The Geekbox: Episode 57

Man, three episodes and no sign of Karen Chu. She’s off at the SXSW festival this week, so if you’re in Austin and happen to see her there, please say hello and remind her to punch Harry Knowles in the face for me. Hopefully she’ll be back next week. Until then, please enjoy this week’s episode, and don’t forget to hit up our ongoing Xbox 360 achievement contest, as the prize pool is ever-expanding.

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The Geekbox — Episode 57 (2010-03-16)
Wherein we discuss Lost 6×07, subliminal advertising, Survivor (AKA the stupidest show ever), the awesomeness of Tim Burton, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, waiting in line for dumb Pokemon games, teasers for fan-made trailers, Star Wars: The Old Republic, the accessibility of MMOs, and things to do in San Francisco. Starring Ryan Scott, Mike Cruz, Andrew Fitch, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 16m 29s
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9 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 57”

  1. Tri says:

    Fuh Challenge @ Fuh Garden.


  2. sdf says:

    ”In my college days I met this dude in the dorms from the east coast who introduced me to fluffernutters”

    man this stuff is comedy gold

  3. Nelson says:

    sdf I’m watching you… :p Watch it…

  4. Iceveiled says:

    In my college days I met this dude in the dorms from the east coast who introduced me to fluffernutters one night when we were really stoned. Being from California/colorado I had never heard of them.

    Needless to say they blew the minds of my stoned tastebuds. I learned a lot that fateful night.

    1. REAL fluffernutters use ‘Fluff’. Not just any marshmellow cream you can find in grocery stores.

    2. As far as I can tell, Fluff is not available in stores outside the east coast. I have not been able to find it in Colorado or any other non-east coast states I’ve looked for it in.

    3. Fluff emits an almost radioactive-like purple glow under a black light.

    Hail fluffernutters!

  5. sdf says:

    More less Karen. J/K, she’s awesome.

  6. Paul says:

    I agree Nelson, there is a lot of suffering in Survivor, but people do it willingly, and view it as a challenge to overcome. I would play Survivor myself but I don’t think I would be successful at the social game. I would enjoy the challenges and the survivalist mentality, but I would have trouble forming alliances, manipulating, etc.

  7. Feanor says:

    Higgins’ views on Dr. Linus were bizarre to say the least. I just wish Karen was there to slap some sense into him, even though Ryan did his best to explain the obvious points he was somehow missing.

  8. Nelson says:

    I watched the 2nd season of Survivor and really enjoyed it but that was the end of it for me. I’m not going to sit down every week and watch a bunch of people basically suffer and humiliate themselves for my entertainment. If it’s not something that I’m willing to suffer through myself then I’m not going to sit and watch someone else do it. It’s too much like the Roman Empire and the gladiators and stuff. If I’m not ready to get down in the trenches with the lions and risk my neck I’m not gonna watch someone else do it. I think there’s enough suffering in the world as it is without having a show dedicated to people willingly choosing to starve themselves for a CHANCE, not anything close to a GUARANTEE, but merely the CHANCE of winning some cash.

    You know Jeff Probst or whoever is hosting the show is on the other side of the island, or the compound, or whatever, enjoying gourmet meals and having hot showers while the contestants are suffering.

  9. Paul says:

    Hey! I like Survivor! I think you should add it as a segment to the show. You were right about the heroes not playing as Heroes. James became an aggressive jerk, and I can’t believe they still kept him around when he hurt his leg. JT has been making alliances with everyone. This show is still worth watching in it’s 20th season because you get to see the things they subject themselves too in the name of the game, and social play is just as important as physical.

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