Geekbox listeners: We need you!

In a tragic turn of events, The Geekbox co-host Ryan Higgins’ apartment burned down today. While that means the podcast is definitely on-hold for the next couple weeks, the more crucial concern is that Ryan and his girlfriend lost what’s being estimated right now as the vast majority of their stuff (the good news is that everyone’s OK!).

So, I just want to say that any donations you’d care to make to the site will go directly to getting Ryan back on his feet as far as living arrangements and such go. I know the inevitable talkback chatter will probably turn to talk of pursuing legal action against his landlord and all that type of jazz; that will all get figured out once the fire department makes some sort of determination about who’s at fault, which we’ll find out within the next couple of weeks. So try not to fly too off the handle about that stuff.

Until then, please wish Ryan a speedy recovery from this! PLEASE Digg the living hell out of this item so it can get as many eyeballs on it as possible. If anything I post on this site needs it, it’s this.

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  1. […] to read on Twitter that Ryan Higgins, the owner of my regular comics shop, Comics Conspiracy, had his apartment burn down last weekend. It sounds like he and his girlfriend lost nearly everything, although they and their dog managed […]

  2. Tom says:

    Did master Higgins have renter’s insurance?

  3. […] obviously, there will be no podcast this week (and probably next).  Head on over to and make a donation via PayPal.  Ryan Scott has said that all donations will be passed on to Ryan […]

  4. Justin says:

    This really fucking blows. Life really seems to smack you upside the head so randomly. I live in constant fear I’ll come home to a burned out apartment, so my thoughts are with Master Higgins. I’ve only known him through this podcast, but I’ve grown to like the guy well enough. Really can’t say how much I feel for Master Higgins.

    Good luck. Hope you bounce back okay.

  5. Hopalong says:

    I came here to leave a glowing message about how amazing your Podcasts are you even got me watching Burn Notice now we get it here in the
    But was shocked to read about your recent bad luck.Good to see that nobody got hurt to badly and that the fire got contained before wrecking the entire house.
    Hope you get back on your feet soon and start producing more great Podcasts.

  6. 4thVariety says:

    If you are Dr. Manhattan, you don’t move into a new appartment, you have always been there.

    Take those burns seriously, don’t try to be U.S. tough guys. You’ll make it, don’t let that accident keep you down.

  7. Christopher says:

    Just saw this today…good luck to everyone involved and glad to see that everyone was alright

  8. Larry M says:

    OxyClean and Febreeze. For your clothes and bedding, try it as a last ditch effort. That stuff gets the stink off everything and gets rid of most stinks.

  9. StannyUK says:

    Came here to praise you guys from the UK but found some bad news. Sorry to hear about the fire but at the end of the day, everyone is OK which is the important thing.

    Your podcast covers pretty much everything I digg and I wish someone in the UK would do something like this!
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to its return when your back up on your feet!

    Dan Stanford

  10. Eduardo says:

    Oh my God, I’m so sorry to hear about that. I hope he gets resettled soon.

  11. HightopNinja says:

    Hope all is settled for you Master Higgins. Once Friday rolls around, I’ll shoot you some cash. Happy to hear that you and the Misses are alright.

    I will miss this show greatly until it returns, but nonetheless, I love the show and you guys(and gal) all rock my socks off. I work a very boring job and you’re one of the best podcasts that get me through the week. Thank you! Good luck Master Higgins!

  12. Ryan Taylor says:


    Ryan, I am SO SO SO SO sorry to hear that!! I cannot even imagine what you must be going through right now. I’m glad to see you and your girlfriend are alright, however. Gotta put a silver lining on this I suppose.

    Best of luck!! I hope you manage to land on your feet. I don’t have any means of donating, but know you’re in my thoughts.

  13. Joe says:

    Only had a few bucks on the card, hope your doing alright.

    On the bright side, with the sale of watchman books you can buy 2 shiny new houses.

  14. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this. We had a fire in my folks house and there was a lot of smoke damage, however we got a lot of the smoke smell out of our clothes by putting charcoal underneath the hanging clothes after it is washed, it sucks moisture and smells out of fabric. also try using those magic erasers from mr. clean on some of your boxes and statues to try to get rid of some of the smoke damage. it’s good to know everyone is safe, and hopefully your lady friend has a full recovery. good luck!

  15. Jinoda says:

    Donated $20, hope everything works out. You’re all awesome.

  16. Jamiew says:

    Im sure people would be willing to donate money to help him.

  17. Josh D says:

    sorry to hear about what happend. I’ll give what I can and hope that others do the same!

  18. Dan Montgomery says:


    Glad to see things are ok, if not good. Hope things only get better. You are a superstar. Even more than Rydog? Perhaps.

  19. whish303 says:

    I’m glad to hear that everyone is OK – that’s the most important thing. I made my donation today and encourage others who can afford it to do the same. This is much bigger than the podcast – just think about how thankful you would be if someone helped you out in a similar situation. Hope to see the podcast back when everything is worked out.

  20. Thanks, everyone. Alas, we did not have renters insurance, but I’m just glad my gf and dog got out ok. She has some burns on one of ther hands from trying to put the fire out, but she’ll be ok in a few weeks, the doctors say.

    Some things might have survived, but we’re not 100% sure yet. It looks like some of our clothes were ok, but they’re smokey, and we’re not sure if we can get the smell of smoke out. The fire dept. gave us a bag of our clothes, and multiple washes, along with baking powder and vineger, haven’t got the smell out. We’re going to consult a laundrymat as well as a dry cleaners.

    As luck would have it, the fire was put out before it reached the room most of my stuff was in, including my comic book collection and my toys and books. While not burned, it’s very possible that the smoke might have ruined most of them, but we’ll know more once we get access to the house again. I’m hoping, if nothing else, the comics which were in boxes, and then in bags, might be ok.

    In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter, as long as my girlfriend and dog are ok.

    Thanks for all your kind words, and the podcast will be back asap!

  21. sarge mat says:

    O man that’s really horrible but I am glad everyone is ok. Don’t really have any cash to spare at the moment but I will try to give something soon.

  22. skankingfool says:

    I’m glad to hear everyone made it out. Please tell me that you guys had renter’s insurance. I’m a landlord and i can tell you with certainty that the landlord’s policy that covers the building does not cover the tenants possessions at all. You may be able to get some medical bills paid, but that’s about it.
    If you rent, make sure you get renter’s insurance. It’s the cheapest insurance you will ever buy and unfortunately very few renters take advantage of it.

  23. iamthe0ne23 says:

    OMG. thats terrible… Maybe insurance in the US doesnt work the way it does here in the UK but are you covered?
    Hope you guys recover soon…

  24. Holkeye says:

    Wow, this is not what I expected to read when I checked the site. I’m glad that everyone is safe, and I’m sure that everything will work out for you possession-wise. I wish you a speedy recovery through this fiasco, and I’ll leave you with this:

    When you’re a spy, you’re constantly living with the fear that someone is going to firebomb your apartment. This is why it’s important to keep your official Star Wars 12″ resin statuettes safely secured in a flame-proof lock box.

  25. Jugglerofgeese says:

    I get paid this friday, I will paypal a donation as soon as I get home that night. (paypal is blocked at work) Let’s all hope there is a speedy resolution.

  26. magezors says:

    i pyro blasted his apartment>.>

  27. sdf says:

    this is pretty awful news. best wishes to master higgins.

  28. Gert says:

    The roof is on fire,huh, only this motherfucker musn’t burn.

    Insurance? Oh yeah USA… great…

  29. Greg Nordsiek says:

    What the Hell?

  30. Dan Diemer says:

    I’m definitely gonna donate some cash when Tax Return money rolls in this week. Ryan gave me some priceless advice on opening my own store, and it’s the least I can do.

  31. I am so sorry to hear about this. I’ve dugg the story and donated $20. Unfortunately, being a startup entrepreneur whose company still isn’t paying on a regular basis, it is all I can offer right now. I will make a post about this on my company blog as well. It gets very little traffic but hopefully it can help a bit. I wish everyone the best and I hope for a speedy return to normalcy. Best of luck.

  32. i38warhawk says:

    Thankfully no one was injured. My thoughts are with everyone involved, best of luck rebuilding.

  33. DerBonk says:

    Awful. That is my ultimate nightmare, to lose all my stuff that took so long to get and means so much to me. I chucked a small bit of money your way, but I guess there is a lot that can’t be replaced.

  34. Ryan Scott says:

    Game Reviewer, their dog escaped unscathed as well. So everyone’s OK!

  35. Heart-breaking news; I’m glad everyone is ok. I really hope there were no animals in that apartment though…

  36. Ryan Scott says:

    Cosmosis, it sounds like they’re OK as far as basic living necessities go (they’re staying at his girlfriend’s sister’s place until they find a new place, so they’re not going without food/shelter or anything). But if there’s anything you want to physically send, Comics Conspiracy’s mailing address is linked from the Contact Us page on the sidebar.

  37. Kush says:

    This is some pretty damn terrible news…I’m just glad that everyone is ok and no one has any serious injuries. I really hope that things get better for you guys quickly and if I had anything to donate I would, but I just ran a small charity drive for Child’s Play that ended today and all my extra money went towards that. Best of luck on getting back on your feet. I can send some free Sonic the Hedgehog comics if you want 😛

  38. Cosmosis says:

    This is awful! Poor Master Higgins. If not cash donations, are there any things the two of them need that might be sent their way? Food? Supplies?

  39. Jeremy says:

    OMG I’m glad everyone’s ok! My best wishes to Master Higgins!

  40. Larry M says:

    Best wishes to Master Higgins. That truly sucks. I’ll see if I can chuck in a few bucks in a couple days.

    And let this serve as a reminder to everyone that rents (especially in, um, “low budget urban surroundings”) GET RENTER’S INSURANCE.

  41. Sam says:

    Jesus christ, sorry to hear. 🙁

    I couldn’t believe my twitter just now when I read this. 🙁

  42. Sokkratez says:

    Holy crap, guys. That is horrible. I am glad nobody was injured, though.

  43. CDRaff says:

    This sucks! Very much, if I had work right now I would defiantly help, but I can throw some encouragement your way and hope for the best. Good luck!

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