated to try and negate the douchebagery in here. It’s really stinkin’ the place up.

    That said, I do think this the podcast is improved with the ladies providing some high range. Of course, they’re always on with their schedules permitting.

    So, more of the same. Change is scary.


  3. cris says:

    Just wanna add I didn’t complete hate Fitch he just talked too much. You two didn’t help either though. You guys were just quiet and mumbled here and there.

    Also Scott Pilgrim is fucking terrible.

  4. Iceveiled says:

    You know, Adam Fitch probably says “you know” 500 times in this episode. Kind of annoying, you know.

  5. Feanor says:

    Adam’s awesome. I only know a little Japanese, but his Mr. Ore story was great.

    Please have him on again when Karen’s back so she can ask him about what it was like growing up with the other Fitch.

  6. sdf says:

    Thanks for the show Ryans, Fitchy’s a good guest regardless of what mouth-breather McDumbass below has to say about it.

    I think I enjoyed the show so much because I also don’t believe this “Adam” guy actually exists. We all know who he is.

  7. Zbar says:

    Please keep Fitch the fuck off this podcast. It’s painful listening to him talk about movies or girls or anything. Dude’s pitiful, I know he’s your friend, but he’s a chore to listen to on these podcasts.

    Also I agree with cris, Scott Pilgrim was pretty terrible.

  8. cris says:

    Fitch took over the podcast and it was pretty annoying. Scott Pilgrim is an extremely shitty movie man. I just don’t just understand all the love for it. I sound like a dick but yea I just hated this episode. It’s just clashing opinions but yea…

  9. danowar says:

    Hi, I couldn’t download the episode via the direct download, libsyn said:
    “The information you requested could not be retrieved. Invalid customer hash.”


  10. Ian says:

    This was one of the geekiest Geekboxes yet and I loved it.

    I played NEStalgia for about two hours after it started hitting the various gaming news sites and once someone in-game mentioned that the yearly subscription is $9 and the lifetime is $20 I logged out and purchased a lifetime sub.

    It’s actually referred to as a MORPG rather than a MMORPG on their website so that would explain the cheaper price-tag and the smaller scope/scale.

    They are planning on sorting out the servers to balance/increase the populations and they also mentioned something about different server types for PvP. (all servers are currently open PvP)

    I’ve really been enjoying it and the subscription pricing is insanely inexpensive.

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