The Geekbox: Episode 6

So, yeah, I’m not actually trying to make the lateness a recurring theme, but this week I had less free time than I expected due to my sudden reemployment (yay!). Please enjoy this podcast, which (mostly) brings our Batman spy tip contest to an end, and introduces a fun new Watchmen giveaway, just in time for the upcoming movie. Please don’t forget to comment/Digg/pimp the podcast on your favorite social network of choice!

The Geekbox — Episode 6 (2009-02-26)
Wherein we discuss layovers in Las Vegas, pro blackjack, Street Fighter IV (and the horrors of unlockable content), stupid-looking upcoming movies, the horrifying rebirth of Leisure Suit Larry, the latest happenings on Burn Notice and Lost (spoiler warning!), Facebook dating advice, Batman spy tips, a new Watchmen giveaway contest, and the joys of being gainfully employed. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 26m 6s
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42 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 6”

  1. Garhett W says:

    I SO want to see the plaid suit!!

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  3. Zach says:

    I’m totally not correcting this in a fit of snooty elitism, so much as maybe this’ll better focus further LOST theories.

    While yes, Lewis incorporated a lot of Christian imagery and allegory into the Chronicles of Narnia, Narnia the country was never a stand in for Heaven. There was still violence, terror, death, tragedy, sadness etc. which stood opposite to Lewis’ theological idea of an afterlife. Narnia and the world it existed in was considered an alternate reality but still very “here and now” albeit in a fairytale/fantasy setting. There was an allegory of Heaven, but it was Aslan’s Country, found across the sea at the edge of the world (Prince Caspian after he had died was later seen there, young and alive at the end of The Silver Chair). At the end of The Last Battle which was all about the end of the world as they knew it, they “passed through” a dark ominous stable door and found themselves in the edge of a new reality or existence that was a) was a much fuller plane of existence than what they had previously understood it to be and b) incorporated all that was Good, not just of Narnia, but England and everything and everywhere else. It’s there that Aslan tells them that they are dead and have passed from The Shadowlands (later in a book that Lewis while grieving the loss of his wife, Joy, Lewis referred to this reality as the same) into Morning. This was Lewis’ idea of a new perfect Heaven and Earth that you find at the end of Christianity, philosophy.

    All that to say: Them being dead is what I’ve suspected all along, but I don’t think Lewis and Narnia adds credence to that theory.

  4. Usakei says:

    Hey guys great podcast, heres my submission to the contest if you guys are still holding it.

    Sorry to hear about the fire, I hope you are doing well. My wife and I dread the thought of a fire or robbery since most of the things that go missing are things you cannot replace. Wish you all the best.

  5. john says:

    Pleaseeeeeee cut down the spy tip stuff. I’d really like the show if you’d tone that down a bit. Well, that and the humping stories. That’s really not funny in the slightest, in fact, it’s quite gross.

  6. ajm1240 says:

    Oh of course Karen’s voice is sexy. But it was kinda sexy before so…. πŸ˜‰

  7. ZenGaijin says:

    Let me be one of the many to say, as a 18+ year StreetFighter fan. Keep T.Hawk and DeeJay’s defunk asses out of SFIV. T.Hawk has always been an unbalanced characters his moves have zero openings when blocked.

    DeeJay as said is one of the worst character designs ever created. I’d love to see Alex, Ibuki or Makoto from SF3 before anyone.

    I find it kind of disheartening that they just completely throw SF3 out the window. It’s kind of a slap in the face to all the fans of that game to not include anyone from that game.

  8. Anthony_Galindo says:

    looks like I didn’t do it right, here it is:

  9. Anthony_Galindo says:

    here’s my entry:

  10. Dave Gilbert says:

    Howdy Geekboxers. I was told you blogged about Emerald City Confidential so I thought I’d check this site out. Neat site you’ve got here. Thanks for the plug! πŸ™‚


  11. Paul says:

    I always thought one of the main things about Lost was that they were throwing esoteric, yet real concepts at you. Granted, I only watched two or three seasons, but it seemed like most things were somewhat plausible . . . though the smoke monster has never made sense to me.

    So, by definition, it really is sci fi. Anyway . . .

  12. Luminari says:

    You guys continue to blow my mind in geek-dom mindset…”I want a chessy movie. I don’t want a bad movie.” “It should be chessy, then it would be better.” “it tried to be too serious so it’s crap.” I don’t know WHEN you started watching “American” animation or how much older I am than most of you…but Transformers was not “that bad” of an animation show…it was worlds beyond much of what had come before and paved the way for better niche animation later. The reason I found the film a dissapointment beyond the loud, noisy, Bay-signature “business in the frame and people yelling ‘No!’ loudly and repeatedly equals compelling and terse drama,” was that, impreseively…there was better characterization in the 90 minute three part TF pilot than in the live action film! I could understand you guys saying, “It’s just Transformers!” if you held such a high aesthete all the time…but then you celebrate other cornball stuff…
    This isn’t an angry e-mail. Just an observation…and vaguely off-putting. Other podcasts, I get it…they’re so critical of EVERYTHING. Other podcasts laud everything. But for a geek cast…you kinda tear certain things down without much critical argument…just personal preference…then raise other things on a pedestal on admittedly nonsense personal preference.
    I guess it just has tangs of Console fanboys and the like. Be yourselves…but don’t forget some of your built-in audience came from more critical dialogue balanced with the fun from the old GFW casts.

  13. sdf says:

    haha, fructose wins debates with grammar!

  14. Fructose says:

    I don’t understand why people can’t capitalize the first letter of their sentences. Ban these lazy people, Ryan! I hate them and their mothers.

  15. Ryan Scott says:

    WTF, Ken is not Asian.

  16. sdf says:

    ken and chunli are both fully asian, you twits

  17. sdf says:

    i don’t understand people who complain about more characters. “i don’t want more options, give me just ken and ryu” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Thomas says:

    Ryan, all characters are tournament legal. Seth has the least health and is the easiest character to dizzy. As of right now Sakura, Sagat, and Bison are very good. With 1 EX bar Sakura can take off more life than some ultras or full meter supers and causes an enormous amount of dizzy damage.

    Congrats on the job!

  19. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch says:

    Thanks for the love guys! I knew I could seduce you with my deep sexy voice and pill box hat.

  20. Dan Montgomery says:

    Thanks for the laughs. You guys encouraged me to go get

    Y: The Last Man
    The Dark Knight Returns
    The Watchmen

    from all your comic talk. I know, nothing cool, but I’d only read The Watchmen and a paperback of The Walking Dead previously. If you guys have more suggestions about paperback comics that are complete stories, I’d appreciate hearing about them on the show. Thanks.

  21. Alex says:

    Few movies surpass Street Fighter: The Movie on the unintentional comedy scale. Terrible movie for sure, but absolutely hysterical. From the character’s outfits slowly morphing into their game costumes to the final shot of the movie with everyone in their victory pose- just incredible.

    As to Firefly, the history of the show is that the United States and China were the only two world superpowers left, so when humanity left Earth to colonize other systems, every person was fluent in both English and Chinese. They used the Chinese on the show to slip things past the censors.

    I also want to second Ryan Scott’s recommendation of Jeff Jensen’s Lost reviews on He does a great job dissecting the episodes, going way in depth with the references and allusions used on the show, and I think they are a must read for all Lost fans.

  22. Hey Geekbox,

    You think you have a doppelganger in Europe, called Greekbox? if not, please make some!

    On another note, I purchased my first graphic novel today, Watchmen, thanks to your podcast!

    I hope it extends into a common hobby.

    Thanks for the podcasts


  23. Kinnon Yee says:

    Ryan – It depends on which tournaments though. Most high-level Japanese tournaments actually use a variety of characters from what I’ve seen. I don’t watch a whole lot of tourney vids, especially not the US ones, but from the Japanese ones I’ve seen, it’s been pretty much fair game.

    As for unbalance SFIV characters, yeah, Blanka will do the job. I’ve been pretty successful getting away from him with Blanka, but with some other characters like Rose, or El Fuerte, it’s been damn impossible. It might just take time to develop strategies against it, but for now, it feels like the game’s not as balanced as I’d like it to be.

    Oh, and I’m stupid for not saying it earlier, but congrats on the job πŸ˜‰

  24. Michael says:

    Congrats on the new job, Ryan! I just hope you can keep the podcast going with your new position.

    Coming into Street Fighter IV completely fresh, (the last time I played any Street Fighter was at least 8 years ago when I played one of the games for about 5 minutes) I’m kind of undecided when it comes to character unlocks in the game. Although it is a pain, having to unlock a fair number of characters reminds me of the game’s origins, or at least the time in which the original game was released. It’s kind of like the Resident Evil 5 argument. Yeah the controls suck, but that’s what you’ve come to expect from the series.

    Oh and Karen, you are just plain sexy.

  25. karen says:



    He was E Honda AND Chung Li! Man, I watched that movie in the theatre when I was 10! I have no idea what happened…but there was Maggie Cheung…they were on a cruise ship…? But yes, I remember the SF scene with the token white henchman in a Cantonese movie.

  26. Peter Lount says:

    Good show but how can you guys have a discussion on live action versions of Street Fighter -without- mentioning the best/most fun version: the street fighter sequence in Jackie Chan’s 1993 “City Hunter” !

    A classic πŸ™‚

  27. Jin says:

    lol karen has more of a tired ass hell voice, then sexy haha

    btw street fighter movie sucked. just shit. stfu fitch, under rated writing? go read a book sometime.

    also the chun-li movie will probably be stupid. seriously don’t care. same with the dragonball thing.

    actually all video game movies are pretty crappy. comic books however aren’t that bad. Dark Knight and IronMan? Watchmen ain’t out yet so…

    btw i was like 12 and Magna cum loude was hilarious, me and my friends had a huge laugh. i remeber there was a naked-woman-fountain with penises surronding her and shooting “water” at her.

    you guys could watch Dexter? House? thoes shows are amazing. with burn notice its good but Sam and Michael’s Mother are shit actors and whenever those to are in the scene it’s always the low points. and fiona’s french isn’t that bad. lol “yes, bruce give it to me”

    and i don’t care about lost, but “my mom taught me” hahah zing.

    and also seriously you guys have way too many rules. you guys are weird, i only like girls who like sonnets? and lol fitch giving dating advice hahahaha “roping them in” hahaha he sounds like a stalker haha

    Venture Bros!! haha great show!

    and Comic economic crisis needs a link sounds great. and nothing wrong with inheriting money. target thing should win. or the prostitue one. and the leaving in conversation.

    fitch-cast is a sucky idea, no offense everyone else but ryan is the heart of the show!!

  28. Ryan Scott says:

    myketuna, don’t get me wrong, I REALLY like SF4. All I’m saying is, it’s got a pretty high bar to clear in Super Turbo/HD Remix. And I do have crazy love for those games, because I’ve been playing them since I was 14 years old! In fact, if you asked me what my favorite game of all time is, I’d tell you it’s Super Turbo. And yeah, Hyper Fighting’s great too, and it stands pretty toe-to-toe with Super Turbo, but the added layer of strategy that the Super moves bring puts Super Turbo over the edge.

    And, I use Blanka in SF4 — he excels at a lot of things that drew me to Guile in HD Remix. SF4 Guile lacks the clear-cut air superiority and (from what I’ve gleaned so far) the variety of mix-ups that he had in HDR. SF4 Blanka can play defense all day, and that’s how I roll.

    Oh, and I briefly deluded myself into thinking I could stomach SSBB online play, but that didn’t last long. Still, I play those games predominantly for the multiplayer.

    Kinnon, yeah, there are definitely other things at hand. I don’t know if I’d call Zangief unstoppable, though he and Sagat are unarguably two of the best characters in the game right now. I’ve gone up against a couple of good Zangief players as Blanka, and it’s essentially a game of spacing and good turtling.

    My points about CvS2 specifically relate to how the game is played at high levels. Comparatively few SNK characters are actually viable in the most competitive play environments. And I really don’t like MvC2 either, though that game’s finally starting to fall out of favor in tournament circles. I’d be surprised to see it at Evo by 2010.

  29. myketuna says:

    Oh forgot to say this. Legend of Chun-Li not look THAT bad? Man, Ryan. Dropping the ball this podcast. Still love you though.

  30. myketuna says:

    Dude, why does everyone think Super Street Fighter II Turbo is the best SF? The true definitive SF II is Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting/Street Fighter II Turbo. You’ll probably disagree, I’m not sure why, but onto SF IV. I think you don’t like SF IV because of your crazy love for HD Remix. When it comes down to it, I believe this is the reason. The unlocking stuff though is a bit of a pain, I’ll agree with you on that. Though you sound really whiny when talking about the roster. That’s not the Rydog I know. Well …there was that Guild Wars rant… lol. You use Guile mainly anyway (right?) so why are you crying?

    As for SSBB, you could’ve just played the single-player to unlock every character but 3. It’s less monotonous than 400+ matches of walking off the edge. You made things harder than they were. And the “I just wanted to play online” excuse you used for SF IV doesn’t work. SSBB was going to have shitty online from the start. And you can’t have your friends over 24/7 to play, so that single-player is gonna see SOME action.

    Anyway, I’ve vented long enough. Keep the podcast going. Definitely something I look forward to every week.

    Oh and Karen did have a sexy voice.

  31. Chris says:

    For Ryan, and the others, Star Trek The Experience is not closed forever, per say. Its moving down to the Neonopolis, and is scheduled to re-open in May.

  32. Johnny Estes says:

    You guys spent a bit talking about Batman: The Brave And The Bold, so I put forth a challenge – I want at least one of you to watch Spectacular Spider-Man. They’ve got a couple DVDs out (and it’s all on YouTube if you know where to look), so it wouldn’t be hard to find. It’s possibly the best superhero cartoon since Batman: The Animated Series.

    Seriously, if you like Brave and the Bold, then Spectacular will blow your motherfucking socks off.

  33. Kinnon Yee says:

    Ryan – No, I’d agree that you don’t quite learn the characters on any depth level, but you do pick up their basic move set at least. I know you don’t enjoy Abel, but I find him to be interesting at least. The thing about the game that really gets to me has got to be Zangief right now. His SPD has just way too much range, along with his turning backhand punch, makes him basically unstoppable against a handful of characters. I just think there are more important things to be discussing about Street Fighter IV right now than the unlocking and roster selection.

    I guess we’ll have to disagree about Capcom vs SNK 2 as well. I was very much an SNK guy, so I stayed mostly on the SNK side, and played a good chunk of that roster. There’s not much I wouldn’t play as on the SNK side. Played most of the Street Fighter cast every once in a while as well, but I was pretty tired of using Street Fighter characters at that point because most of the roster was shotokan-style characters. Most of my friends were pretty varied about their choices. Sure, characters like Maki and Kyosuke weren’t used much, but I know a bunch of serious players in my area that do dabble with them every once in a while.

    And Marvel vs Capcom 2, I refuse to acknowledge as a real fighter because I hate air juggles. I might be a minority in that opinion, but the only way we could have fun with that game was when we decided that air juggling was off limits. That’s the only way we opened up the roster. But I don’t consider that game to be a real tournament fighter. No one really plays it for keeps in Japan.

  34. Austin says:

    I watched my Mortal Kombat VHS a few weeks ago, it has not held up at all. I began to question the film during the generic bad guys vs good guys in the dining room scene. Ninety percent of the kicks have these horrible cut away shots, that I didn’t notice as a kid but is infuriating now. Skip to about four minutes in.

  35. Ryan Scott says:

    Kinnon, sleepwalking through the arcade mode with 24 characters hardly qualifies as learning them. I mean, it’s an alright way to get some basic things down, like some of the new guys’ special move motions and an effective poke or two if you’re lucky. But nobody ever learned how to play Street Fighter properly via the single-player mode.

    As far as the roster itself goes, I’m not too broken up about it. I think it’s weird to see characters like Dan and Gen in lieu of T. Hawk or Dee Jay, but I mostly think the lineup is full of deserving characters (especially Sakura and Rose). With the exception of C. Viper and possibly Abel, I don’t think any of the new characters are that creative, but we may just have to agree to disagree on that point.

    But to your points about CvS2, you could not be more wrong. Out of the 44-character roster, only about 16-17 of them get played seriously. Sure, the ratio’s not QUITE as horrible as, say, Street Fighter III (all Chun and Yun, all the time) or Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (I challenge you to find me a top player who strays outside the Cable/Storm/Magneto/Sentinel rubric and consistently wins)… but there are an AWFUL lot of really bad CvS2 characters.

  36. Andrew W says:

    Star Trek Experience is re-opening in Downtown Vegas to coincide with the movie. Fear not everyone, your favorite Vegas attraction will still be around, Quark’s Bar will still exist, and you can have as many Warp Core Breaches as you want.

  37. Ryan says:

    You know Ryan, if you want to have the show out by Wednesday, schedule it for Tuesday. You’re consistent fashionable lateness will take care of the rest.

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  39. Kinnon Yee says:

    This is going to be one long rant about SFIV

    Wow… Can’t disagree more about the roster in Street Fighter IV. There’s not all that many new characters, and all of the new characters are at least new styles that don’t really copy old conventions; important stuff when they need to bust the game out of stagnancy. Yeah, it’s a b@#$@ to open up Seth, so you have to play as all of them, but through that, you get to learn some of the new characters. Hell, at least it’s not like DOA2, where you used to have to play a character 14 times to unlock all their costumes.

    And as for Cap vs SNK2, I can’t believe you guys talk about that roster as being too big. Fact of the matter is, you usually have to choose 3 character to form up your team, so having a large roster is necessary. It allows you to create a unique experience just about every time. Yes, there are some throw away characters in the game, but for the most part, at least 80% of the roster has some use.

    I know Ryan has certain characters that he absolutely loves and is disappointed that they’re not in the game, but you can’t have it both ways. He complains that the roster is too big, but wants characters that only he wants. I don’t cry about not having Guy in the game because there are plenty of other characters that I love in this game.

  40. Jin says:

    yea same, i’ll listen after i watch burn notice, actually today is a good day coz burn notices only comes out today so no spoilers worries.

    ryan you better not leave.

  41. […] The Geekbox created an interesting post today on The Geekbox: Episode 6Here’s a short outline So, yeah, I’m not actually trying to make the lateness a recurring theme, but this week I had less free time than I expected due to my sudden reemployment (yay!). Please enjoy this podcast, which (mostly) brings our Batman spy tip contest to an end, and introduces a fun new Watchmen giveaway, just in time for the upcoming movie. Please don’t forget to comment/Digg/pimp the podcast on your favorite social network of choice! The Geekbox β€” Episode 6 (2009-02-26) Wherein we discuss layovers in La […]

  42. Matt R says:

    checking the site after burn notice paid off!

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