The Geekbox: Episode 38

I hope everyone out there had a happy and safe Halloween. Enjoy this week’s episode, which once again guest-stars the Geekbox’s official roadie, Brock Sager. With any luck, Mike Cruz will be back next week (he’s been out due to some excuse about family visiting — way to have priorities dude!).

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The Geekbox — Episode 38 (2009-11-05)
Wherein we discuss Halloween festivities, porno candy, horror movies, Arkham Horror (and why Ryan Scott sucks at running games), free parking, really hard achievements, videogame addiction, I Made A Game With Zombies In It, holiday madness, Lego Indiana Jones 2, sequelitis, and the Prince of Persia movie trailer. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Higgins, and Brock Sager.
Running Time: 1h 15m 21s
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13 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 38”

  1. ML says:


    German tutorial by Hitler. Wuah, really funny.
    Expected such a “joke” maybe from some liberal-bashing, right-wing, mid-west “comedian”, but not from you guys.

    Germany = Hitler,Nazi,trains on time,autobahn.
    France = Red wine,cheese,baguette.
    England = Bad weather,worse food,funny accent.

    You DID NOT hurt “my feelings”, ok?
    But please think before you speak, if you sound stupid / lame / not funny / NOT witty or inventive.

    Oh yeah, and please ask me if “.de”-top level domain is Denmark.


  2. Roogaboo says:

    On the subject of drivers, the Italians are the most insane that I’ve ever encountered, the second being the people in Paris.

  3. Peter Lount says:

    Psychonauts was really a terrible game. From long load times to pointless quests and redundant boring gameplay, that game just wasn’t any fun. Collecting stuff in the game was also pointless.

    Sure it had some funny bits in it, but a couple of funny lines doesn’t equate to fun gameplay.

    Same goes for Brutal Legend: I’m not a fan of heavy Metal and yet the music didn’t bother me. I’m also not a fan of jack black and I think he did a really good job. But man, this game is TERRIBLE.

    It’s a shame because tim shaffer seems to be such a great guy and everyone is rooting for him.

    But just like Psychonauts, it is OVERRATED (game critics are to blame) and it will be another commercial failure.

  4. noel lines says:

    i just might take the advice on seeking out girls now that Modern Warfare 2 is out. I’m not playing it, because I’m a broke college guy… although I guess that means I can’t afford a date, either, damn it! 🙁

  5. disco stu says:

    I’ve never played Psychonaughts, I picked it up on XBL today and it’s amazing, great call guys.

  6. SJS says:

    Nice that Brock came back again.

    It also ,makes me feel a little better for listening to something like this when it has a bodyguard of a stripper in it.

    It can’t be an easy job, I mean I’d be to distracted by uh… other things… to be able to actually, you know, bodyguard.

  7. jackelbeaver says:

    I just want more venture bros podcasting.

  8. stobenau says:

    Dude, I’m sure Brock is a good person and all, but he sucks the life out of this podcast. All of that DSM-IV stuff? Even listening to someone who actually knows about the details of mental illness, i.e. a psychiatrist, is going to be boring when discussing it. It’s clinical. Listening to an uninteresting speaker talking about something he is not versed in that is already a flat topic, well, why not just start reading the phone book?

    Please don’t give him my IP address or anything…please?

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  10. Brian says:

    Talking about board games from the simple to the crazy complex, but does anybody from 20 something generation play card games anymore? I’m 27 and I love getting together and just playing some Cribbage or some Spades over a beer. Is this a gone past time?

  11. limbei says:

    why does karen boycott ubisoft?

  12. RastaNAFARIOUS says:

    “Prince of Persia movie trailer. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Higgins, and Brock Sager.”

    see what I thought.

  13. Kris O says:

    Is the nasty MMO story that Brock was trying to think of that infamous AoC moderator cyber thing that GFW radio did the dramatic reading of? It kind of sounded like that might be what he was thinking of. Also Brock is an awesome sub for Mike.

  14. W0lfbl1tzers says:

    Hells Yeah! I love me some Brock!

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