The Geekbox: Episode 70

Special E3 2010 edition — and it’s a who’s-who of Computer Gaming World veterans! Pardon the wonky audio quality; at E3, you gotta work with what you have.

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The Geekbox — Episode 70 (2010-06-15)
Wherein we discuss the first batch of E3 press conferences, the price of a steak dinner, punching holes through monitors in blind rage, free Xbox 360s, and what we want out of E3. Starring Ryan Scott, Jeff Green, Dana Jongewaard, and Matt Peckham.
Running Time: 1h 13m 8s
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24 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 70”

  1. OmniAvenger says:

    Finally listened. Had a 1940s radio show sound to it, which I didn’t mind at all. (You want bad audio, go back and listen to the the classic GFW/CGW Radio podcast where only Sean Molloy’s mic was working.)

    If there was any problem with this particular episode was that it was recorded before the show floor opened, which made for an emphasis on the press briefings. (Horrible things, almost without exception.) It would have been a completely different podcast had this been recorded on the last day.

  2. Chris says:

    Great podcast. Didn’t mind the sound quality. I appreciate that you managed to pull something together, especially when you’re primarily at E3 for Gamespy related business reasons.

  3. Ryan Scott says:

    Don’t misunderstand me — I definitely don’t censor any of my comments, and people are free and welcome to express their feelings. I just want to make clear that the audio quality of this week’s episode was a necessary evil, so please don’t take me to task TOO much for that, as I was just tryin’ to work with what I had to push an episode out this week.

    And I understand that some people didn’t take to the particular mix of personalities, but I thought it went over well. But if it wasn’t your thing, hey, no worries — we’re back to the usual crew next week.

  4. Joel Bradwin says:

    calling people ‘haters’ because they don’t like something isn’t really fair – and honestly I just lost a lot of respect for you by how you phrased that.

    Seriously, it was not a good podcast (I found the people obnoxious and there was no one to ‘control’ them) – if people aren’t allowed to say what they want about an episode why have a comment section?

    If you only want positive feedback then state so clearly in this section.

  5. Ryan Scott says:

    I do apologize for the audio quality — we were running on pretty low-end tech, all things considered (a handheld voice recorder and a field mic) — but I figured it’d be better to do something a little wonky than skip a week. This was, in fact, the best I could do with a jam-packed work schedule and limited equipment (no way could I have shipped my mixer and mics down). Bear in mind that I have never claimed to be a pro audio engineer — this is a little podcast I record in my spare time. 🙂

    And I was hoping folks would be thrilled to hear Jeff again! Haters gonna hate, I guess. I know it wasn’t the “standard” Geekbox, but I hope some of you enjoyed it anyway. I definitely did.

  6. Harry says:

    Mmmmm, fresh balls. Oh yeah.

  7. BA says:

    Wow.. talk about a bitch, moan, whine fest. As a long ass fan of Ryan and Jeff, wtf guys? Being witty and against the popular things is not a good listen. Especially Dana or w/e. She have anything good to say or at least something positive to find in all these IPs she despised? Man what a depressing show. I almost turned it off. Which would have been a first time for me and any podcast, especially from some of my fav journalists. I know I’m bitching now to, but god damn you needed to hear it.

  8. mario66 says:

    Jeff Green Rules!

  9. sdf says:

    As yes, the banana riders licking balls just like the old days.

  10. Harry says:

    I haven’t yet listened to the show, but these comments are rough.

    It is now ten minutes later, the quality is not that bad. Plus we get Jeff Green and war stories. Stop bitchin.

  11. Tony says:

    Also, I love how getting invited to something + getting cheap plastic crap for free = you must love every minute of E3!!! Mmmmkay.

  12. Tony says:

    Meh, people are a little over harsh here in the comments Jeff, not really sure why. That’s not usually the case but the comments in the forums are more uh… sane.

  13. Jeff Green says:

    I wouldn’t call it”ignorant whining” about the Lost finale.

    Whining maybe, because, yeah, it was a piece of shit. 🙂 But I will question your use of the term “ignorant,” sir. I believe myself to be quite norant on the subject.


  14. Feanor says:

    You should have cut the podcast off before all the ignorant whining about the Lost finale started.

  15. rob says:


  16. qinlain says:

    I liked it, but yeah quality was crap. You should try and get Shawn Elliott next time too (does he still go to e3?). Screw it just bring back everyone from GFW.

  17. Boomerz says:

    I really like Jeff Green but the lady was so annoying. You guys pretty much hated everything. I get that it must be exhausting covering E3 but the amount of whining was overboard. Has she never seen the music video of “Beat It”? They were doing the choreography from that, it wasn’t random at all

  18. Consuela, M. says:

    Hmm… would had been real easy and popular to say “You guys are so critical – stfu, it’s free and try do it better yourself under those circumstances!” – but…..I must agree with the ‘critical voices’ here: The podcast would be better off without this episode. It was pretty painful to listen to so much whining (I wanted to punch that girl) from everyone there paired with a sub-sub-sub-standard sound.

    To say that it was recorded at a hotel room is today no excuse for this type of recording. There are many other podcasts that have done similar recordings (Blizzcon, etc) where the quality was light-years better than this and I KNOW they did not have expensive equipment.

    Please no more E3 podcasts. Save the material for when you get ‘home’ and can talk about it with more pleasant people and with better sound 😀

  19. P-Ant says:

    I think there comes a point where one need to decide if something is of such poor quality that it shouldn’t be aired. I think was it.

    I am not a believer in ‘something is better than nothing’. I believe in keeping quality high. Something that the GeekBox has done consistently until this episode. I would much more have respected a statement of it being of so poor quality that it doesn’t make the high standards we have come to expect from you guys – and not aired it.

    And, for the record, I talk both about the technical as well as the content issues here. Not good, not even close.

  20. Omega X says:

    Poor Quality Ryan. You should have probably signal processed the hell out of this one in Audacity or something.

  21. Boris Spassky says:

    Wow, you guys (and girl) sure are angry. I bet if I got to see cool stuff and get free stuff I would be pissed as well. Then again, I’m not cool like you guys. Why did you even go there?

  22. Brad says:

    It was probably the worst Geekbox episode ever – and I’m a pretty big fan. The audioquality aside (even though there isn’t reaaalllly an excuse for THAT bad audio quality) – the episode was extremely unstructured, unfunny and mostly just random jumps here and there.

    IF you do more of these please fence people in a bit this was a complete mess and I lasted 24 minutes before I marked it as played.

  23. sdf says:

    Come on dudes, I like Mike as much as the next guy, but does 1up really deserve a shout-out at this point?

  24. SixByNine says:

    Good work getting this up today!

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