The Geekbox: Episode 34

Patrick “Mr. Karen Chu” Joynt stands in for the MIA Karen this week, resulting in a podcast of epic length. See, Karen!? This is what happens when you’re not here. πŸ™‚ Please enjoy the show, everyone!

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The Geekbox — Episode 34 (2009-10-07)
Wherein we discuss Mr. Karen Chu, the PSP Go, choice in games, Splinter Cell Conviction, Modern Warfare 2, Burnout Paradise, Shadow Complex (and the controversies it inspired), one-trick-pony comic writers (go Grant Morrison and Garth Ennis!), Paranormal Activity, nerdy RPGs, post-apocalyptic mutant vampires, the horrors of Metacritic, and the latest Fitch Hitch update. Starring Ryan Scott, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Higgins, and Patrick Joynt.
Running Time: 1h 56m 36s
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104 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 34”

  1. Karen Chu says:

    both of you doppelgangers should be ashamed of yourselves

    i am the real Karen Chu

    my marriage is suffering enough under the strain of having an unemployed/autistic husband. your shenanigans are not helping

  2. Karen says:

    Okay seriously guys, I’m getting sick of being impersonated. It’s time to stop.

  3. Rob says:

    Karen please divorce Patrick, what do you see in this guy

  4. Karen says:

    Ok guys, both of you, this is getting out of hand. Please stop posting as me.

  5. Jim C says:

    It’s been said before but this is also the first geekbox i couldn’t finish. I found Patrick’s views and arguments to be fine and sometimes enlightening, but whether he made the other members of the podcast uncomfortable or not, he made me uncomfortable when i listened to his style of debate. Like a lot of other i think he should be back, but needs to tone it down. I also think having him + karen on at the same time will make it a lot better.

  6. Jim says:

    Holy shit, can we please never have that guy on the podcast again?

  7. karen says:

    Don’t freaking post under my name and then try to pass judgment on my marriage. Love him or hate him, you’re entitled to your opinion, but please, don’t drag me into this.

  8. ben empty says:

    “From: Jomama
    October 12th, 2009 @ 3:06 pm

    Could not stand Poochie.

    Stopped halfway through.”

    Poochie is one outrageous dude…he’s totally in my face…

  9. Ziggy Stardust says:

    I love this show, but this episode really just seemed like “The Karen’s Hyper-opinionated Husband Acts a Douche Show”

    Kidding…kinda…but he should really consider letting others actually speak. I’m still trying to get the douche out of my ears! ;P

  10. Karen Chu says:

    you should try being married to him

  11. Hartmann says:

    i agree with Iceveiled

  12. Harry says:

    devil’s advocate is one thing, but twatrick seemed to take a contrary position one very fcking thing they discussed

    he was overly confrontational refusing to take other people’s views on board on those rare occasions he allowed them to talk

    and the relentless trivia and boring minutia was tiring. the dude has aspergers

  13. droo says:

    Yeah, people who are contrary just for the sake of it can be really annoying (not that I think Patrick was like that the whole way through but yeah I agree, at times he certainly came across that way).

    Garnett Lee over on 1Up / ListenUp used to do it a lot. You could argue that as host he was playing devil’s advocate, but there’s bringing the opposite view to the table and there’s just being plain annoying, dragging a ‘debate’ out unnecessarily.

    Speaking of Garnett, I remember Karen teased something about a conversation with him regarding ‘online personas’ or something on her Twitter a little while back. I’m guessing it referred to people not being themselves on podcasts. That’s a topic I’d like hear on Geekbox, or any other popular podcast group really. Maybe Karen will touch on it in a future episode.

  14. Iceveiled says:

    Patrick seems like a love him or hate him kinda guy. To me he came off as a pretentious know it all who is in love with the sound of his own voice. And in love with his own opinions. I prefer Karen.

    Putting up a 15 minute defense about why the method for getting the ultima weapon in FF12 wasn’t UTTERLY RIDICULOUS, just for the sake of being difficult, and then in the end agreeing that it was ridiculous, was just fucking arrogant, DOUCHY and a waste of time.

    Great podcast otherwise.

  15. Harry says:

    I agree with the overall sentiment. never let patrick on the podcast again

    guy sounded like he was on speed, and his constant interruptions were both rude and annoying. he also seemed really confrontational for some reason. god damn

    geekbox always has a kind of relaxed atmosphere and speed racer killed it. some of the discussions were ok but again he ruined them with his obnoxious behaviour

    if that wasnt bad enough he also gets to tap karen chu

  16. Jonas says:

    Adding my voice: Please never have Patrick back. He disrupted what usually makes the podcast worthwhile.

  17. Bossmoney says:

    Not gonna harp on the point, nuff sAid already but here’s another listener who couldn’t finish the podcast due to the guest. Was tolerable in the beginning but got rough when discussions arose and he started cutting people off, dismissing points before giving them their due and calling the hosts idiots, even if in a playful manner. Playful or not it’s clear to those listening the Ryans and Andrew were a little flabbergasted. Of course I’m sure they don’t mind as Patrick is their personal friend but for us listeners the geekbox crew are our friends and it just feels uncomfortable and disrespectful for an outsider to the podcast to come in and take over the podcast. He is too much a type A personality for Geekbox. Great for his profrssional career at a major publisher, not so great for this podcast.

  18. refit says:

    @ Mr. Sexy

    I wasn’t trying to say that any form of media is above criticism. But there is a world of difference between criticism of the episode itself and the personal assault’s which seem to taking place here.

  19. Zenlong says:

    Geekbox needs more Mr. Karen Chu. This ep was by far my favorite. I literally lawled during this ep. My only criticism is that he did dominate the whole conversation. Which would be ok if this were his podcast and he the host, but not when he is a guest and not being interviewed.

  20. HolyElliot says:

    I have to agree with everyone else. Patrick insulted my Halo/Sony/Joss Whedon/Kevin Smith or somesuch fanboyism, and so I am forced to project my indignation and discomfort to members of the geekbox. Although they all seemed to be having a good time, I’m almost positive that they were just as angry as I was, because I’m an idiot.

  21. nick botulism says:

    I’m afraid I’m in the anti-Mr. Chu camp too. I’m sure he’s a great guy but I don’t think he’s a good fit for the show. I had to stop listening after 14 minutes. I’ve never done that for any episode of the Geekbox. I can’t even remember the last time I did that for any podcast.

    Please don’t bring him back.

  22. Jomama says:

    Could not stand Poochie.

    Stopped halfway through.

  23. Jim says:

    Patrick was annoying, his wife needs to bitch slap him…

  24. Dran says:

    I dont think Id punch him in the face, but I just wouldnt bother arguing with him. I know people like that in RL, people who value their own opinion above all others, with no room for debate, and people like that kill in me all desire to debate or talk to them. Why bother? The only voice such people listen, is their own.

    I have a feeling this is what casued the uncomfortable silences, filled with Patrick’s annoying laughter – the guys at Geekbox were just shut down by his obnoxious ‘tude and just didnt want to bother arguing with someone who has clearly no desire to accept anyone elses opinion, as is much more interested in patronizing, preaching, filibustering and soapboxing.

    Not really the kinda person you want on a podcast, imo.

  25. ayume says:

    Its not the fact that Patrick “out-geeked” them, it was the fact that he was a fucking douchebag. He came off as trying to show off his knowledge and his tone was such a fucking douchebag tone. He ruined the episode for me, couldn’t even finish. Sorry for the swearing, but seriously if I ever met him and had a conversation with him that was like one of these on podcast, I would actually punch him in the face.

  26. Adam says:

    Where was this guy when 1Up were the king of podcasts?

    Great ep and yes, Fitch needs to lighten up.

  27. Whiskeyjack says:

    I’m really surprised by the outpouring of negativity towards Patrick. I just finished listening to the episode and thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps my favourite episode to date. Patrick out-geeked the Geekbox on all fronts- Pen and Paper RPGs, video games, comics..

    Perhaps he did dominate the conversation a little too much. But he kept it going and kept everything moving at a great pace and a lot of subjects were covered in that two hour episode.

    I count myself amongst those who would be happy to see Patrick back again.

  28. Mike B. says:

    One more thing. I think if he comes back on the podcast he can only be on if his wife is there to put him in his place.

  29. Mike B. says:

    Patrick has got to be the most annoying person I have ever listened too. He is very condesending and a smug asshole. I’m a new fan that just listened to all 34 episodes in the course of 3 days(While I grinded out some achievements) and this was the only episode that ever made me want to tune out. It started with his hate rant against lost odyssey, then when he started putting you guys down about the librarian which I thought was an awesome idea(librarian trying to collect the last remnants of human history in a post apocolyptic world sounds like a great idea to me). But then he used fitch as a personal emotional punching bag and just railed on him just so he could validate his own dating experience. Never have him on again, I will be sure to skip the comming Gamespy debriefings and will boycott anything this jerk does. I feel bad for Karen.

    Aside from all that I love the podcast and am now a subscriber. Both of the Ryan’s are great. I actually like GFW Ryan now that he talks(Ryan was too quite back in GFW days) and gives his opinion about things even if I dont always agree. You guys are great but this punk just ruined the podcast.

  30. doubleGlitch says:

    I share the consensus here that Patrick did come off as slightly dismissive and condescending toward the views of the other podcast members. When he asked everyone to identify an ouroboros and then congratulate Ryan like he was a kid in kindergarten that in particular made me cringe a little.

    I expect it’s probably just the pressure of podcasting with an established group for the first time. In any case I’d like to hear more of Patrick, but only if he relaxes a little.

  31. droo says:

    I’ve listened to this podcast since it started and this is the first one that I’ve not listened to fully. Just couldn’t finish it.

    After an hour or so of Patrick cutting people off mid-sentence – often taking the ‘discussion’ on tangents before we get to hear the thoughts of the rest of the group – it was the extremely patronising Ouroboros reference that had me reaching for the stop button. “If only there were a word for that”. Please.

    At the beginning Patrick seemed like a nice addition, giving the group a new dynamic. A real shame then that he fast became obnoxious, seemingly loving the sound of his own voice.

    It was also annoying that the regulars seemed intimidated by someone who happened to be erudite. For example, Patrick’s arguments in favour of comics’ cyclical nature were feeble, yet Ryan couldn’t defend the Bison comparison? Because of course, people play and return to Street Fighter continuously for the riveting story. Having said that, maybe it was Ryan’s frustration that got the better of him. Can’t blame him either.

    I’m not one of those who believe Patrick should never be back on the show. He should come back to the show, as he clearly does have a love of videogames, comics etc and is articulate enough to express it. Just please leave the odious behaviour at the door, and be courteous enough to let the other fine folk give their 2 cents .

    (Having said that, I guess it’s not right to ask someone to act a certain way. People are invited on for their personality. Asking someone to change that kind of defeats the point. Hmm, quite the quandary).

  32. Mr. Sexy says:

    A product being free does not exclude it from criticism. Though I may not be spending money, it is taking a portion of my time, and in Patrick’s case my patience. That being said, I don’t think he should be silenced. That’s ridiculous. Nasty comments about his marriage and relationships are even more innappropriate. He is a man of his own opinion and should be allowed to say his peace. I just hope he does it quickly before my ears bleed. Punishing Ryan and the Geekbox crew for things Joynt said would be as petty as punishing Avalanche for things Orson Scott Card said.

  33. Dran says:

    Sorry, I have to agree with most other people in that I didnt particularly enjoy Patrick. He has a certain attitude of “My opinion is correct, and yours is irrelevant” that jsut rubs me the wrong way. Im sure hes a nice guy and all, but I dont think I could listen to geekbox if he became a permanent fixture.

  34. trippingmartian says:

    Based on what I’ve heard of this episode, I’m not digging Patrick. I could only listen about 1/2 of the show before I needed a break from the guy. The first red flag was that he’s a Shadow Complex boycotter. As if the Chair Entertainment staff has anything to do with Orson Scott Card’s political agenda. Similarly, is buying a Woody Allen film on DVD a vote in support of his bizarre sex life? As a side note: Tori Amos is much greater than the collective musical taste of the Geekbox staff. That being said, you guys still have one of the best (if not the best) gaming podcasts around.

  35. Tom says:

    Wow, Patrick has a strong personality, fine in small doses but grating after awhile. I wouldn’t mind him making an occasional appearance on Geekbox but I don’t think I could stand him every week.

  36. Louie says:

    It is commendable for someone to avoid a game because of the beliefs of the people involved in making it. Not paying for a game because you disagree with the people making it, then getting a code to play it for free makes you a douchebag.

  37. ben empty says:

    I agree with some of the additional posts here about Patrick. He might be best suited to express himself in writing rather than verbally. There’s something about how he speaks: a mixture of attitude, tone, and posture that makes it VERY difficult to not turn the podcast off. The CONTENT of what he had to say was pretty interesting, but the way he communicated that information was abrasively UNPLEASANT. All of which, I believe, highlights an important difference between obtaining a degree in Communication versus a degree in Linguistics.

    Please no more Patrick. If you have an empty chair just mic-up a toilet and flush it every few minutes. Seriously, that’s a good base point. Anything there or better is fine.

  38. Tony Capri says:

    Just to be clear, the U.S. Constitution promises “freedom” of speech. It doesn’t say anything about speech being “free.” Protesting certain types of speech — whether it be by way of a boycott or some other means — is not taking away anyone’s freedom of speech. You’re merely exercising your own freedom of speech.

  39. jay says:

    not a fan of patrick… dominated discussions 2 much. i find him arrogant and annoying…

  40. refit says:

    After listening to the podcast i was expecting the hate from the sony / morrison fanboys. But the people who are raging against patrick because of some extreme personal preference, concerning the way they think someone should behave, have left me totally stunned. As for the staggering hubris people have exhibited passing judgement on the friendships and marriages of people they have never met, it’s completely morally repugnant. I’m well aware that this comment will not achieve anything, trying to promote rational thought on internet comments is like wrestling a pig, you get muddy and the pig likes it. Before the trolls come running, i know it’s not an original line.
    It’s worth remembering that no one on the geekbox gets paid, they provide us with entertainment for free.

  41. Louie says:

    Patrick dominated the conversation and seemed to beat down on the other hosts. He also seems to be forgetting that the geekbox is not 1up yours (i.e. it does not need an hour long what are you playing section.)

  42. Scott C says:

    Patrick’s PSP Go and Grant Morrison’s rants were the worst.

    The PSP Go is definitely a flawed product but most of his points were ridiculous. If you think the analog nub is in a difficult place to reach, you clearly haven’t seen one of them. You have to remember that the system is much smaller than a normal PSP, a DSi or even a Dual Shock controller.

    How anyone could dislike All Star Superman, I really don’t know. Same thing goes with his Batman run. Batman and Robin has been amazing and his Batman run was great too (though I can understand why some people don’t like Batman RIP).

    Also Morrison’s JLA, 52, Seaguy, Seven Soldiers and Final Crisis (especially Superman Beyond) were fantastic.

  43. Mr. Sexy says:

    My core issue with Patrick is that he seems unwilling to take other peoples opinions and views under advisement. He seems unwilling to consider that the other side of the argument may have valid concerns or points. He comes across as a person that believes his opinion is the only right opinion and people who don’t think the way he does should be punished. The lack of debate in his arguments was distasteful at best.
    That being said, as much as I may agree or disagree with certain points that Patrick made about games, comics, or political views, I don’t think he should be banished from future podcasts. He brings a different, albeit annoying perspective that I appreciated hearing in a way similar to the way masochists enjoy cutting themselves. Please have him back.

  44. Lepton says:

    @Joynt Supporters

    What you all fail to understand is that we who found the individual intolerable fully understand that he is knowledgeable and articulate. The problem was his attitude, his tone, and his general personality. If he is indeed a friend to those on the podcast, I have no idea why. I would never want to engage in a conversation with such an individual about anything, let only count him as a person that I would share anything of a personal or intimate nature.

    I feel sad for Karen to be frank.

  45. Icarus II says:

    Wow I don’t think there has ever been this many comments left for a main page Geekbox podcast post. Most of it is about Mr. Karen Chu Joynt.

    I didn’t dislike Mr. Joynt’s participation on the podcast, but I didn’t like it either. Somewhere in the middle. I think most people here are forgetting that Mr. Joynt and the other crew members have been friends for a while and perhaps this is just their dynamic. It just comes across poorly on the podcast, I guess.

  46. john says:

    i actually liked mr. chu

    but he has such a strong persona compared to you guys, i guess that’s why it made the show so fun to listen to

  47. overhere says:

    Wow, most comments for any recent geekbox show. I know I registered for the sole purpose to vent my visceral dislike of Patrick. First time in years I wanted to jump through the internet and hurt someone. Hopefully he’s the swine flu of hosts and was only a temporary infection and doesn’t return.

  48. Jeremy says:

    Good thing Karens husband was listed, now I know what to look for and avoid the entire show. This guy is a pretentious overbearing prick. He sits and talks over others and almost laughs at his own jokes more then Will Tuttle. His tiny remarks about the others is painful to listen to. Then he laughs it off. And he laughs at all the other jokes he has. The show used to be like friends talking about things of interest but with this guy it seems like they are all defensive against his rants and taunting. Thanks for the show again, but when this guy is listed the show will be avoided.

  49. jonesey says:

    I started the podcast thinking Patrick was a great addition, then about twenty minutes in I changed my mind. Then I went back and forth until he started spouting role playing jargon that meant nothing to me. At that point I stopped it and went on to something else. I’ll probably try scrubbing on until the end of that discussion and try to listen to some more.
    I on the whole he’s a good addition to the crew, but needs to tone down the aggression a bit. If he’s familiar enough with the regular cast that he can act that way it’s obviously fine, but it didn’t come across as being that way in the audio. Fitch especially seemed to take offense.

  50. V says:

    Please have Patrick permanently replace Karen πŸ™‚