Where’s the podcast!?

Just a quick note to let everyone know the podcast is skipping a week, due to a confluence of scheduling conflicts for all the regular members. Don’t worry — we’ll be back next week. In the meantime, we’re being kept alive by a Dharma Initiative food drop (see above) created and sent to us by a loyal fan (loyal fan, I apologize for not having your name handy right this second, but I will get it from Master Higgins!).

See you all next week — we’ll have lots of Lost, Wolverine, and Star Trek to talk about!

20 Responses to “ “Where’s the podcast!?”

  1. Wow, the Dharma Initiative looks to be supplying Jones Soda to the inhabitants….Nice, looks like bubblegum and cream soda flavors.

  2. backmask666 says:

    Well that’s the first picture I’ve seen of Ryan since I’ve started listening to this podcast. Surprisingly he isn’t as much of a spindly nerd-bitch than what his voice projects.

    p.s. I missed you and your diatribes

    STNG was by far the best star trek series

  3. WMD says:

    pretty cool.

    The look on Ryans face says it all.
    (* hands off my food bitches) XD

  4. Berek says:

    That’s ok because next week you can discuss the LOST finale.

  5. Wai says:

    I wonder who can plug their own podcasts more on The GameSpy Debriefings Chuff or Ryan? I say we have a plug count winner becomes king of the internet and Oprah will be their Queen.

  6. Tom says:

    Can’t hold out much longer….need geekbox.

  7. shawn says:

    Hey, is the old GFW crew getting together for E3 or are we waiting for PAX? How sweet would an ol’ fav podcast be right about now

  8. Tristessa says:

    A week without the Ryan Scott podcasting in my ears? I’ll suffer withdraw symptoms for sure.

    That’s a sweet Dharma food drop you have there! Hold on…are those bottles of blue liquid Romulan Ale? You should know that’s illegal!

  9. Jman777 says:

    Dammit Ryan I’m a Doctor not a Waiter, give me my damm podcast!

  10. Bastich says:

    Thanks for letting us know, Ryan. Some podcast don’t even bother to let the listeners know.

  11. sdf says:

    It looks like Scott has been sculpting his own self – check out those guns

  12. LiQuid! says:

    I think Ryan Scott should take the time off to sculpt his existing facial hair into a radical handlebar stache for his next photo op.

  13. Ben says:

    The problem with the podcast is that in between recording it and it actually appearing on iTunes there is usually another episode of Lost aired, so when you guys start talking about it you’re always an episode behind.

  14. BinarySoldier says:

    I wish that pic was higher res so I could see more detail in the Dharma food!

  15. WickedCobra03 says:

    Alright, I will give you guys a week off. You better have Greg Ford back after leaving for bitmob or do some cross show stuff!

  16. Nick Lyman says:

    I’m just super glad my Dharma food drop lasted 9 days with the USPS. They wouldn’t let me air mail the soda.

  17. Karl Rosner says:

    Take your time bro, I’m sure the next one will be epic.

  18. sdf says:

    You’re listening to the wrong podcast then, Brainiac.

  19. BrokenJpg says:

    I could fucking care less about lost.

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