The Brodeo Reunion “LIVE!” at PAX ’09

Yep — we’re getting the band back together. GFW Radio (AKA “The Brodeo 97.5”) fan and all-around cool guy Aaron Simmer over at The Armchair Empire is orchestrating a live podcast/discussion panel at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo up in Seattle, WA — and once all is said and done, the podcast will be released here on for everyone to hear! That means you’re gonna get to hear myself and fellow Computer Gaming World/Games for Windows/1UP alum Jeff Green, Sean Molloy, Shawn Elliot, and Robert Ashley on the mic together for the first time since September 2008. And, if you’re attending PAX, you can even come say hello in person, too! I believe there might be a Q&A segment in the second half of the panel; that should be lots of fun.

So, Aaron has started a donation fund to help pay for the convention costs, etc. So, if you’re down with the idea and want this to happen, head on over to Armchair Empire, read the press release, and donate what ya can. I definitely don’t expect anyone who reads this site/listens to my podcast to go all-out or anything; I’m still deeply thankful for all your donations to date, especially in the wake of Geekbox co-host Ryan Higgins’ apartment fire. So, just know that I ain’t trying to milk a fortune out of everybody.

In any case — check out the link, help if you’d like, and send this story up the Digg chain! You can discuss this story on the forums here.

30 Responses to “ “The Brodeo Reunion “LIVE!” at PAX ’09”

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  2. Faird says:

    I ended up here looking for the pax podcast. No Chuff? I’ll stick with “out of the game” and “reble fm” too bad though

  3. Chuf says:

    they didn’t invite me cuz i’m a faggot

  4. […] the looks of it, there will be a GFW Radio reunion at PAX this year.  As reported from the blog of another Brodeo-alum, Ryan Scott, Sean Malloy, Shawn Elliot, and Robert Ashley will also be in attendance to record the […]

  5. Nahual says:

    Man, i totally would go to Pax just for this, and that means an international trip, if i hadn’t already used up my vacations for this year, DAMN YOU FAMILY WEDDINGS!!

  6. Adam says:

    I loved Gladstone, but I understand.

  7. […] is going to be a GFW Radio reunion at this year’s PAX.  For more details head on over to Wherein we discuss co-host Karen Chu’s current whereabouts, a whole bunch of TV shows (beware […]

  8. Mikey Garcia says:

    Where is Greg Ford? Geekbox needs more Ford action.

  9. BrokenJpg says:


    Anthony == chuf

    and also:

  10. CallMeSarge says:

    Sorry, but no Chuf is a big fail. Anthony was great on GFW, why no love here?

  11. CallMeSarge says:

    Oh hell yes – will whack a donation on soon as I get paid. Looking forward to this!

    Last show was great btw, looking forward to the next one! Wheres the boston yakker at?

  12. sdf says:

    I don’t get why Gladstone gets ignored by banana riders.

  13. Joe says:

    This is awesome. Planning on going to PAX this year, See you guys there.

  14. Falcomadol says:

    Was breaking up the brodeo the cause of the US banking system collapse? Will the reunion magical solve the global economic crisis? Good luck Bros! We are counting on you Bros!

  15. harry says:

    goddamn, I wish i lved in america 🙁

    this will be one of the highlights of my year. The crew of the greatest podcast ever made getting back together for one last job

  16. Fish de Meatshirt says:

    What about Abobo? Green skin, mean as sin
    I heard he fought dirty, never got a clean win
    Halloween grin, face like an asshole
    Today’s boss battles are all tasteless hassle

  17. benjamin says:

    This is really exciting news, it’ll be great to hear everyone back again. I’m really stoked to hear Sean Molloy, and hopefully hear what he’s been up to.

  18. Andreas says:

    Sounds really cool…..almost as cool as a spy who is NOT smoking a cigarette in a dark corner so he/she wont be seen and discovered….

  19. Graeme says:

    Wish I could be there for this. I’ll definitely donate to bringing you all to PAX ’10 on the East Coast.

  20. Michael says:

    Logistics or not, Anthony and Darren should at least be allowed to be at the table even if they don’t have mics.

  21. Ryan Scott says:

    For everyone who’s asked about Anthony and Darren here and on the forum, here’s what Aaron Simmer says about it. Basically, it came down to the logistics of how everything’s set up in the panel room, and it sounds like anything beyond 5 participants just wasn’t feasible.

    “I have nothing against Anthony or Darren. When it comes right down to it, I made the decision based on numbers for the event and the closing of the magazine as the dividing line between “old” and “new” CGW/GFW Radio. Six people at a long table having a discussion is difficult if not impossible to pull off. As it is, I think five is pushing it but when it came down to which five, I kept coming back to the core of Jeff, Shawn, Sean, Ryan, and Robert. Darren’s last appearance was December 2007 and Anthony wasn’t made a regular until (approx.) May 2008. GFW Magazine closed down April 16, 2008 and the core really consisted of Jeff, Shawn, Sean, Ryan and Robert. Those were the main touchstones that went toward making the decisions — with the full knowledge there would be people riding against the decision of the panel participants. I don’t think anyone can argue that Anthony added lunacy and insight to the Brodeo, which is why it was so hard to break the news to him, especially after he mentioned the reunion on Rebel FM a few weeks ago.”

  22. Anthony says:

    Hell. Yeah.

  23. Eli says:

    Why no Chuf? He was one of the best on the show. Get him on there and I will donate.

  24. WMD says:

    Chuf and Shawn make a good team.

    The old GFW crew should get together again on a regular basis for these podcast (Using skype given the physical distance). Best gamming podcast handsdown.

  25. Levi says:

    Please add Anthony to the list! Unless there is some logistically reason behind it.

  26. Christopher says:

    i too would like to know about darren and anthony…the rumblings on GAF arent helping

  27. Tender Rondo says:

    where’s Anthony?

  28. Armando says:

    How about Darren Gladstone?

  29. Kholdstare says:

    Looking forward to it! This is looking to be a good pax, and lucky me I get to attend. 🙂

  30. AhnFIRE says:

    .. Because of hairy yadel (sp) milk!

  31. elbrown says:

    Why can’t chuf be on the live reunion he was on gfw raido/ the brodeo

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