The Geekbox: Episode 4

Man, do I ever fail at getting this one out by the promised date! Sorry for the lateness — it’s been a busy day. Enjoy the new podcast, don’t miss the giveaway contest at the end, and please don’t forget to Digg!

The Geekbox — Episode 4 (2009-02-11)
Wherein we discuss the newest episodes of Lost/Burn Notice (spoiler warning!), virtual reality, the latest SNL web clip, the truth about the Roswell incident, the canonicity of Ghostbusters 2, the awesome Lego Star Wars/Batman games, Nintendo’s upcoming Fire Emblem DS port, the ups and downs of being industry outsiders, New York Comic Con, and the DC Animated Universe. Plus: The winner(s) of last episode’s giveaway contest, and a new contest! Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 14m 4s
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97 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 4”

  1. Andreas says:

    My Bat-Tip

    “When you’re batman and fighting the joker, do not bring any pencils as he tends to make them disappear”.

    Good stuff you guys, btw what did you guys say the new name of the studio formed by the ex-monkey island guys was? I am looking to play some of their new stuff!!

  2. Master-Beef says:

    When your a Batman make sure that your friends have no more than one face

  3. FigNewton says:


    If you are Batman, never submit yourself to any experiments by someone named “Dr. Hurt”…

  4. Luc says:

    I just wanted to say that i have the third fire emblem for super famicom it’s awsome.


    If your batman never trust a clown.

  5. Paul says:


    “Batman must always keep his young ward, away from a crowbar.”

  6. Chase Powell says:

    Here’s a useful Geekbox Fan “spytip”

    When your a Geekbox fan and your trying to win a spytip contest, always read older post to make sure your idea hasn’t already been taken.

  7. JC says:

    Great episode guys! I’ve been hearing the show since day 1 and I love it. Keep the good work.

  8. Craig says:

    When you’re the Batman, you’d have sent flowers to your casting director had they chosen Gabrielle Anwar instead… both times… but not from that new red-headed florist; something seems fishy about that fern you just (gag… wheeze… thump).

  9. Sidney says:

    Burn Notice

    I really enjoyed last week’s episode. Did anyone else recognize the two scifi actors in this episode? They were Mark Sheppard the lead robber and Gaius Baltar’s lawyer from BSG and Rodney Rowland the other robber who hit Michael with his gun played an “In Vitro” on Space Above and Beyond. Space Above and Beyond was a scifi series that aired on FOX for only one season in 1995 and shared (in my opinion) some similarities with the current BSG. I believe Mark is the third actor to cross over from BSG (Lucy Lawless #3, played and assassin in the episode False Flag) to play a role on Burn Notice and I hope the trend counties!

  10. Maze Syndrome says:

    Well, I don’t think anyone made this one yet. But I think this one is gold although it’s only based on the most recent movie:

    “When you’re batman, if you fall from considerable height, always break your fall by landing on a car to avoid any serious injury.”

    I made a doodle to further prove the authencity of this bat-technique:

    In response to someone’s earlier comment:

    What! SOMEONE on the INTERNET above is talking trash about Gred Ford! Man, if I had the time, you’d get a whuppin’, boy! Greg fully has the rights in our geekdom! If anything, he’d be in the aristocracy of us geeks. The only thing the man is guilty is maybe being too good-looking for his own good. thus failing at being incognito if he ever wanted to be a spy.

    You offend me, good sir. The internet has disappointed me yet again in the opinions it holds.

  11. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch says:

    ugh, sorry thats You’re not Your….spelling fail….

  12. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch says:

    When your Batman, always remember to tivo Lost, because chances are you’ll end up working late.

    and bonus….

    When your the Joker, don’t let anyone else kill a Robin, that’s a privilege exclusive to you.

  13. Ron B says:


    When experiencing off time on patrols, take the time to reread through you Bat-Manual. Every bit helps.

  14. Brandonb123 says:

    Bat tip –

    “When you’re Batman, and you’re backing out of your driveway, it sometimes pays to be able to turn your head.”

  15. Bernie M. says:


    “Some days, you just can’t git rid of a bomb.”

    Oh yeah. I went there. Anyway, great show.

  16. Primosis says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard any love for the Fire Emblem series. I’m replaying the gamecube version at the moment, and I’m loving it. Just don’t play it on hard unless you hate yourself.

    Also, I’m about 20 podcasts behind, but yours is one of two that I’ve been keeping up to date on.

  17. NutMan says:

    I agree with Karen sooo much in regards to BSG! Last week I said this in the comments and I still stand by it:

    “The direction that BSG took after Season 2 is extremely disappointing. These last few episodes can be even be called Scifi. It’s more like some generic drama show where people overfill coffee cups with alcohol and knock over chairs to prove a point.”

    Btw Karen, it has been confirmed that the last 10 episode of BSG were re-written. Maybe that was a good thing though? Who knows.

  18. maas says:

    Love the groove you guys are getting into. Keep up the good work!

  19. sdf says:

    When in doubt about the latest episode – always remember that the producers of “Lost” don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

  20. Xqwzts says:

    Bat-interrogate tip:

    Never start with the head, the victiim gets all fuzzy.

  21. ChugALug92 says:

    Bat-ologue II

    Sorry “Andy”, It appears that you beat be to the Ricola tip.

    -Always keep in mind that a super villain’s greatest power is their gimmick; if you can get rid of their gimmick, then you can get rid of them.

  22. Arrested Developer says:

    Batman Spy Tip

    When dawning a protective rubber suit, remember that a dash of medicated body powder will help to defeat your worst enemy, chaffing.

  23. TheDarkGundam says:

    Batman spy tip:

    When you’re a Batman, don’t let anyone distract you by walking around looking at the lights while you’re in the middle of a scene.

    Maybe that should be a John Connor spy tip?

  24. todnyc says:

    Batman’s tip of the week:

    Lap dances are cheaper in Metropolis.

  25. ChugALug92 says:


    When ever your throat is soar from your Batman voice, make sure to keep a few extra Ricola in your utility belt.

  26. Adam says:

    Oh, in addition to my spy tip, let me just say thank you Mr. Ryan Scott, for saying that Batman: TAS was probably one of the best non-prime time shows ever. I know that dosen’t include the Simpsons and many people think I’m weird for thinking that batman was/is better than the Simpsons. I like to think when final judgement is passed on what the best cartoons are, a show like batman makes it higher on the list because of it demonstrates what animation is truly capable of in terms of (grown up) story telling.

    And just to get it off my chest, yeah, I read through All Star Batman and Robin today at a bookstore and it sucks hard. I usually love stuff that is “so bad it’s good” and I can sorta see how Miller could be in a satircal frame of mind but the way he disrespects characters like Superman, Green Lantern and Batman himself, that to me makes this less of an entertaining failure and more of an “I’m seriously going to rip this thing to shreds and then have to buy it because” kind of book. Jim Lee’s pencils are nice though.

  27. Adam says:

    Batman spy tip:

    When you are Batman: the most feared and arguably most powerful force in Gotham of all cities, the most crucial tip you can ever take with you on patrol is to never, ever when dealing with an arch-enemy with a hostage, openly mock said villain.

    Today’s spy tip brought to you by the Joker hardcover novel as well as Frank Miller’s piss-poor All-Star Batman and Robin.

  28. OnaWhim says:

    Batman spy tip submission:

    “When you’re an billionaire costumed super hero, it’s always a good idea to have your custom built radio controlled jet boat on stand by when pursuing super strong lizard men towards the harbor on foot.”

    I imagine Bruce Wayne saying this with a sophisticated British accent while holding a glass of Chardonnay in his mansion and then chuckling afterward, which is only out of character because he’s under the influence of the Joker’s latest chemical cocktails which makes its victims act like complete jackasses.

  29. Allen says:

    Contest entry:

    As the Batman, you have access to an arsenal of technology, gadgets, and weapons law enforcement could only dream of getting their hands on. While each situation allows for many approaches, sometimes the best weapon is the simplest one: a fist to the face.

    And another one for kicks:

    Sure, any idiot can put on a mask and go fight crime, but only a good Dark Knight will cause the perp to wish he had never aimed to misbehave in the first place.

  30. Falcomadol says:

    Yes, it’s Ys, and no, it isn’t “ant” it’s “aunt.”

  31. Spencer says:

    A good Batman looks to the night sky more often than he checks email.

  32. Guillaume says:

    A good Batman always sets his bat-Tivo to catch the latest episodes of Burn Notice/BSG/and Lost while off fighting crime.

  33. Nico says:

    Awesome show love to listen, but I would like to ask, as I walked away from lost and promised myself to wait till the show was over before watching it again I would like to ask for someone to say Spoiler Alert before going into the current episode, but I digress.

    Batman Spy Tip

    When your Batman and getting ready to pursue criminals, make sure your rocket fuel tank if full.

  34. Reuben C Rod says:

    Great job on the podcasts. I love that it goes beyond the “game” topics people associate with Mr. Scott and Company.

    Here we go: When you’re the Caped Crusader it is essential to have a well stocked arsenal of “Bam’s, Smack’s and Pow’s”.

    I’m not to sure on the punctuation in this(Sad Face).

  35. Justin H says:

    Bat-Tip: When flying over the ocean in the Bat-Copter, a good Batman always bring shark repellent in case a shark tries to bite off your leg.

  36. Neil Squibb says:

    Good show. It’s weird hearing Americans mention Life on Mars but good to know that it translates well across the pond.

    Batman spy-tip:

    “Whilst fighting crime always wear armour resembling a male torso. Its nipple-less, well toned, masculinity will distract and confuse any foe.”

  37. James Macleod says:


    When entering an enemies room, enter through the window, striking both fear and surprise into the person, rendering them shocked and disorientated.

    Just in case it will mess up the postage you should know i’m from Scotland, but thanks for reading anyway.

  38. MOT says:

    I have a few requests that I hope you will consider

    1. Put timestamps for the episode separating talk about Lost with talk about everything else. I don’t like having to skip 30+ minutes because you insist on talking about a television show when this is supposed to be a gaming podcast. Oh, and please do the same for any comics talk.

    2. Please limit the use of the name “Master Higgins” to once per podcast. I’m specifically speaking to the girl of the podcast. Every time she refers to the comic book guy she calls him that. It’s getting ridiculous. I don’t know whether she has a crush on him or just likes the sound of his name, please tell her to stop. It’s annoying.

    I just found this podcast a few days ago, and it’s generally interesting, but I don’t want to have to leave it because of those annoyances.

  39. Dan says:

    Spelling change:

    In a tense situation an umbrella makes a good improvised weapon.

    Besides, there’s always the chance that it’s also a real weapon.

    (an edit button for posts would be really nice)

  40. Dan says:

    In a tense situation and umbrella makes a good improvised weapon.

    Besides, there’s always the chance that it’s also a real weapon.

  41. Andy says:


    A well stocked utility belt is key to the Batman’s success. The most important utility? Ricola.

  42. Johnny Postman says:

    Batman spy tip…

    When you’re a superhero and your sidekick is a young teenage boy in tights, it’s best to keep any physical contact between you to a minimum. The occasional fist bump after a job well done is OK – a pat on the butt, not so much.

    Great work so far with the podcast everyone – I really enjoy the mix of personalities you have on the show (even ‘No Fun’ is starting to grow on me.) Also really like the varied topics of discussion in each show instead of just focusing on video games.

  43. Zach W says:

    While preparing your bat belt loadout it is important to save a small compartment for Binaca…. you never know when may need to employ some “oral diplomacy”.

  44. Jared says:

    Love the podcast guys, keep it up! Woot for Jeff Green coming on soon!


    When selecting a new ward…don’t pick the one that is stealing the wheels off the bat mobile…everyone will call in and vote to have him killed.

  45. Peter says:

    Always procure a helpful butler before dedicating yourself to crime fighting.

  46. Eric says:

    Here’s my bat-tip

    When putting on the Batsuit, don’t forget the talcum powder.

  47. Guillaume says:

    When fighting devious supervillains, never forget you bat-shark repellant spray.

  48. demonbox says:

    To those considering the life of eternal vigilantism Batman offers the following advice:

    Before stepping into the shadows of Gotham one should always consider the heavy burden of nightly carrying the mantle of fear and retribution.

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