The Geekbox: Episode 60

Yay for WonderCon and the iPad — a thing I stopped caring about, and a thing I don’t have any reason to care about yet. Truly a landmark week for stuff that doesn’t matter to me. But hey, that’s OK, because Captain Boomerang is alive again. Maybe he’ll be a stereotypical Aussie and make lecherous comments about women and throw some pies and boomerangs at somebody. And on that note, please enjoy this week’s show!

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The Geekbox — Episode 60 (2010-04-06)
Wherein we discuss Fitch’s mysterious life, WonderCon 2010, celebrity hobnobbing, the iPad revolution, Flash: Secret Origins, the aftermath of Green Lantern: Blackest Night, the Geekbox’s 2010 Achievement Contest winners, Lost 6×10, tacky themed restaurants, and steamy Star Wars chat. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 11m 26s
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8 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 60”

  1. Haakon says:

    mang, wheres my podcast, dishes pilling up, lost coming up, and i wont do fuck UNTIL I GET MY GEEKBOX

  2. Rob says:


  3. Robo Bot says:

    If Andrew Fitch won’t tell anyone his age, why don’t people just find out how old his brother is. Since they are twins they share the same birthday and age.

  4. tGill says:

    you think karen would know this but,

    the iPad runs iPhone OS, all the hardware is identical EXCEPT the CPU is identical to the iPod touch (including ram & gpu)

    you cannot plug usb devices into it, and the current version is the wifi only version without GPS, next month the 3G+GPS version launches next month.

  5. Winrar says:

    Could we stop saying each week that Lost isn’t answering any questions? They’ve answered so many questions this season.

    There’s a reason we’re being shown these “flash sideways” story lines and in this week’s episode – Happily Ever After – we’re beginning to see why.

    Please stop expecting tired, linear story-telling and have a little patience.

  6. Nelson says:

    That is my whole reason for not buying comics lately, cost. Years ago when I started collecting they were usually about $0.75 per issue and even when they jumped to $1.50 and $1.75 I didn’t really blink, but when the price jumped to $2.99 and up I had to significantly cut back on my purchases. It was getting to the point where I had to choose between comics and gas or comics and other major purchases and I just had higher priorities. I got into computers a few years ago and the whole upgrade cycle that comes with that and that really cut into my comic budget. Over the past couple of years a few of the really good local comic shops have gone out of business and that has also been tough.

    7-11 and a few other stores near me used to have a really fairly large selection of comics but they have either stopped selling them or greatly reduced their inventory.

    If the comics being distributed on the Ipad would greatly reduce the price of a new issue I think that would definitely encourage a rise in sales and encourage those of us who stopped buying comics partially due to space/storage issues to get back into it again.

  7. Scott C says:

    The death of comic book stores has seemed pretty inevitable for a while, given how much comic book sales have declined over the last 20 years or so.

    My hope is that digital distribution can broaden the audience buying comics, bring prices down and help keep low selling books alive since there’d no longer be distribution costs (so awesome comics like Blue Beetle and Captain Britain aren’t actually cancelled). Then if DC/Marvel are smart, buying a certain amount of their books will then reward you with a discount for the trade paperback.

    I also feel obliged to say that Blackest Night was terri-bad.

  8. Bastich says:

    I’m also worried that comic book stores will die due to the ipad. The only hope will be for comic book stores to become a destination for geeks to socialize. Seems counterintuitive for nerds but it will work out for all.

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