The Geekbox: Episode 5

Doh — sorry for the lateness. AGAIN! I had to give this one a couple listens to make sure everything was good — so hopefully it is! Please Digg (and share it on your favorite social network of choice using the buttons below), and keep those Batman spy tips comin’ — we’re keeping the contest going for another week!

The Geekbox — Episode 5 (2009-02-17)
Wherein we discuss the origin of Ryan Kapowi, the crazy storylines in Fables, our latest crazy Lost theories (spoiler warning!), the absence of EarthBound for the Wii Virtual Console, the epic failure that is Bubble Bobble Wii, a couple of cool new DS games, roller rinks, old Genesis games, grinding (not the kind you may think), the current state of Star Wars Galaxies, the Watchmen browser game, and a few of our favorite listener-submitted Batman spy tips. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, Ryan Higgins, and special guest Ryan Kapowi.
Running Time: 1h 7m 51s
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57 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 5”

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Joe, before getting all Mr. Know-It-All on the internet, please make sure you are correct in your derision.

  2. briatx says:


    lol, fair enough.


    I forgot to mention in my first comment: Congratulations on the job! Hope you keep podcasting.

  3. karen says:


    who actually trusts Fitch’s women advice though?

  4. briatx says:

    Great show as always, but I have to say that some comments about women in recent episodes have really diminished my ability to enjoy the Geekbox.

    “the more hardcore games a girl is into, the more issues she will have,” for instance, is not what I want to hear when I tune into a podcast about gaming.

  5. Ryan Scott says:

    Joe: Which is exactly what I said on the podcast. “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” had originally been slated to air before “316” and the order was changed.

  6. Jackocat says:

    Congrats on the job!

  7. Joe says:

    Ryan Scott, please make sure what you’re saying for certain is actually true before blabbering like a know-it-all. Last week’s episode of Lost was indeed “316” and this Wednesday’s episode is The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. K thx.

  8. John B says:

    When you’re a Batman and The Joker makes a terrible joke, be sure to punch him in the face.

  9. Jordan ModernDevil says:

    spy tip for 27 hour airport stake out?

  10. James the flying scotsman says:


    When facing a tough opponent a good bat-man will exploit their most obvious weakness, staying in the darkness when facing a solar powered villain can make fights much easier.

    another bat tip:

    When you’re batman publicity is good, but yelling at the lighting guy isn’t good publicity.


    When you’re Batman get used to remembering your parents death, even if it is slightly different every time.

  11. Mark says:

    Bat-Tip: When you’re the Batman, make sure to ask your allies penetrating questions. While they’re formulating their answers, you have time to sneak away to maintain your mysteriousness.

  12. Max says:

    You guys should include “The Office” in your talk about TV shows.

  13. Hast says:

    I think you’ve done a great job of continuing the tradition of GFW Radio and I have to say that the TV section is much appreciated. Which brings me to my question, have you begun watching Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse?

    I was a bit hesitant at first, because the idea seemed a bit derivative. But from the first two episodes I think it’s safe to say that he has begun to build on a new and interesting universe.

  14. Leothekid says:

    Found Cactus Cooler in Oakland! Thanks for introducing me to this drink!

  15. Karl R says:

    I mailed a real letter to the Geekbox. You guy should get early next week. Nothing serious, and I promise no anthrax.

    Bat-Tip: A good Darknight always has the Watchtowers emergy break on when crashing into Thanagarian warp conduits, this helps with the nick of time get away and also adds essential dramatic tension to the situation.

    Its a bit obscure, it’s based on the Justice League cartoons second season finally. If you don’t know that the Watchtower is, in fact, a space station it makes no scene. Batman is rad in that episode, pilots the station in on manual.

    Fly causal Bruce!

  16. Steve says:

    Hey all. Just wanted to thank you for keeping all of the TV stuff together in one section of your podcast. It lets those of us who can’t watch the shows until they come out on DVD skip over that section with minimal chance of things getting spoiled.

    And I, for one, like the mix up in geek topics that your podcast provides. Keep up the great work.

  17. Wesley says:

    Gabrielle Anwar actually isn’t Irish, she’s English. For some reason the creators of Burn Notice decided to completely abandon her character’s Irish roots. I wish they’d had abandoned the character altogether but we can’t always get what we want apparently.

  18. Joe says:

    Excellent episode, Fitch was at a great level of not fun-hating. jk, anyway glad your doing these, my favorite podcast.

    When your batman, make sure to get your Ryan Scott costume just right.

  19. Chase Powell says:

    another great podcast guys. Where else can I hear about classic games such as Monster Party, Comix Zone, and Earthbound. I was suprised when the conversation involved those games. I used to play those for hours back in the day.

  20. Krakn3Dfx says:


    When a villain invites you to their place, it’s never a good idea to come in through the front door.

    Last night’s Lost: OMG!I’m just gonna say “Ben at the marina, wtf?”

  21. d0ug18 says:

    Hi Mr Scott and Geekbox Radio Crew!

    Not sure if you any of you caught Jeffrey Donovan on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wed night. It was an interesting interview and he talked about how the show might be based off of a real ex-operative. Here is a link:

    Keep up the great work all and thanks!!

  22. Austin says:

    Batman Spy Tip:

    To maintain the public appearance of a playboy while keeping your wits, simply pull the waitress aside wherever you are, slip her a few hundreds, request never ending shots of vodka for your friends, and request never ending shots of water for you. Your friends think you are drinking with them, while you secretly stay alert for a night of crime fighting.

  23. sdf says:

    ha, fitch haters are just playing it safe. fitch is great like chocolate cake.

  24. rob says:

    spy-tip #52:

    if your plan is going too smoothly you’re probably being set up.

  25. Matthew says:

    Robin Spytip –

    While on mission, realize that your outfit is probably designed to attract the attention of possible bat-killing snipers. The protip in this case would be to always be pointing in Batmans location to offset this.

  26. JonH says:

    I’d just like to say, this podcast is absolutely kickin’.

    Keep it up.

  27. czartim says:


    Love the show! It’s my favorite podcast. 🙂

    We need a Geekbox message board!

  28. angel says:

    awesome podcast, it must be nice to have a guest come and bring some cookies, you guys should have him on again, being that hes a dedicated fan that lives close by…never know…he might be able to provide some good input in future podcasts. =)

  29. Ryan says:

    Oh man, I know you can’t reschedule the podcast based only on Lost but… I thought “316” was so awesome I just need to hear your thoughts as soon as possible.

    Otherwise, fantastic podcast guys. I like it even more than Rebel FM now. Oh snap.

  30. CharlieBlix says:

    When facing off against ClayFace always come prepared with multiple batsuits. You’d be surprised where his clay can find its way.

  31. Michael says:

    Star Wars Galaxies, how I miss thee…

    After almost 4 years since the complete and total destruction of what was SWG, the fact that people are still wondering if the old game is ever coming back is a true testament to how much people really enjoyed it. Right after the combat system was completely changed (mainly because of the sudden and sweeping success of WoW) again there were rumors of people hosting their own private, pre-nge servers.

    It’s funny that you mention going back to SWG in this week’s show, because I recently heard on another podcast, website or blog about a lot of people going back to the game and how it’s gotten better… clearly it hasn’t and probably never will.

    Oh SOE, how you excel at royally fucking up your games.

  32. Matt R says:

    i still play my snes cart of earthbound start to finish every couple of years, timeless great game.

  33. fundogmo says:

    DEAR GOD, Ryan and Andrew.

    If you like Earthbound, you should play Mother 3 by any means necessary.

    It will be to you now what Earthbound was to you 15 years ago.

  34. Max says:

    It took me a while to find that link >:O
    Best podcast so far 😀

  35. Max says:

    The game that Karen was talking about really reminded me of this:

    Have fun rage quitting.

  36. Aaron says:

    Some hardcore comic nerd Bat-tips, re-posted from last week for maximum exposure.

    -When you’re trying to strike fear into a superstitious and cowardly lot like, criminals, it’s best to adopt the persona of something totemic and primal, like a bat.

    -To be an effective weird, specter of the night, a good Bat-Man can’t leave behind any fingerprints. Always wear a pair of gloves, even if they are ill-fitting and purple.

    -If you need a change of pace, a new costume and sidekick can do wonders for your public image. Your new partner can also serve as a great distraction for when the bullets start flying.

    -If you’re a caped crusader and you can only put body armor on one part of your uniform, make sure it’s a big bright, yellow target.

    -A good dark knight will eventually out grow the need for a sidekick. One option is to fire him and confiscate his pixie boots and shorts. Or, time permitting, have him beat to death by a clown.

    -When you’re the goddamn Batman it’s a good idea to build cred with the internet meme crowd. If someone is asked “Who besides Chuck Norris could punch out God?”, it’s important that they reply “Batman would never make the mistake of punching himself in the face”.

    If by chance these do get read on the podcast, can Master Higgins read them in his awesome spy voice?

  37. LiK says:

    Karen, smoking is not good for you. 😛

  38. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch says:

    When you’re a girl gamer, it is best to let the other people on steam think your a 12 year old boy, otherwise you’ll have a whole squad of middle school boy all wanting to get up on your…’friends list.’

  39. Kira says:

    I’ll agree that Fitch’s story was funny as hell!

  40. Jake says:

    Karen’s tip reminded me of a tip I have lived by in my neck of the woods:

    If you’re taking a walk alone somewhere in a dark, shady place, make sure you have a new cup of McDonalds coffee in your hand. If someone sneaks up on you from behind, dump the coffee on their head. Extra points for removing the lid first.

  41. Jay says:



  42. Ostmose says:

    Keep Karen and get rid of this listener Jay.

  43. Jay says:

    Keep Fitch and get rid of Karen.

  44. Fructose says:

    Never! Fitch is great! That grinding story was hilarious. His escapades with the opposite sex are gold!

    I think this one was my favorite episode so far.

  45. Jin says:

    ooh spytip:
    when your stuck in the wilderness, you cant eat fruits, berries and plants but never eat mushrooms, only 1/7 is actually edible the 6/7 is likely to be posions or magic.

  46. teddy says:

    what the hell andrew fitch the hater. stfu. get him off the podcast…he’s sooo annoying.

  47. Jin says:

    i was going to post a when your a spygirl tip, but i’d probably get in trouble if i taught people how to paralysis their attackers permanently.…

  48. Craig says:

    Should I worry about spoilers for Fables? I haven’t read any of those books yet.

  49. Kira says:

    Spy Tip:
    When you’re a spy, it’s best not to bring Cactus Coolers on stake-outs as they make too much noise upon opening.

  50. d0ug18 says:

    When you’re a spy following your target on a long road trip, it’s important that you have the latest episode of The Geekbox loaded on your MP3 player to keep you entertained while trailing a suspect for over 2-3 hours.


    When you’re The Batman taking down a syndicate of steroid venom pushers, make sure that you pull the plug on any giant tube pumping roids, before you get your back broken.

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