The Geekbox: Episode 1

Here it is — the first episode of’s radio podcast. And it’s a whopper, clocking in at just over two hours! An iTunes subscription link is coming soon; for now, you can download the MP3 directly from LibSyn or from Zune Marketplace. And if you like the podcast, please don’t forget to Digg — more Diggs equals more listeners, and more listeners equals more podcasts! I hope you enjoy it!! Feel free to leave comments or feedback on this post’s comments section.

UPDATE #1 (2009-01-18 @ 9:01 pm): This episode’s broken 10,000 downloads in just under 29 hours. Thank you, everyone — make sure all your friends check it out, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE #2 (2009-01-19 @ 5:05 pm): The iTunes feed is now live — enjoy! It’ll take a couple days before it starts getting indexed in the search engine, but you can snag it from iTunes right here.

UPDATE #3 (2009-01-20 @ 10:41 am): As of this moment, The Geekbox is the #1 podcast in iTunes’ Video Games category, #2 in the Games & Hobbies category, and #8 overall. Thank you, everyone! Keep those subscriptions and reviews coming — let’s get to #1!

The Geekbox — Episode 1 (2009-01-17)
Wherein we discuss who we are and how we got here, our personal 2008 game of the year picks, Greg Ford’s stance (or lack thereof) on fair play, Street Fighter fan fiction, comic books, season 5 of Lost (season 4 spoiler alert!), and Andrew Fitch’s hot date (with bonus dating tips from Karen Chu). Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, Ryan Higgins, and Ernie P.
Running Time: 2h 1m 34s
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133 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 1”

  1. RyanScottsHotsis says:

    Great Podcast!

  2. squidracerX says:

    Post some pics of who is talking!!! I hate not knowing faces with voices!!!!


  3. Hostile says:

    What were the numbers for CGW/GFW Radio/LAN Party?

  4. LiK says:

    Please post on iTunes soon so i can auto d/l future episodes~

  5. Grant says:


  6. Dys says:

    good first podcast, try to stay a little bit more focus’d and you guys will go far, but you already knew this.

    Giving props to my hometown area, braintree!!! go boston!

  7. Ririri123 says:

    This is one of the most awesome podcasts I’ve seen in a long time. While I noticed some people complaining about a lack of structure, I think that the all-over-the-place geekiness is the thing that makes is so good. Also, Watchmen is 44 days away.

  8. Nick Allain says:

    Weird Local Connections! I’m a game development student from Worcester,MA. I know exactly the SEARS the guy’s were talking about.

    Great show guys (and girl)!

  9. Love It! says:

    Great show. More Please!

  10. Richard says:

    Hi Dudes, currently listenting to your Episode 1. Your games of the year.. Where is Banjo Kazooie – Nuts and Bolts!?! Have you guys played through it properly? Sure its a G rating. Though you have a mission, and can finish it with any veichle you can imagine to build that will do the task. Otherwise, your choices were all pretty good. (MASS EFFECT awesome!!). Good work. Keep it up!

  11. Phetz says:

    Great job guys! Love the commentary and, suprisingly, the theme! Keep it up Ryan and Co.!

  12. Kieran says:

    best. podcast. ever.

  13. Paul says:

    Ryan (and cast), I love you guys, but this podcast was all over the place. I don’t mean this in the “omg, I will never listen to this shit ever again” way, but perhaps some more structure couldn’t hurt.

    Still, for a thrown together, post-layoff podcast it was worth listening to. I look forward to the next get together.

  14. Mark Headley says:

    Just finished listening. Great first cast. I had one request I wanted to put out there. Are any of you guys at all into the Indy PC game scene. I’ll admit to being a PC game podcast listener without a PC capable of playing most of the newest releases so I’m always particularly interested in what is going on in the world of Indy PC game development. I’d love it if you guys were to intersperse some chatting about that facet of gaming into your future casts.

    Best of luck going forward

  15. jw chen says:

    thanks Ryan,
    great podcast

  16. Ryan Scott says:

    Cube, the RSS feed should be working fine. Are you using the one linked in the post?

  17. Cube says:

    will the rss feed work soon? I do not use a ipod or zune I hate them, they suck my PDA/plamtop/whateva is a much better mp3 player.

  18. Ryan Scott says:

    Guy: Already asked — Patrick Joynt’s a no-go for this sort of thing due to his job. Although I agree, he’d be awesome.

    Adam: We’ve all talked about doing something like what you’ve described, and it just might happen down the line. We’ll have to wait and see.

    feministgamer: Rest assured that there will be lots of Lost discussion on the next episode. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anthony Gornicki: The whole thing’s encoded at 80kbps; I was pretty happy with the file, size considering it’s 2 hours. And Snake Rattle N Roll drove me nuts.

    cody: I hope so too!

  19. Sweet podcast, Ryan. I’m glad you decided to keep doing them. I went ahead and wrote a post on my site, plugging and the show. Hope it brings in a bit of traffic.


  20. […] days of departure, the first Rebel FM podcast was out, and other projects such as Geekbox Radio have since hit the net –ย  all with a waiting and established fan-base who knew where and when this […]

  21. Dave says:

    Listening to your podcast, but just heard the mention of the DK Country/Blockbuster tournament. They had the option of that or Genesis w/ Alien 3 & NBA Jam. Only owned a Genesis, but went w/ DK Country. Rented it, practiced it for a day and wound up winning the tournament. Felt like commenting on the awesome mention.

    Great podcast. Keep up the rad work.

  22. Wai says:

    Is life and love of Fitch the new Chuf Love? I also wonder has he really planned ahead does the girl have the second most important thing second to land and that would be child bearing hips.

  23. Ty says:

    Gonna download it now, looking foward to it, thanks. Dugg!

  24. cody says:

    Awesome podcast rydog can we expect this type of podcast everytime? I hope so.

  25. Anthony Gornicki says:

    Awesome episode. I thought the filesize was ok, it downloaded pretty fast… Are you using joint stereo and VBR? That may reduce the filesize without sacrificing quality…

    Snake Rattle n Roll is a pretty sweet game, I remember renting that and being blown away by the graphics at the time. There were a lot of sprites on the screen at once, everything had that demoscene look to it, the only hard part was twisting your brain to work with the controls. Like Battletoads and Battletoads + Double Dragon, it got remade for the Genesis/Mega Drive… I’ve got both that and the NES version. I’m surprised anyone remembers it!

    Anyway, great podcast, keep them coming ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. RyanScottsHotsis says:

    Listened to it twice! Awesome……….

  27. feministgamer says:

    Great podcast!

    I hope you guys keep up with what you did on the GFW podcast, and discuss Lost when it starts up again. That was one of my favorite parts of the old podcast.

  28. Matt Rehmer says:

    Just made front page of digg, congorats!

  29. Adam says:

    I really hope you guys amalgamate with eat-sleep-game/talkingorange. A unified hub would give you so much more power!

  30. Anthony Gornicki says:

    Thanks for working hard on this, I can’t wait to listen to this! Dugg you before the episode was out, and I’m ready to review you guys on iTunes as soon as it gets up there! 2+ hours = w00t! Seriously, you guys are like crack! But in a good way!

  31. Marty says:

    great podcast, glad to have guys back =)

  32. Guy says:

    Hey Ryan. Good job putting the panel together and the sound was great. I have a request for next episode: Patrick Joynt (assuming his employer will allow it).

  33. Justin Allen says:

    If you want the Podcast on your Zune, create a folder called GeekboxRadio in the following path;
    My Documents–>My Music–>Zune–>Podcasts

    Use the direct download link and add the file to the GeekboxRadio folder there.

    It will sync to the Zune and show up in the Podcasts section, but it won’t have any artwork or a description.

  34. Firestart says:

    Ryan Scott is the Shizniz!

    Great podcast dude.

  35. kuddles says:

    Wow! Right out of the gate, you do a fantastic job. The audio quality is already putting Rebel FM to shame too. I see my donation choice was wise.

    I’ll understand it if you have to put this thing to the wayside if, you know, real life insists you find a new job at some point. But until then, I’m happy to get 1UP replacements like this one on my Zune.

  36. WilliamKnight says:


    Now hurry up and get on iTunes already so that we can make you the new number 1 podcast!

  37. Peter says:

    I really enjoyed the show, you guys have good chemistry. You just need to watch the voice volume, as people were dropping in and out a bit. Still a great show though ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the MMOrpg with, you should check out Pirates of the Burning Sea, it’s sea combat system is a completely unique system for an MMO. The actual game straddles the line between Eve and WoW.

  38. Spencer says:

    AWESOME! It’s 3AM and I’m totally listening to this right now. I’m a huge fan, when I heard the 1UP news, yours was the first page I visited to see if you were staying on. I’m so so glad that you are staying with us in a more… tangible way! (twitter is nice, but you know, it’s no podcast)

  39. Will Cao says:

    I’m excited to listen to the podcast. Thanks guys! The Man of Fitchistory, Greg the Yakker Ford, Ryan Scott are my heroes.

    Please make Ryan Scott join in a few yak attacks

  40. Bryce says:

    Awesome first show guys. I can’t wait for more!

  41. NightsD says:

    On MMOs WoW might be the most popular but lots of other games are still alive. I also prefer City Of Heroes, even though I’m sure many will not agree. I do agree that MMOs need innovation. They still need to fix grinding. I am looking forward to Champions online though I might not ever play it since I don’t have a 360.

  42. FiendishThingy says:

    It is great to hear you once again.
    Regarding Planetary, I feel your pain.

  43. Big K says:

    Awesome to see/hear everything is going well. Good luck in all your ventures, and I can’t wait to hear from the awesomeness that is, this group.

  44. Crash says:

    Great Podcast.
    Can’t wait for more.
    Maybe some Booster Gold next week?

  45. Nick says:

    Really good podcast. Hope to hear the same cast on the next one.

  46. SmilingPolitely says:

    Loved the podcast, Ryan! And you got the sound right the first podcast out the gate!

  47. Jordan P. says:

    Hey, good stuff. I’ll have to add this to my weekly rotation of 20+ podcasts I listen to !

  48. Honeycut1 says:

    Can’t wait to listen. Once it’s on the iTunes feed I’ll have it in my grubby little hands.

    Thanks Ryan. This is awesome!!!

  49. Alec says:

    Well, I just head that Zune’s approval process was longer from Phillip Kollar on the 1st episode of Rebel FM, but that’s great that it’s up this fast. (I have no complaints either [even though I don’t have a Zune])

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