The Geekbox: Episode 1

Here it is — the first episode of’s radio podcast. And it’s a whopper, clocking in at just over two hours! An iTunes subscription link is coming soon; for now, you can download the MP3 directly from LibSyn or from Zune Marketplace. And if you like the podcast, please don’t forget to Digg — more Diggs equals more listeners, and more listeners equals more podcasts! I hope you enjoy it!! Feel free to leave comments or feedback on this post’s comments section.

UPDATE #1 (2009-01-18 @ 9:01 pm): This episode’s broken 10,000 downloads in just under 29 hours. Thank you, everyone — make sure all your friends check it out, too! πŸ™‚

UPDATE #2 (2009-01-19 @ 5:05 pm): The iTunes feed is now live — enjoy! It’ll take a couple days before it starts getting indexed in the search engine, but you can snag it from iTunes right here.

UPDATE #3 (2009-01-20 @ 10:41 am): As of this moment, The Geekbox is the #1 podcast in iTunes’ Video Games category, #2 in the Games & Hobbies category, and #8 overall. Thank you, everyone! Keep those subscriptions and reviews coming — let’s get to #1!

The Geekbox — Episode 1 (2009-01-17)
Wherein we discuss who we are and how we got here, our personal 2008 game of the year picks, Greg Ford’s stance (or lack thereof) on fair play, Street Fighter fan fiction, comic books, season 5 of Lost (season 4 spoiler alert!), and Andrew Fitch’s hot date (with bonus dating tips from Karen Chu). Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, Ryan Higgins, and Ernie P.
Running Time: 2h 1m 34s
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133 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 1”

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  2. Goldwing Guy says:

    awesome i’m glad there is an itunes feed on this

  3. Brad says:

    Make with the new episodes! I’m checking the website every morning in hopes of ep2.

  4. David says:

    Krispy Kreme came west to Cali, not in reverse. It was founded in North Carolina and can be found all over the world, including the northeast US. It’s much better than Dunkin. SRSLy

  5. david says:

    good stuff man. reminds me a bit of the brodeo

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  7. tapehead says:

    after weeks of waiting i did some uncovering and found out why no LANparty. love you ryan, both me and my lady do. we both very saddened by what im sure to you is old news but as of now it has been 5 mins for us to know. we love you guys, you, anthony, matt, robert and tina… and of course shawn, sean and geoff. miss you guys so much… xxx teddy and jai.

  8. Fishmonkey says:

    The file size is way too big for a 2 hour podcast. I regularly listen to ESPN and MSNBC podcasts, and they’re extremely small for their length (ie. 50 minutes = 11 mb).

    You guys should release a bandwidth-challenged version of your podcast that’s lower in quality but easier on the megabits (ie. 20-30 mb instead of 70), so that folks in third world country like me can listen to you easier.

  9. Censored says:

    I’m looking forward to Episode 2. Keep up the great work guys!

  10. shorap says:

    Spent MLK weekend finishing up Valkyria Chronicles and while I won’t say it’s innovative, it mixed things up enough to keep me playing (not a big strat-rpg fan) and start playing again upon completion. It also has a kick ass story not normally associated with an anime presentation.

  11. Wai says:

    Sadly you are 22 in the UK over all damn when will people learn. OK Itunes podcasts are ruled by well English stuff out of the list of non english podcasts you are second to flight of the concords. I am not counting a podcast about free ring tones for the Iphone because thats just well not right.

  12. Wai says:

    OK I am calling for a Rebel FM Vs Geek Box, Chuf Vs Rydog no holds barred war of the ages. Super Street Fighter 2 HD ReMix winner take all pride of the internet 3 round war. Fear Rydog and his Guile turtle technique.

  13. Jake says:

    Well I just checked and you’re the #1 audio podcast on iTunes! You even beat Ricky Gervais and Oprah πŸ˜‰ This might be just in Canada, as that’s where I am, but still that is an awesome achievement!

  14. Steven Weekley says:

    I was a little disappointed to not hear Tina but the new people I did hear were Brilliant! Please oh please have it in the comic store again! The show was so much fun to listen to and it seemed like it was fun to make on your end.

    I am waiting patiently for the second… Which I hope is in a few days.

  15. Jailem says:

    Okay on itunes you are currently #19 in the US #3 in Games and Hobbies, while in Canada your are #9 over all, and have the top spot in games and hobbies ahead of Rebel.
    Now the conspiacy lover in me thinks the only reason there was such a long delay was so people would find other places to download it, and then not download from itunes, thereby not making it #1 overall like Rebel FM.
    As for coffee a medium double-double from Tim Horton’s is very popular where I come from.

  16. Gibi says:

    Downloading now! Can’t wait!!

  17. Tristessa says:

    Good job on the first episode!

    I’m right there on the comments about “Planetary”…it’s damn near perfection in comics form and so very nearly done!

    Can’t wait for the next ep! Cheers =)

  18. S1LENT_ASSASS1N says:

    Great podcast, looking forward to the next one. Glad that the podcast is finally up on itunes so now I can subscribe to this awesome podcast, keep it up Ryan.

  19. juffo_wup says:

    Great podcast!

    I like the Ep 1 cast a lot, esp. Ford and Chu. I never listened to the anomaly and was surprised that the Ford/Scott chemistry was so strong. Chu was also a great addition: I loved her spy-tip of the week. The mix was great altogether, but I’m worried that six is a litle much for a regular cast, as it doesn’t leave much room for guest stars.

    Also, I was expecting at least one other person from CGWRadio/ GFWRadio/ LANParty to show up. I think people have requested Green, Elliott, and Molloy already, so I’ll throw out that I for one would love to hear Gladstone again.

    Please keep up the Lost discussion! I’d bailed on the show after season 1, and when I decided to catch up a few months ago, I decided to also go back and listen to the older GFW Radio episodes in tandem week by week and it was pretty great.

    Finally a question to think about: Is this a PC gaming podcast? Is it even a gaming podcast? CGWR/ GFWR/ LP were at their best when they went off-topic, but would those diversions still be as nice if there’s nothing they’re diverting from?

  20. Ryne Pittman says:

    Great post, I can’t wait for the future episodes. Lots of good, balanced topic discussion in this one. Wicked.

  21. dc says:

    Great first podcast! Looking forward to many more.

  22. son says:

    Finally iTunes link, Thanks

  23. Sam says:

    Keep em coming, there awesome!

  24. Tom says:

    The people whining about structure are the same people who skip reviews to read the scores. This is was awesome. Please keep going and don’t even worry about changing it!

  25. Nick says:

    yeah Dunkin Donuts are pretty damn awesome, especially when there are 4 within walking distance of your house, I have seen 3 maybe 4 starbucks in my life, I see Dunkin Donuts around every corner, and that’s how life is in Massachusetts

  26. Blackout62 says:

    concerning the Dunkin Donuts conversation, if I recall there is one in south Sacramento.

  27. igjoe says:

    I really enjoyed listening to this! Great Podcast!

    Only thing I would improve is I heard you guys saying “like” a lot. I know it’s hard to get out of habit, but fewer of them next time would be great πŸ™‚

  28. Tobal says:

    Great Podcast.

    As always with MMO talks, you never talk about FFxi, always out there doing its own thing for 6 years now.

  29. Danger Stepp says:

    The podcast was great! Keep up the good work and I’ll look forward to it each week. Take care, guys.

  30. Anthony Gornicki says:

    When this goes up on iTunes we’re gonna kick Oprah’s ass!

    Any news on if Simon Cox or Mielke are going to make an appearance on either here or RebelFM? All the people that were on the podcasts were great, and it would be nice to hear from them what they’re up to, and their opinions on games of course!

  31. J.D. says:

    You need to post some still pics of that podcast setup! In a comic store! Come on.

  32. Pugnate says:


    Not bad, but I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get Anthony and Robert Ashley as well.

    Decent start though.

  33. Tim says:

    Pretty good overall, but as suggestion, vet the personal stories and inside jokes a bit more, some hits and misses there.

  34. Darren says:

    Hey Ryan and the gang, great podcast. Cant wait for episode 100, 200 etc…
    BTW: The wheat bread was to break you out of your white bread shell. You wouldn’t want to insult some big exec if he offers you wheat bread finger sandwiches at a interview.

  35. Rob K says:

    No Joke, i live in Braintree in Essex in England and Fitch Just just made my jaw dropt! im gonna search for Stained glass windows with fitch lookalikes on as soon as i get home from work!!

  36. V says:

    Please try to make Karen Chu a regular.

  37. meinard says:

    I have to agree, Tetris DX for the GBC was the best Tetris EVER.

  38. RyanScottsHotsis says:

    I am going to donate to the show if you will rent and wear a Purple Snuffalufagus costume while doing the show.
    Thanks is advance

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