The Geekbox: Episode 14

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The Geekbox — Episode 14 (2009-05-02)
Wherein we discuss drinking binges, GameStop’s hiring practices, LARPing-related school projects we’d rather forget, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Non-HD Remix, terrible Ghostbusters/Batman/Superman games, Burnout Paradise: Cops & Robbers, Vin Diesel’s screen presence (or lack thereof), Harry Knowles’ latest display of sheer stupidity, 90-minute iPod ads, Left 4 Dead’s new survival mode, fast-food drive-thrus, lawsuits on Lost, the Joss Whedonverse, Frank Welker, Free Comic Book Day, and Twittersplosions. Starring Ryan Scott, Mike Cruz, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Higgins, and Jade Kraus.
Running Time: 1h 5m 31s
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16 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 14”

  1. Spade135 says:

    I really like the podcast, but every single time that Jade opens her mouth it makes my brain feel like I’m being anally raped by a migraine headache. Would someone please stick a big black dildo in her mouth to shut her up, please?

  2. ecto311 says:

    jade sucked. Shes irritating and brings this whole thing down. Hope shes never on again or I will end my life. thanks.

  3. The Truth says:

    no karen 🙁 and not because she’s hot 🙂 but because she’s very insightful and has great podcast voice lol

  4. Jon H says:

    Ugh, Jade rubs me the wrong way like nothing else. I’ve taken to fast forwarding whenever she starts talking.

  5. Jade, I wish I agreed with a single opinion you offered, but I didn’t. You were wrong in almost everything you said, and I didn’t know that was possible.

  6. Oliver says:

    Hey, what’s up with Fitch this week? He sounds nice and happy! That’s great to hear! Please continue to be happy (his projects must be going well)!

    Also, while it’s a shame Karen and Greg couldn’t be there this week, it’s always nice to hear Jade and Mike.

    Keep it goin’

    PS If you haven’t heard this by now, I’ve been catching up with Mega64 podcasts from the past, and it seems as though they were the *original* Lost/comic book/games/geek culture podcast… and they do video! Just sayin’ 😉

  7. Leeb says:

    I would totally listen to a D&D episode of the Geekbox

  8. GrumpyOldPanda says:

    Great Show, just wanted to add my two cents.

    First, Frank Welker is most definitely the man. Mostly known for his animal noises. He was Scooby-Do. He was Santa’s Little Helper and various monkey’s (Hail to the Chimp, Apes-a-Poppin’, and Editor-in-Chimp) on The Simpsons. With Tiny Toons, Talespin, Garfield, Pound Puppies, the dog on Inspector Gadget, Scooter on Gobots, Wild Bill on GIJoe all under his belt most of us “older folks” grew up listening to him all saturday morning.

    Next, I personally enjoyed the robotron style arcade “The Real Ghostbusters” game from dataeast. I didn’t like the cartoon of same name, even if Frank Welker was the voice of Slimer.

    Now I will close with the Whedonverse. I first started watching FireFly on universal HD reruns. I really enjoyed the “Have Gun Will Travel”-esque show. After completing the series and watching “Serenity”, I went to Hulu to watch the first couple seasons of buffy and angel. I am currently finishing up Angel on TNT hd reruns. Overall, there is some real merit in the Whedon library. He may try a little hard to create a platform to launch little ideas/arcs/episodes instead of telling a beginning/middle/end story and getting out. Sometimes it works like a dream and sometimes not so much. “The Dollhouse” is one of the not so much.

    Thanks, have a good week.

  9. sdf says:

    Jade and Mike are always great guests.

  10. sdf says:

    Ryan, they won’t always invite you even if you don’t show, you know. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

    I kid because I love.

  11. Ben says:

    The podcast is great, just wish you guys could manage to be consistent with your release day.

    Also, when you have poeple on the podcast who’ve never been on it’s a good idea to tell us more than just their name. Something such as “Why the hell should we care about anything you say?” should be sufficient.

  12. Jake says:

    I think the fact that it *isn’t* fully structured is one of the best things about this podcast. Keep up the great work!

  13. Wayne says:

    Lighten up Jay DV this is a fun podcast, not some corporate structured podcast that the members need to adhere to every week.

    They never said for sure that Frank Welker did Optimus Prime’s voice. That slipped because he did so many voices for Transformers that its hard to say what he did or didn’t do. Ryan just wanted to introduce that news, though if he wanted to go in depth, he could have looked up Welker’s voice history, I agree with that.

    The Geekbox podcast is fun to listen to. The end.

  14. isaac v says:

    To Jade- the Wolverine game is actually is pretty sweet. You should check it out.

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  16. Jay DV says:

    I wish your podcast was more structured and with better fact research. One member didn’t even know what day the Star Trek movie releases and kept saying he “may not be wrong” in regards to the release date. The movie comes out May 8, not late May.

    Frank Welker does not voice Optimus Prime in the movies and has never voiced Optimus Prime in any Transformers cartoon.

    Otherwise, great podcast as always.

    Vin Diesel’s voice is awesome, especially in Escape From Butcher Bay.

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