The Geekbox: Episode 53

It’s the three-man nerd band this week (plus ass-kickin’ roadie). Enjoy!

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The Geekbox — Episode 53 (2010-02-16)
Wherein we discuss Lost 6×03, Burn Notice 3×13, World of Warcraft server transfers, competitive games, Stadium Events, Kotaku’s recent HDTV penetration survey, watching the Super Bowl for the commercials, and movie spoilers (and staying unspoiled). Starring Ryan Scott, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Higgins, and Brock Sager.
Running Time: 1h 15m 41s
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15 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 53”

  1. lavi says:

    Brock needs to get AIDS. He brings nothing to the table. He sits there trying to be too cool for the room and only chimes in to correct people or to give useless information that everyone knows. He sucks and and does not belong on the podcast. The guys are nice enough to humor his arrogant comments… but I’m letting the truth out.

    Brock, what do you have against Fitch? Everyone else seems to be fine with how his approach to women except you. Does he remind you too much of how you used to be? Let me guess… some girl hurt or you were always in the friend zone over and over and you vowed to never let it happen again… we don’t need you projecting YOUR emotional BS tactics onto Fitch.

    So the fuck what if you met some girl in a country bar and talked for hours. She was probably extremely stupid and your arrogant attitude tricked her into thinking you actually know something. It’s very clear you always try to be that guy on the outside… so you can protest what everyone else likes because you’re so awesome. Eat a dick.

  2. Nelson says:

    The person singing the song is a guy. I think it’s like a blues song or pop, something like that. I want to say it’s Michael Buble or somebody but I know it’s not him.

    The whole video is just the girl running in slow motion, trying to get to the top of the building before the guy jumps off.

    At the end of the song it shows her just getting to the top of the roof of the building and we never see if the guy jumps off or not, we just see her reach the top at the very end.

    I don’t think the video ever shows the guy that is actually singing the song.

  3. sdf says:

    Do you remember any lyrics? Anything weird in the video? Was it a group? What genre? Who’s singing – the chick or suicide-boy?

  4. Nelson says:

    I have been trying to find the artist that did the song for this music video I saw on VH1 back in 2007 and it’s killing me. It’s like a slow song or a sad song and the music video stands out because there is a blonde girl and during the course of the whole video she is running to the top of this building to stop this guy from jumping off the roof. I don’t know if the guy is supposed to be her boyfriend or what but I really loved the video and the song and the emotions that it stirred in me.

    If anyone knows the song I’m talking about or the artist PLEASE let me know.

  5. bdro says:

    gotta say, love the fitchiness of fitch

  6. FUCK!!!!! says:

    I usually love listening to your podcast, but blurting out spoilers to films without warning us if FUCKED UP! I planned on watching the orphan at some point, but you fucked that up for me.

  7. sdf says:

    ”Btw, don’t be too hard on Fitch. Having his kind of ignorance around serves to make everyone else seem cleverer.”

    Doesn’t work on you apparently.

  8. Emil Kieri says:


    I started watch Lost thanks to you. One thing with your talks about Lost, is that there to short and does not go in depth. I think the main problem i that you record the podcast so long after. One solution to the problem is to record the segment right after you watched the episode, and record the rest of the podcast right before the next episode. What is also better is that you can have a more focused segment, because Fitch and other people not interested in Lost don’t have to sit in on the segment.

  9. Ben says:

    Do you guys realise that your Chitika ad on the sidebar has completely screwed the layout of everything that follows it?

    Btw, don’t be too hard on Fitch. Having his kind of ignorance around serves to make everyone else seem cleverer.

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  11. sdf says:

    lol you pathetic Fitch-busters crack me up.

  12. DrOxide says:

    Fitch is REALLY starting to aggravate me. He doesn’t watch or read some media because he knows the ending?!
    Did he turn off Memento after 30 seconds? Passion of the Christ? American Beauty? any Tarantino-like plot structured films? how about when Anrie’s life is threatened? you know he ain’t gonna die! do you turn it off?
    If you’ve read the book, comic, seen the original film or TV show do you also not watch? Lord of the rings? nah, read the book, not worth the time to see a film makers vision of Middle-earth or Gotham or post apocalypic america or World war II eastern front.
    Wake up dude! the ending is not as important as the journey of the characters.
    Any person with the meagerest of reading ability knows this simple fact. Except you.
    I’f it wasn’t for the Ryans, Mike, Brock and Karen I’d have hit unsubscribe by now, i’ve never had a person’s backward point-of-view make me so angry before and thats not to mention the talk of your relationships.

  13. Joe says:

    Thank you for quoting UCB Ryan. For those who missed it, “Man, I’m just so tired of all these Star Wars…” @21:16

    Smart and sexy. That is all.


  14. bdro says:


    something needs to be done about this Lost issue.

    it works out so we hear about the previous episode immediately after we’ve seen the newest one. which often leaves you guys discussing theories or making general forecasts, and people like me going “no you idiots, hurley is now revealed to be a woman that used to cook school dinners in an parallel universe…duh!”.

    What I mean is, right now, I want to talk/hear about [BLANK] and [BLANK] instead of [BLANK] and [BLANK]!

  15. Ben says:

    Freerealms has pets

  16. buttster says:

    Blurting out a movie spoiler and then saying “oh, spoiler” is like watching a guy get hit by a bus and yelling “watch out!” after his guts are smeared across the street.

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