The Geekbox: Episode 7

I’m going for a world record with the lateness here. My apologies, especially in light of the week off — I’m still getting re-acclimated to my 2.5-hour round trip work commute, so I’ve been mismanaging my spare time pretty badly. In any case, please enjoy. Special props to this week’s special guest, Davin Loh (AKA jinpei05 on the forums). Don’t forget to Digg/review on iTunes/all that stuff!

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The Geekbox — Episode 7 (2009-03-13)
Wherein we discuss Master Higgins’ recent apartment fire, all things Watchmen, blue prophylactics, Fitch’s latest hot date (and why she’s a total nerd), good DS games, the latest on Lost/Burn Notice/Dollhouse (spoilers!), the new discussion forums, the Street Fighter community, the lore of Resident Evil, toys that ruin Christmas, and the illogic of American TV pacing. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Higgins, and Davin Loh.
Running Time: 1h 28m 4s
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36 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 7”

  1. DeadpoolSkye says:

    Read that and tell me it didn’t fit perfectly with what was going on in the scene.

    (the definitive version)

    Baby I have been here before
    I know this room, I’ve walked this floor
    I used to live alone before I knew you.
    Yeah, I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch
    but listen Love, love is not some kind of victory march
    It’s a cold and it’s a very broken Hallelujah

    Hallelujah (x5)

    There was a time when you let me know
    What was really going on below
    Ahh, but now you never show it to me, do you?
    Yeah well, I remember it well when I moved in you
    and the holy dove, she was moving too
    Yes, and every breath we drew was Hallelujah

    Hallelujah (x4)

    Well, maybe there is a god above
    As for me, all I ever seemed to learn from love
    is how to shoot at some one who out drew you
    Ah, but it’s not a complaint that you hear tonight
    it’s not the laughter of someone who claims to have seen the light
    No, it’s a cold and it’s a very lonely Hallelujah

    Hallelujah (x4)
    Guitar Solo
    Hallelujah (x4)

    I did my best, it wasn’t much
    I could not feel, so I learned to touch
    I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come all this way to fool you
    And even though it all went wrong
    I’ll stand right here before the Lord of Song
    With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

    Hallelujah (x8)

  2. Harold Burnett says:

    I agree with Karen’s Watchmen feelings.The movie for me felt like more of a play than a movie.I think there is such a thing as being too tied to the novel.As there is a patch for The Orange Box for PS 3.The game runs find now.

  3. Mike says:

    Lay off Fitch. I happen to enjoy his contributions to the show, and I think anybody who finds it necessary to speak poorly of him needs to learn to relax.


    I didn’t like the new ending. I’ll admit that I thought it made more sense, but the end result is markedly different. Both take advantage of human paranoia, but the new ending puts up boundaries that the original didn’t. Fearing the wrath of God versus the threat of a greater force stifles human nature. Which is why we get that cringe-inducing line from Dan that I’m pretty sure isn’t in the graphic novel, where he says something to similar effect. The original doesn’t discourage humanity’s violent nature, while the movie turns the world in to a panopticon.

    The soundtrack, for me, was pretty indicative of Snyder’s directorial missteps in general. Thematically they all made sense, but he seems to have a habit of imposing his own atmosphere on to the story in an overbearing way. It’s one way to interpret the book, but the style of the film as a whole was pretty at odds with the way I imagined it.

    That being said, I actually enjoyed the movie. This in spite of the fact that the guy sitting in front of me flew in to hysterics any time something mildly stimulating came on to the screen. Being a little drunk and having someone smash a rocking theater chair in to your knees more times then you can count does wonders for your mood.

    Love the show, keep it up.

  4. sdf says:

    “Silenced his ‘no’, and played score over it” – yeah, that was so hip when Platoon did it 20yrs ago…

  5. sdf says:

    No Greg Ford shout-out? Sounds like they’ve Gladstoned his ass.

    Sounds of Silence, Hallelujah, 99 Luftballons – Do you guys even know what these songs are about? They were right on the money. Karen’s taste – unreliable.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I also disagree with Karen’s praise of Matthew Goode as Ozymandias. In the graphic novel, Ozymandias was portrayed as a smart, charming, powerful man. Matthew Goode looked like a little boy in the movie. I don’t care how smart he was, there was no he could overtake both Rorschach and Nite Owl as portrayed in the film.

  7. Lucian Lee says:

    Good to see a fellow Korean appear at kick-ass podcast! Go Davin!

  8. haysup says:

    Eh, thanks for the Watchmen spoilers.

    “And when Rorschach dies at the end…”

  9. Luminari says:

    Uggg…I found the film a dissapointment. They did “justice” the source material…but I found the film very forgettable. I know I won’t be seeing it again in the theatre which is rarity for me as geek. Is it the director’s lack of intimate human drama? The hyper-realized action sequences took me out of the movie and felt “typical” for a contemporary action film. Whereas the action in the book compared to other comics felt “real.” One of my friends is a writer for DC and I heard what the new ending would be. I thought it would be a good idea…but to me it played very weekly…completely irrevelant to the pressing nature of the Cold War…everyone was being shown so tense and reactionary…I found it not affecting and disbelievable as a resolution. I also thought one of comic’s great mystery tales was reduced to a “villain” “twisting his moustache” from the beginning. The “villain” of the story seemed absolutely obvious. Much needed narratively adjusted to be a compelling film as standout as its source material is considered.

  10. Sebastian says:

    Karen, there was no BSG talk this week… WTF!

    Less talkie talkie about Dollhouse and more stuff on BSG.

  11. Eduardo says:

    Hi Ryan, thanks for putting another show up!

    I got a quick question – are you guys still going to be holding that Watchmen contest? I was thinking about entering after listening to a late episode.

    Thanks, keep the great content coming.

  12. Alan Kleiman says:

    It’s a good thing Fitch is on, that way everyone else can say anything they want and they still won’t say the dumbest thing on the show.

  13. Ryan says:

    My unified theory on Lost theories:

    If it sounds plausible… it’s fucking wrong!

    Anyway, glad to hear a majority of you guys liked Watchmen as much as I did. I thought David Hayter’s screenplay was as good as any Watchmen adaptation will ever be. Sure he changed some things from the novel but they were changes made to benefit the story as a film.

    And if Alan Moore, a man who said a Watchmen movie would never work and even if someone ever tried he would not see it, approves, then I also approve.

  14. Fitch catches a lot of hate here. Give the man a chance. Sure he’s opinionated and seems to hate most everything not derived from Japanese culture, but he’s trying. He actually gave praise to a few things this week and I think he’s showing improvement.

    Maybe you should do a show just talking about non-otaku things Fitch digs.

  15. j says:

    everything that comes out of Fitch’s mouth offends me. every week. and it has nothing to do with the silly watchmen.

  16. James says:

    I loved the Watchmen movie. I thought the new ending and the ramping up of the sex and violence enhanced the the original story.

    Upon reading the Watchmen, I know he was trying to point out the twisted side of it all, but what was twisted back then in the 80s is pretty bland these days. The movie totally fixed that issue.

    Hearing you guys tear it apart was painful to listen to. I fear that if the geek culture can’t get behind this movie then we are condemned to PG Spiderman/X Men 3 movies for the rest of our lives.

    Do a better job in the future please.

  17. CXTH says:

    Fitch, you effed up homey. Gang, keep your otaku in check. Boo this “man.”

    I’m sorry you can’t appreciate the subtlety of Western comics, and that everything has to be beaten into your thick skull by a neko holding a rolled up manga.

  18. metachronos says:

    The music choices in Watchmen were perfect.

    Hallelujah is perfect for an impotent Nite Owl that can only get it up after some heroism.

    99 Luftballoons is about nuclear war, that one is self explanatory.

    Sounds of Silence was a response to Kennedy’s death; and given that the comedian killed him, well that one was a good call.

    Fitch needs to get his shit together. There are a ton of western comics (preacher, powers, walking dead, sandman) that are way better than bleach or whatever manga he reads.

  19. Ryan Scott says:

    Shawn: High-level Third Strike play comes down to Chun Li and Yun. History has proven that they are objectively, demonstrably better than every other character in the game — by what is possibly the LARGEST gap of any tournament-caliber fighting game in existence — at the highest levels of play.

  20. Christ says:

    Glad you’re back… been waiting days for this. Great episode.

  21. Shawn says:

    Great Episode but one thing that from the show that I can’t get with is that Street Fighter 3rd Strike is not balanced. I mean it does not have the greatest balance(characters like twelve and sean illustrate this) but hell it does a pretty good job. Ken, ryu, akuma, urien, chun li, dudley, and yun represent a pretty good nucleus with other characters like yang, alex, remy, and ibuki representing characters that are solid as well.

  22. DK says:

    Wish I could edit: Also wanted to mention Bubastis – did anyone else find it wierd that he left her in (without any mention or explanation no less), despite toning down the science-advances that manhattan sparked in the novel?

  23. DK says:

    Alex, I see how you can interpret it that way. I guess I just think that the original is more believable, because it relies on the human paranoia instead of human ability to stop fighting.

  24. Alex (aka GiantAsianMan from the forums) says:

    DK, I don’t think the goal of the movie was to replicate the “threat from outside”, it was to achieve the end of staving off nuclear holocaust. [insert spoilers here] In print, the world unites to fight the perceived threat of an alien invasion and forgets about nuking each other. In the movie, unity is achieved and nukes are disarmed because they fear that if they don’t, Dr. Manhattan will destroy them all. Either way, the same end is reached- Ozymandias hatches a plan that kills lots of people but stops the world from total nuclear disaster.

  25. Gerard says:

    I’ll listen to this podcast after the weekend. As for the Watchmen film, I knew nothing about the graphic novel, and watching the film almost made my head explode.

  26. Larry M says:

    You guys should join the cool kids and start watching “BREAKING BAD” on AMC. You can buy the first season for $20 and second episode of the second season airs Sunday night.

  27. zeroKFE says:

    Great discussion as always. However, please take a few minutes and learn about the song Hallelujah, and you might change your mind about its usage in the sex scene. I’ve heard it used over a dozen times in movies and TV shows, and this is the first time I’ve ever heard it used in a way appropriate to the content and meaning of the song.

    Also, I think that as long as you can get on board with the musical choice, the scene was actually done well. It’s meant to be a goofy, jubilant moment — really, we’re talking about two people who just came out of retirement as super heroes, who just finished serving coffee to people they saved from a burning building, who are now about to have sex in a floating hovercraft shaped like an owl’s head. The characters themselves are as aware of the preposterous nature of what they are doing, so why should the scene be anything but an over the top celebration of them finally getting things right and having sex (complete with the most beautiful, heart wrenching song ever written about the joys and pains of a sexual relationship playing in the background)?

  28. DK says:

    I can’t help but completely disagree with your Watchmen views concerning the ending and other changes. The new ending
    (here be spoilers!)
    doesn’t actually accomplish the same thing – manhattan isn’t a “threat from outside” that the world can rally against – he’s American. Not to mention that there’s nothing to rally “against” – everyone knows they’d stand no chance against him, while the Otherdimensionals Aliens, while powerful enough to warrant a united world, were mortal. (it died in New York after all)

    Similarily the Rorschachs new Kidnapper kill method just makes him look like a random thug. The original flashback showed him really breaking and becoming an actual psychopath.

    In general, I feel that scenes Snyder cut out (secondary characters, etc.) were well cut, and made sense for a movie. Scenes that Snyder changed (Rorschach Flashback/Ending) is where it failed. It looks like he’s great with adapting preexisting things, but utterly fails at original content.

    As an aside – I was really sad about the shortened psychiatrist scene. I’d have rather seen it cut entirely than throw it in as it was, without Rorschach turning the Psychiatrist around.

  29. Jin says:

    lol nice intro spytip.

    ugh, fitch still here. it’s his “otaku”-ness that annoys me i reckon, thats him…

    HEY-OOH! blue penis

    btw stop talking about D&D, that stuff is seriously boring. and more lost theories lol

    frozen yoghurt is supposed to be 99% fat free.

    bruce cambell sucks and michael’s mother ugh hate those two, can’t act. but looking forward to the next season, mini seasons are great.

    games forums are down because you guys barely is videogames, but it’s cool you guys talk about other things lol.

  30. lakalt says:

    I’m glad you guys are back; and I can’t wait to listen to the new episode.

    Also, it’s good to know I’m not the only one with a 2 1/2 hour round trip commute…

  31. Jin says:

    YUSS!!! new podcast!! Watchmen!!

    will post more soon…

  32. March says:

    Fitch is such a dork

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  34. Kinnon Yee says:

    Ryan – I really have to thank you for your comments about the reviews for Street Fighter IV being balanced and bringing up things like 3rd Strike as an example. That really made me smile to hear you talk about it in that way. I’ve always felt that reviewers often don’t take the right approach to review a fighter because a lot of them don’t really have the knowledge or experience. Thanks for bringing it to attention.

  35. Nazz says:

    I thought Matthew Goode was horribly miscast as Ozymandias, waaaaaaaay too “Mwuhahahahaaa I’m an evil villain, watch me scheme evilly with my eeeeeeevil eastern block accent”. But overall I liked the movie.

  36. Marty says:

    I disagree that Carla Gugino looked too young to be the older Silk Spectre. I thought the “old makeup” makes her look like she has had a lot of plastic surgery, which I feel is very fitting for her character.
    I agree on your other comments about the makeup though. I also thought that the makeup for Nixon looked rather goofy.

  37. Karl says:

    FUCK YEAH! I’m going to listen to it, then post about it on the forums.

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