The Geekbox: Episode 68

Another three-man (or, more accurately, two men and a woman) show this week. Enjoy! And you still have time to enter our Red Dead Redemption Unachievement Contest, if you haven’t already.

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The Geekbox — Episode 68 (2010-06-02)
Wherein we discuss Karen’s junkie husband, Monkey Island, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Red Dead Redemption, the big Koopa castle in the sky, Fanime Expo 2010, thoughts on the upcoming BlizzCon, Christopher Eccleston’s tenure on Doctor Who, a bit more about the end of Lost, a lump of listener mail, and the golden days of GeoCities. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 21m 10s
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14 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 68”

  1. Tobstar009 says:

    Ok, u wanted to know if there was 3 dead musicians … Paul Gray basist from slipknot… just to let you know.

    good show guys (and Karen…i cant remember if its with a c or k…sorry)…Keep it up.

  2. OmniAvenger says:

    @Sigh, I’m not about to attempt to refute what you’ve writing.

    I guess my point was, I came up with my own answer in the absence of any answers from the writers. I guess I didn’t care if they answered anything and everything by the end of the show. I liked being able to create vignettes in my own head about the “Hows” and “Whys.”

  3. koofle says:

    Agree with the M&B horse riding.
    The cardboard box robot in question was probably someone cosplaying as Danbooru from the Yotsuba manga series.

  4. Topper says:

    Best horse riding I’ve experienced was in Shadow of the Colossus. 🙂

  5. sdf says:

    Newsflash: biggest Lost mystery is people NOT INTO THE ENDING still flapping their gums about it.

  6. Sigh says:


    That didn’t answer a damn thing. Juliet did not know what CAUSED the problem; only that there was something REALLY wrong and what the symptoms of said wrong were.

    Its genius really. Cuse and Lindelof were masters at writing the geek-chic mysteries. I was fooled myself. Then when it became apparent they had no intention of answering most of the very questions THEY posed to US then the curtain was lifted so to speak.

    Lost fans still spouting ridiculous theories even after the end…

  7. sdf says:

    Karen was actually kind of good in this episode. Man, she must really despise Fitchy.

  8. Open Mike says:

    3 DID die. Ollie Woodson former lead singer of the Temptations (Big-time historic Musician). Rue McLananhan leaving us one last Golden Girl.. The theory of 3 stands.

  9. Guillermo says:

    Also, I too think that Donna kicked ass. Most people dismiss her as a bitchy middle-aged woman but I think that bitchyness makes her stand out more since she’s willing to speak against the Doctor. The lack of shipping also helped.

    Don’t worry Ryan, when the next three episodes air in America you’ll start to like Rory.

  10. Guillermo says:

    Guys your complaints about horse riding is just you Measuring the Marigolds. Plus it’s kind of better that there is some struggle to control your horse since it’s a horse, not a bike. It makes sense that it can’t automatically jump over things, can’t run forever, and doesn’t have a “handbrake”. The only really annoying things are when you bump into rocks (f*** rocks!) and the fact that you horse can’t just walk backwards.

  11. OmniAvenger says:

    LOST – the pregnancy issue/healing on the island

    I can’t remember what season this idea jumped into my head, but the pregnancy issue resolved itself (end of Season 5? I think it was before that). Juliette saying that the main problem was that the fetus was treated as a foreign body because the immune system was in overdrive.

    The Incident at the Swan Station in ’70s is what caused this problem — we’ll call it “electromagnetism fallout.” This same fallout caused Locke to walk again, Rose’s cancer to go away, etc. But the fallout was the cause of the pregnancy problem. The theory works for me because it fits nicely into the timeline of things being a-okay until Jack & Co. use the nuke.

    It doesn’t answer EVERYTHING — but it made sense to me.

  12. meekzzz says:

    Hey Ryan,

    your theory in the power of 3’s been confirmed.

  13. thrif_ash says:

    Riding horses in Red Dead isn’t that bad. I just can’t stand having to watch the skinning animation every time, although I found if I park my horse over the animal I can skip the animation. 🙂

    Agreed, Mount & Blade horses are pretty good.

  14. Stitched says:

    Best Horse Riding Sim in a game – Mount & Blade.

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