The Geekbox: Episode 28

Karen Chu and Mike Cruz are out for this week’s episode, so’s Justin Haywald and Jade Kraus make another glorious guest appearance. It’s the last episode before BlizzCon 2009; Karen and I will be attending for both days (August 21 and 22), so feel free to say hello if you see us wandering around in a daze. C’mon, World of Warcraft expansion!

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The Geekbox — Episode 28 (2009-08-19)
Wherein we discuss Yoshitaka Amano, cosplay, Champions Online, stupid game critics, District 9, Ponyo, Quentin Tarantino and the Inglourious Plummers, Game Center CX, and the impending BlizzCon 2009. Starring Ryan Scott, Andrew Fitch, Justin Haywald, Ryan Higgins, and Jade Kraus.
Running Time: 1h 20m 43s
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10 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 28”

  1. Chuff says:

    hey it’s me Anthony from Rebel FM. just wanted to remind you all how much i love to suck Arthur’s dick. i swallow his cum and everything

  2. A.noD.omini says:

    I couldnt even finish this pod cast. The levels were so bad i coulnd hear ryan so i would turn the radio in the car all the way up (FM Transmitter), and every one else would blow the speakers out. Love the show just cant handle bad post audio leveling.

  3. bombatomba says:

    If I saw Andrew Fitch walking into a movie theater with a big smile on his face (i.e. he seems happy to see it) I would turn around and demand my money back. Seriously, he has the worst taste in just about everything I have ever heard. I can’t tell you how many episodes of The Geekbox I have either not finished, or altogether skipped because I can’t stand the negativity and whining.

    I actually knew a man once whose tastes closely mirrored those of Andrew Fitch. The only place he ever found a woman who could stand him was in an English Language class he taught in some Godforsaken Asian hellhole. My advice to you, Andrew Fitch, is to move to Cambodia and teach the English language. I can pretty much guarentee you will meet someone, one who will likely never learn the nuances of the language to be become annoyed by you. Plus, I would never have to hear you again and would finally be able to finish an episode of the Geekbox! Either that, or maybe we could get a Fitch-free edit. That would be cool as well.

  4. Rishard says:

    On the subject of reviewers being professional I actually agree with the writer based on what he wrote.

    The guy wasn’t saying that bad game shouldn’t get bad reviews. He said it should be reviewed professionally. Listen to the joystiq podcast. I used to listen to it, but there unproffesionalism turned me off. Very often they called things and people stupid.

    A lot of blogging sites use funny headlines to make fun of games they don’t like. Thats not profesional. I understand they are trying to get clicks because its there business model, but the stuff that they say can definitely negatively effect a game.

    Proffesionalism and reviewing games on the internet are totally at odds with each other.

  5. DeadpoolSkye says:

    I agree with you about Ponyo being a great movie, even for a kiddie film. I love Miyazaki’s work, so I was excited for this. I heard you guys talking about how the voice actress of Ponyo was really good. So I looked it up and check what I discovered.

    Noah Lindsey Cyrus…the youngest sister of Miley Cyrus, the bane of existence.

    Funny. Also, S?suke was played by Frankie Jonas. He’s the younger brother of…yeah…The Jonas Brothers.


  6. EvilGenius says:

    Jackie Brown was great. I just watched it for the first time last week. I guess I put off watching it because I remember the advertising making it look like a 70’s blaxplotation film.

  7. Wolfen says:

    Arg! Warehouse 13 isn’t that bad! I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I really like Warehouse 13. I find it more interesting than Roswell before they changed the show and made it just weird.

    I haven’t finished the show yet but that Warehouse 13 comment threw me off.I thought it would be right up your guys alley. Oh well, off to finish listening to the show.

  8. Lucas says:

    No offense, but Ryan (Scott), you sorta sounded like a tool talking about the guy who made the post on bitmob. He was clearly asking for people to simply state what they felt went wrong in the game and to not make it sound spiteful like MANY reviews do. You made it sound as if he was groveling for a better score; he obviously wasn’t. While his statement about constructive criticism may have been misplaced, there is a problem of unsubstantiated criticism in the game reviews — I fucking refuse to call it journalism. Journalism involves actually chasing down a story, not quoting a fucking press release — among other problems.

    (I apologize for general poo poo writing and spiteful sounding poo poo, its 4:30 am and I can’t sleep)

  9. Leon says:

    Look for the “Grindhouse Double Feature” on Netflix. It’s on the instant streaming, and if you don’t subscribe there’s always the free trial. Now you can have your full Grindhouse experience. Haven’t finished listening to this episode yet, but I’m enjoying it so far! Love the show!

  10. Dan says:

    Great podcast as usual, it always makes my drive in to work a lot better.
    Regarding the Champions Online issues, yeah there are some bugs in game but that is why it is in beta, right? I am rather concerned they will not manage to get that all sured up in 2 weeks. However, earlier this year the game went through a pretty amazing metamorphasis in a few months. When I first got into the closed beta last year I didn’t even want to play it. I’m pretty much sold on it now.
    As far as the graphical style goes, the default look of the game is a bit too glossy for my tastes as well. In the advanced video options there are a bunch of additional options that might help. Turning the outline off really helped my friend like the art style better. That might just make them look more like shrinky-dinks to Ryan though.
    Also, the character creation sliders have been made an advanced feature and they have included default face and body types. That really helps for quicker character creation. I have spent more than an hour making a character look just right but I like that kind of thing. I think I spent more time in the City of Heroes character creator than in City of Heroes itself.
    Anyway, hope I don’t sound like an enraged fanboy, just trying to help with the frustrations! Thanks for doing what you’re doing with the podcast. It is one of the three video game podcasts I rate 5 stars in iTunes every time!

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