The Geekbox: Episode 3

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The Geekbox — Episode 3 (2009-02-03)
Wherein we discuss the latest happenings on Burn Notice/Battlestar Galactica/Lost (spoiler warnings!), the new G.I. Joe and Transformers 2 teaser trailers, the upcoming R-Type redux for Xbox Live, what Batman villain Ryan Scott is mostly likely to become (along with a bit of Arkham Asylum buzz), what goes into throwing a rockin’ World of Warcraft in-game party, why Watchmen is so freakin’ awesome, and another Fitch Hitch non-update. Also: Don’t miss the giveaway contest at the end! Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Mike Cruz, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 21m 29s
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85 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 3”

  1. Dan says:


    Why you calling me a douche? I didn’t spoil anything that hadn’t already been brought up in previous comments. So why you singling me out?

  2. Adrian says:

    Whoops, I meant Dan is a douche. Sorry, DODD! 🙂

  3. Adrian says:

    I just came here to ask Karen Chu to give a better warning before letting fly with the BSG spoilers; I barely made it to the ‘Pause’ button in time!

    But what do I get for it? Other posters giving the game away.

    DODD, you are a douche.

  4. Daniel Dodd says:

    Sam & Max Giveaway:

    Please Mr Ryan Scott Sir my girlfriend Lauren doesn’t think i care about the games she loves, this being Sam & Max, We play games together all the time most of the time just watching each other play, resent games that we have loved have included fallout 3 and dead space to name only two.

    My girlfriend is a big DOS gaming nerd, something that i never got into as a children, as such she has discovered the original fallout games and the new Sam & Max though our gaming and listening to the podcasts.

    I’m over words ino i must be so i’ll end it there and leave it too you

    love the show keep up the good work.
    and omg i love lost!


  5. Fructose says:

    Much more enjoyable than RebelFm.

  6. Dan says:

    Karen lost some major geek points with me on her opinions of BSG. Don’t really want to get into details that others have already done a good job of commenting on. Her comments on their leaving earth too soon were especially shortsighted. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that living/staying on planet covered with radiation is not the best of ideas.

    In here defense, it kind of sounds like she’s a bit of newcomer to the show and doesn’t really understand some of the finer points of it. I hope no one decides not to watch the show based solely on her opinion. It truly one of the best, if not the best, sci-fi shows ever made.

  7. Luminari says:

    geez guys…now I get to your ridiculous Superbowl comments…no need to qualify those…mostly…

    Boring 1st 3 quarters????

    Illegal blocks during the 100 yd intereception??? So was probably every other block…on BOTH teams…when they weren’t getting caught…

  8. Luminari says:


    Maybe because you READ half the epiosodes you missed that the entire series has been about human struggle/drama/pathos/identity. Moore made the the most compelling human episodes of ST by exploring the strife of religion and war…soemthing ST has shied away from for a time. I love good tv…be it pulpy, silly & compact, thought provoking complex dramas, or even vague explorations of something. As a sci-fi fan…I like to get it where I can…pitifully little had come out after the explosion and subsequent saturation in the late 90’s following ST:TNG’s success. There is a lot that is rather banal…explores no new territory…neither show anything too fantastic either. But isn’t it the “human drama” that compelled so many viewers to Lost and Heroes…or even an action vehicle like Alias? The fact was after The Wire…BSG had been, for me, one of the best and most important TV shows to come on for awhile…that wasn’t an HBO series (before other networks began introducing other interesting series, (Mad Men, Rescue Me, et. al). The fact that Sci-Fi was being used as a vehicle to examine the “human condition,” tell amazing stories, feature complex characters and an amazing ensemble infrequently seen on television at that level…made the inner Man-Geek all the happier.
    Lost, though often compelling, has for me suffered what many J.J. Abrams dramas are victims of…gimmicky plot mechanics…he knows how to cast his actors…and creates situations of conflict that are moving…but I always feel cheated…the hard work…the leg work…getting from here-to-there in a story…narrative that will exemplify deep talent from writers…is lagging. They take the short cut to the finish…a premise if often created and writen into a corner…so time to introduce, reality alteration, mind warp, loss of a main character’s memory for a year, et. al. I felt this way from the begiing of Alias (a fascinating premise with a great cast) thru MI:3…and it is what unsettles me for ST. Lost is in essence the epitome of these concepts, the distillation of all his storytelling techniques…at least its premise owns up to his techniques…so he gets away with it. It’s mysterious and the actors are compelling…but the narrative still feels lazy to me. Not BSG…the goal of the series is to get to Earth maybe…whoops…your entire wordl view is obliterated…now what. An Abrams series might permit Adama to wake up on Caprica or a timeloop to restart all the characters realizations and expectations to zero.
    But Lost is good and BSG a frustration, huh? Okay…I hear the Dreadnoks from the classic “Cold Slither” episode of the GI Joe cartoon as people “watch” TV, “This is gittin’ too much like werk!”

  9. Aaron says:

    What is that glorious music? I must have it.

  10. Jonah says:

    I’m loving the show. Keep up the great work, everybody! You guys crack me up.

  11. James Macleod says:

    Hey, i really like the Geekbox but i was just wondering if you could comment more on good comic books, Ive only read Watchmen and some of the Walking Dead. I don’t know much about them but any recommendations would be good, thanks. Books would be preferable to small comics as i can only really buy online, i don’t know of any local comic stores. Borders maybe

  12. Goatse says:

    Could you please encode the file in mono sound?

    The bitrate isnt enough for stereo (and you don’t gain anything with stereo sound with speech).

  13. Seong says:

    Oh and in addition, just because they left so called “Earth” doesn’t mean that storyline is finished. They never showed clearly any of the continent when the ships landed purposefully to leave it vague if this is the real Earth. It’s not like the writers just decided to throw away the concept of the show in the last half of the season and end with some filler episodes.

    BSG is not a largely self contained show like Burn Notice where you get all your thrills and chills in each and every episode. It’s a long burn that’s telling a really long story like Lost. Remember, it wasn’t more than a week ago during the premier I heard a lot of you folks on the podcast calling out Lost, largely it seemed because it seemed “unfocused” or “out of place/nowhere” with the sci-fi time travel and this week, all is good. Because a lot of good shows nowadays take longer than an episode’s worth of dedication for the payoff. But when it comes, it’s oh so sweet.

    Mmmm… sweeetttt.

    Oh and btw, don’t let my ranting fool you, LOVE THE PODCAST AND ALL YOU GUYS AND GALS!

  14. Seong says:

    Okay, I know I’m beating a dead horse with BSG but the inner geek in me won’t let this go! Posters above have already posted the “holes” in Karen’s alleged plotholes in BSG so I won’t touch that.

    Biggest issue is that it sounded like Karen was arguing there’s too much human drama, not enough sci-fi. And if that’s your argument, then that’s fine, but that’s a personal preference and the way your views came across, it sounded like a blanket judgement call. Comparing it to something like West Wing does BSG a disservice. Not that anything is wrong with West Wing, but the writing, acting, and directing in BSG is way above and beyond 95% of so called “legit dramas” out there and that’s where BSG stands apart.

    I can name several stand out moments throughout the show that made the hairs on my skin stand up such as (and I’m being vague to avoid spoilers) Number 8’s turn, Lee’s testimonial, the identity of the Final 5, Dualla, etc. And how can I forget the 2nd coolest moment in ALL of sci-fi, behind the Millenium Falcon saving Luke in ANH and in front of Neo bullet time in the first Matrix: THE PEGASUS JUMP.

    The show has always been about characters first, sci-fi trappings second. And again, if your beef is that it’s too much drama and not enough sci-fi, that’s fine but that doesn’t mean the show is substandard which is how it sounded like your opinion was, although I think a lot of it was helped by your co-hosts jumping in, all who hasn’t watch the show, and saying, “Yeah, sounds like I’m not gonna watch it!” Honestly I feel sorry for them if they’re gonna dismiss the 2nd greatest show of the last 5 years (Lost is first, yay I said it so I get brownie points back).

  15. Nate says:

    Dogging on BSG. It’s so gritty and hardcore that I can not understand how a scifi fan wouldn’t like it. Just lost some Geek cred in my book, besides that however another solid show. Keep up the good work.

  16. Derek Sharpe says:

    Sam and Max Giveaway:

    A Dog and a Rabbit. Two mortal enemies in any other given situation, team up as detectives! What the hell?

  17. Laura says:

    Sam & Max is a departure of sorts, from a lot of games I’ve played. The simple animation and clever (ingenuous?) game engine mesh perfectly with the witty and covertly adult dialogue. If ever I hear the phrase “little buddy” throughout my day, I can’t help but emit giggles that confuse everyone around me.
    S&M is very cool in that it’s the shining culmination of two amazing worlds: that of comics, and of gameage. The games I’ve played; the trades? Only admired from afar, I’m afraid.
    Please help me to experience another level of S&M goodness!

    Superb podcast, as usual guys! Somehow the logistics of your castin’ makes it all the more AWESOME. ^^

  18. Aaron Brazee says:

    It looks like you’ve got a lot of Sam and Max virgins here, all clamoring to have their cherry popped. Well I have to admit, while I am a comic fan and have been somewhat interested in them, I still have never read their book either. If I do win this trade, I will definitely pass it along to all of my comic reading family and friends, so that it gets the most use and exposure as possible. Great job with the podcast!

  19. wow fitch you pretty much ruin my geekbox experiences.

    your sighs and your 130% otaku cocksucking lips.

    other than that, I LOVE THIS!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D -.-;;

  20. Jan says:

    Karen, you do realize that Earth was unlivable? Sure there were some plants, but radiation levels were too high to sustain human life, thats pretty much why they had to leave and find another place to live. They didnt leave because the place just looked “bleak”, seriously. :p

    BSG this season has been awesome, from the explosive first ep to the conflict and mutiny in ep 3, the storyline has always been consistent, adn the only people disappointed are those who dont have the patience to see all the loose ends tied at the end. For a Lost fan, Im kinda surprised its BSG that tests your suspension of disbelief.

  21. karen says:

    “It has always been about the human drama first with the scifi setting being the backdrop.”

    *No spoilers below*

    Yeah, but that doesn’t excuse them from irregular pacing and storycraft. Human drama? Excellent. The frienemy relationships between Adama & Lee, and Adama & Tigh are tops. But how long can this cabin-fever-politics-vs-religion-in-search-for-home “human drama” go on for? Many have felt that season 3 toyed with viewers’ patience. What is also disappointing is that the writers didn’t decide on one of the final five until the eleventh hour. So instead of having the arc locked down, the writers are scaring me with the possibility that the show might go bananas, creating irrational crisis to create more of that human drama.

  22. james says:

    Fitch is wrong. Hes using the fact that the other team didnt tackel James Harrison as a reason that they shouldnt have won. First off why are you talking about the last play when they shouldn’t have gotten the 9 points in the first place. If you look at the the replay of the safty the player NEVER held so they wouldnt have gotten the ball and 2 points and thus not the touchdown on that drive. It shouldnt have even been close. I do agree that the last play should have been reviewed but to say the Steelers pay refs is just bull especially when you find out the patriots did cheat during there superbowls. and WE should have a asterisk? any ways i love the show.

  23. Reichter says:

    Please never speak of BSG again. I love the podcast but your views on this show are simply ignorant. It has always been about the human drama first with the scifi setting being the backdrop.

  24. Chris O says:

    Edit to previous post: I also wanted to say that I enjoy the overall geek culture that you guys do. I enjoy hearing other things than just games like movies and comics. And the football thing wasn’t bad either.

  25. Chris O says:

    First, I have no experience with Sam and Max so I would love to be able to read the comic. Second, i would love to be the first person to have something that the entire Geekbox cast signed. You guys talked about having a signing session with Ryan, why not the whole cast?

  26. Brent N says:

    I have some Lost food for thought for you:

    Daniel Faraday = Gordon Freeman


  27. Eric B. says:

    Make the podcast longer! There’s 8 hours to burn in a work day. This 1.33 hour crap just isn’t gonna cut it! I demand moar geekery!

    Oh and re: BSG. I totally agree with Karen and Brandon. I stopped watching about a dozen episodes into season 3 and then forced myself to finish that season later when I was cleaning out the DVR. I won’t watch anymore and I seriously don’t even care how it ends. They absolutely destroyed that show. Glad I’m not the only one who lost faith.

    Thanks for the recommendation on Burn Notice though guys. Great fun!

  28. Danger Stepp says:

    I need that Sam & Max book because I plan on attending Snuckey U and I need a text book!!

  29. Boris says:

    The digg link on the frontpage still links to episode 2. The link here in the article is fine…

  30. Trevor England says:

    Sam And Max Giveaway:

    When I was 12, I had Sam and Max: Surfing the Highway. I devoured it routinely. I used to go on 9 hour car trips with my parents and sister in a 2 Door hatchback, and that book was what that got me through.

    I lent the book to a friend who’s room flooded by a burst pipe. Unfortunately, my book was a casualty.

    Ive looked for a new one the past 14 years. I cannot afford a new copy (80$ on Ebay last I checked), as the 2 jobs I work pay for my horrible habit of higher education.

    That’s the entry, 100 Words exactly! When i heard the giveaway at the end of the podcast it made my day, just remembering the book and the enjoyment i got out of its pages.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    And thanks for creating the podcast. It really helps me get through the 9 hour graveyard shift i spend alone.

  31. ririri123 says:

    Why do I want free stuff? I’m appalled you would even ask that question. If I truly need a reason, it is this: Police brutality is awesome. But only with anthropomorphic cartoon animals. Right.

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  33. Wonkers the Watilla says:

    I hate to be the righteous fanboy, but I really don’t think you guys (especially Karen) gave Battlestar Galactica a fair shake. Karen expressed a bit of frustration at BSG’s alleged plot holes. Firstly, the Battlestar (and its surrounding fleet) were extremely limited on resources, so terraforming would be out of the question. Your point of contention involved comparisons with Wall-E, in which Earth was terraformed USING THE HUMAN SPACESHIP’s BOUNTIFUL RESOURCES (I can’t recall the ship’s name) including technology far more advanced than that of BSG, such as more cooperative robots.

    Also, I remember it explicitly stated in the season 4.5 debut episode that Raptors were deployed to survey parts of Earth, thus confirming how dead and uninhabitable the planet was therefore forcing the humans and cylons to leave.

    Okay, enough ranting from me. I almost feel embarrassed for saying the above things because that is the kind of stuff I usually make fun of fanboys for saying. But everyone is a belligerent fanboy of something, and BSG is love. You leave her alone. Please. Love the geekbox pod cast by the way.

  34. Ryan Scott says:

    Ryan Taylor: Soon, I promise. 🙂

    dru: Yes, there are spoilers. Make sure to read the show notes — I will always specify if there are spoilers within. This week, the TV show talk is right at the beginning.

  35. dru says:

    About the BSG and Burn Notice spoilers, do you guys warn about them?

    If not can someone point the podcast interval where they’re at. 😛

  36. Reively says:

    Err, Sam and Max games*. Really small chance that what I just wrote would get on the air, but if it does.. I really didn’t want to say “Sam and Max game.” Should have read before I posted.

  37. Reively says:

    You should give me the comic not because of how much I like Sam and Max, but instead because I’m totally Sam and Max ignorant. I’ve been interested in the Sam and Max game and the primary thing that’s stopping me is a want to read the comic. If I get this comic, I’ll totally play all of the Sam and Max adventure games.

    Thanks, love the podcast.

  38. Javier A. says:

    Oops, on 2), I meant 11 years ago, not 16. Math FAIL. Sorry about that, guys.

  39. Javier A. says:

    Why do I want the Sam & Max box? Let me prove my devotion to the series.
    1) We didn’t get the comics here: I printed them, in color, on an inkjet, just to read them.
    2) My first email address ever, 16 years ago, was
    3) I wore a black backpack with a painted Max face throughout most of my High School years.

    I’m in Argentina, I could never afford something like that Box, and the only way I’ll ever get anything like it will be through your good will. Long live the Furry Freelance Police and The Geekbox!

    100 Words.

  40. Eric says:

    I was first exposed to Sam & Max with the television show, possibly during the first run. I was around seven at the time which made rediscovering the game and the show a bit of a shock. What I remembered as a show starring a crazy dog and rabbity-thing turned out to be a funny comment on society… that featured a crazy dog and rabbity-thing.

    Anyway, I’d appreciate being chosen to win Sam & Max Surfin’ the Highway as it would complete the trinity of book, games, and show that created such an enduring memory of my childhood.

  41. Jeff says:

    I gotta say that you guys are definitely my favorite podcast among the new breed. Just the right mix of personalities, huge fan of Cruz’n with Ford. Thanks for everything guys, keep it UP!

  42. proper_kill says:

    i deserve the sam and max games because i have never played any of them, i havnt givin them a chance. this would be a great way for you to get a new person to like sam and max… its a good deed, DO IT, choose me, thanx.

  43. Kevin says:

    comic store in Boston before you were in California? hmm…..Newberry comics?

  44. Joe says:

    BSG season 4.5 is pretty good so far, also, excellent geekbox radio, although the sports talk was booooooring.

  45. Brandon says:

    I meant to say “these last few episodes can barely be called scifi”.

    Anyway, thanks again Ryan. I love the show.

  46. Brandon says:

    The direction that BSG took after Season 2 is extremely disappointing. These last few episodes can be even be called Scifi. It’s more like some generic drama show where people overfill cups with alcohol and knock over chairs to prove a point.

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  49. Ryan Taylor says:

    Downloading right now. When are we gonna get to read some of your writing again?

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