The Geekbox: Episode 75

This week, Andrew Fitch explodes into a ball of rage about pretty much everything (but mostly The Simpsons). And, we talk quite a bit about Inception (spoiler warning!). Enjoy!

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The Geekbox — Episode 75 (2010-07-20)
Wherein we discuss Burn Notice, Mad Men, The Simpsons (and why it might or might not suck), EW’s Green Lantern cover, the horrible Thor movie costumes, The Hammer, more Final Fantasy XIII rage, Tiger Woods’ videogame slump, shark-jumping commercials, and Inception (major spoiler warning!). Starring Ryan Scott, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 27m 11s
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29 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 75”

  1. sdc says:

    Wow, worst argument ever. Fitch has the most hypocritical argument I have ever heard. I am sorry but he sounded like a forum troll that was trying to sound intellectual. I honestly do have not watched the Simpsons in years, I did enjoy the movie. Therefore, I could not comment on how good The Simpsons is now. If I tried to argue about it I would be a uninformed troll and that is exactly what Fitch did.

  2. sdf says:

    Iron man is bullcrap – Greg Ford could take a dump on the DVD and do that movie a favor.

  3. youareweonghiggins says:

    it’s precisely because people have seen recent simpsons episodes and/or the movie that they hate it

  4. LiK says:

    Hey FORD! Thanks for ruining the afetr credits of Iron Man 2 for me. I’m waiting for the Blu-ray so I didn’t see it yet. No spoiler warning at all? Thanks a lot dude. >:(

  5. scaw says:

    Love the Podcast, listen each week, but you really need to talk about Scott Pilgrim. It may not be a super popular comic, but it has quite a following among certain groups, and it’s popular enough to make a movie out of. You all record at a comic shop, you really need to give some time to one of the best comics I’ve ever read.

  6. riverfr0zen says:

    You elaborate thieves …

  7. sdf says:

    Miss CHew makes a rare on-camera appearance talkin bout wow on 1up’s Failed-Video-Content-of-the-Week. Check it.

  8. Sarah says:

    I think Karen did the right thing and quit this piece of shit podcast

  9. IRL Troll says:

    Hah oh snap. I agree that Simpsons isn’t what it used to be, but my issue (that seems to have completely gone over your head) is rather how poorly Fitch argued. Plus it still gets me that you’re justifying the way he went about arguing it, but with your previous tirade that shouldn’t have surprised me either. For all you know, if Fitch did actually decided see the new episodes, he may fall in love with them, rendering this discussion moot, but since he hasn’t, he has no authority whatsoever arguing on how good or shit the new episodes are.

  10. Harry says:

    Fitch’s position was sound. If you make something that is good and self contained, you do not need to build on it until it becomes a parody of itself, You do not need to milk the udder dry. I realise that’s not the american way, but he’s still right.

    The simpsons is fucking terrible these days as was the movie. Unfunny retarded bullshit for unfunny retards. The people who make it in no way do justice to its legacy. If anything they just piss on any good memories people may have.

    IRL Troll. Something that is good should not be milked until it becomes a tedious, unrecognisable husk of its former self. If you’re too stupid to understand why then don’t participate in other peoples conversations.

  11. Ryan Higgins says:

    Are people really arguing continuity as a reason for the Simpsons not being a good show?

  12. IRL Troll says:

    Holy shit I did not realize how big of a cesspool the episode comments were. There are people actually defending Fitch’s baseless position? Jesus Herbert Christ. Well, if nothing else, Fitch hasn’t defied my expectations of him. Harry and Max….you two are just incredible. Calling something shit and saying it shouldn’t exist while refusing to see it is logical? I want both of you to have critic contracts with a network now.

  13. PantslessJedi says:

    wait, so if I haven’t seen something, I can call it bad just because I arbitrarily think it shouldn’t exist? How does that make sense?

    I don’t think Call of Duty should exist, but I won’t say it’s a bad game until I play it.

    Fitch’s arguments are baseless, arbitrary, and don’t even make sense most of the time.

  14. Harry says:

    terrible excuses? Fitch was the only one making sense on the podcast you fucking turkey

  15. PantslessJedi says:

    A most excellent episode. It is good to hear someone finally give Fitch shit for his terrible excuses.

  16. Max says:

    Holy crap.



    THE MOVIE WAS SUCH A PIECE OF SHIT. Holy crap. It essentially recycles plots from yesteryear, adds unnecessary things like seeing Otto hit a bong and Bart’s penis(where’s the subtlety???), replaces Rainier Wolfcastle with Arnold Shwarzennegger and pretty much tarnishes the series’ golden reputation.

    Season 8 was the last great season of the show, and anyone else who thinks otherwise clearly has a broken brain.

  17. Ryan Higgins says:

    @tGill: You are correct, I was wrong. It takes three key presses to attack a target:

    -Tab over to target
    -Press “F” to go into active mode
    -Press the number of the ability you want to use

    But you know what? That’s still 2 too many. Or 3, if it played like A PC GAME and actually had any sort of usable mouse option.

    What about starting quests and turning them in twice? Or grinding on mobs so you can get more quests? Or 5 clicks to equip an item? Or a two-day wait to get a repeatable quest? Need I go on?

    And I’ve long since stopped caring what people think about The Simpsons, since everyone that thinks it’s sucked for the past 10 years hasn’t actually watched an episode in 12…

  18. sdf says:

    Who needs Patrick when Higgins and Fitchy can inspire such mouth-foaming hatred?

    /grabs popcorn

  19. Malcolm Thomas says:

    why is this not up on zune yet?

  20. WayneR says:

    This Simpsons debate is amazing. Someone somehow dislikes something he has not bothered to watch in years, yet he continues to have an opinion on the content he has not seen.

    How is the Simpsons milking the franchise by continuing to have episodes? Over all the seasons they’ve only had one movie, and I doubt you can count the videogames as “milking” considering they are very lighthearted attempts to satisfy another market. It’s not like there’s a Simpsons videogame every year.

    It would be nice if one could admit they don’t like something because they simply don’t want to.

  21. tGill says:

    Ryan H is so full of shit, he loves that turd STO but yet hates on FFXIV. He clearly doesn’t know shit about the genre because Cryptic MMOs have been stagnant since 2004.

    You don’t need to click 6 times to go into combat so perhaps he should use that grade A reading comprehension to read the manual or at least look at the control scheme.

    Just because XIV does it different doesn’t mean its wrong and to even say that it does everything the genre has learned over the last 10 years is just plain ludicrous.

  22. Gah! says:

    Ugh, I hate it when I have to skip a podcast because it has spoilers for something that just came out. I never remember to come back later. Probably end up skipping this episode, as I don’t have time to make it to the theater this weekend. I’m excited to see the movie at some point, though.

  23. BevansDesign says:

    I think Fitch’s argument has (at least) one major flaw: that Matt Groening has the power to end The Simpsons. I’m pretty sure that the show still has good ratings, and still makes Fox a lot of money.

    Groening’s two choices are probably this: have the show continue with it under his creative control, or have the show continue with it under the control of some marketing stooge from Fox. Groening may be doing us all a huge favor, by holding onto the show until he can safely end it. (However, I think he still probably enjoys doing the show and isn’t thinking about ending it anyway.)

    Not that I’m endorsing the idea that the show sucks now (I haven’t watched it in years), but I thought I’d point that out.

  24. sdf says:

    “Jesus christ

    That’s it. I’m done.



  25. Begemot says:

    Jesus christ

    That’s it. I’m done.


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  27. sdf says:

    Sinestro – gaddangit spoiler alert!

    Man I’ve been with GL since the original Crisis – can’t wait.

  28. Tom L. says:

    Ryan could not be less correct about The Simpsons. There was a sea change in writing philosophy on that show in 2001. Season 9 was the last shred of worth while comedy the show offered.

    I don’t know how the “celebrity guest” situation has been in the past 5 years; I haven’t been watching. I saw enough ads to know that it was rampant for the better part of this decade, though.

    Also, Two Bad Neighbors as an example of celebrity cameos? As if that was actually Bush 41 and Gerald Ford? Poppycock!

  29. Guillermo says:

    Wow Fitch, while I did agree with your main point, not seeing That 90’s Show or The Simpsons Movie made your argument devolve into Complaining About Shows You Don’t Watch. While I think that That 90’s Show was a “meh” episode (I’d give it 6 Gabrielle Anwars) you should watch The Simpsons Movie, it has many of the writers from the “classic” like James L. Brooks and John Swartzwelder and was very funny for it. I also liked it for acknowledging Homer’s growing Jerkass-iness and uses it as a plot point.

    I guess I must be genuinely retarded according to some people.

  30. Harry says:

    FUCK Greg Ford and FUCK Ryan Higgins

    Simpsons is complete shit nowadays and the movie sucked dick. Insipid, emotionless, unfunny bullshit that retains none of the charm or hilarity of the original 9 or so series. You have to be genuinely retarded to enjoy that shit. It should never have been made just like the new star wars trilogy, bomberman act zero and the new bionic commando

    Fitch you were right. Tell your sister, you were right

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