Good Job, Brain!: Episode 10

Animals are, in fact, weird — a fact that this week’s episode of Good Job, Brain! definitely elaborates on.

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Good Job, Brain! — Episode 10: Animals Are Weird (2012-05-07)
Chris said it best: Nothing that man can think up in science-fiction stories is crazier, creepier, and more disgusting than nature. Mother Nature is a very odd gal. We share our research on weird animals and behavior, and shocking animal ingredients in our everyday lives. Freelance bees, whale regurgitation, zombie ants, and the famous dog who ate everything. ALSO: Pop quiz!, famous paradoxes, how to memorize very specific parts of the male anatomy in a very particular order, and NEW LISTENER CHALLENGE! Starring Karen Chu, Colin Felton, Dana Nelson, and Chris Kohler.
Running Time: 48m 10s
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The Comedy Button: Episode 28

I’ve missed a second week, on account of being horribly sick and sounding like the living dead. And no, I will not do a Living Dead Ryan voice on the show. Enjoy this week’s episode, with guest-host Mike Drucker filling in for me!

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The Comedy Button — Episode 28 (2012-05-04)
This week, we dive into naked stand-up, farting to end a conversation, Scott’s podcast from 1986, Ralston brand cereals (and why they didn’t make any sense), Transformers in real life, what episode to start on when checking out the GameSpy Debriefings, really racist email, the worst marriage proposal ever, themed weddings, making our future children do everything for us, fake New York movie gangs, the Haight Street Drug Deal game, shameful Google searches, the terrible life of a dog, and the worst of Ruby-Spears Productions’ terrible cartoons. Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, and Max Scoville, with special guest Mike Drucker.
Running Time: 1h 7m 19s
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The Geekbox: Episode 167

Hey, we’re back! And we’re excited for The Avengers, Guild Wars 2, and all kinds of other things!

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The Geekbox — Episode 167 (2012-05-01)
Wherein we discuss birthdays, Indiana Jones, The Avengers, Cabin in the Woods, violence in movies, The Raid: Redemption, Guild Wars 2, nerd wars, MorrisonCon, The Walking Dead game, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim DLC, the world’s fattest cat, and our weird dreams. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 14m 23s
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The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 55

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The Comic Conspiracy — Episode 55 (2012-04-30)
We’ve got a full table this week as we discuss the cheapest comic book ever made, Nick Fury Jr., Avengers vs X-Men #2, AvX: VS #1, The Legend of Korra, our top Marvel and DC animated movies picks, more Ultimate Spider-Man talk, Young Justice: Invasion spoilers, Peter Panzerfaust, Greg Pak’s Incredible Hulk, Adventure Time, Scarlet Spider, Suicide Squad, Free Comic Book Day, and The Avengers movie. Starring Ryan Higgins, Omar Brodrick, Brock Sager, Toby Sidler, and Charlie West.
Running Time: 1h 14m 56s
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Good Job, Brain!: Episode 9

This week, Karen and crew talk about pizza whistles, swazzle stars, swizzle swirls, choco tacos, silly straws, ice cream salad, gummy bear soup, laffy taffy sandwiches, twizzler twirls, and caramel-n-marshmallow stew.

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Good Job, Brain! — Episode 9: Finger Lickin’ Good (2012-04-30)
DOH! You might end up in a food coma just from listening to this episode. Greasy and sugary origin tales behind junk food and outrageous snack finds: donuts, maltballs, Cheetos, and other delicious offenders. ALSO: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, double-letter quiz, and new listener challenge! Starring Karen Chu, Colin Felton, Dana Nelson, and Chris Kohler.
Running Time: 49m 8s
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The Comedy Button: Episode 27

Busy times — Anthony and I missed this episode, so you’ll have to settle for returning guest Jack DeVries. It’s a relationship-themed episode where we finally answer all your stupid questions! Alright!

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The Comedy Button — Episode 27 (2012-04-27)
It’s the all-relationship episode, where we answer your letters and discuss how to get your lady to kiss you after she’s been down there, guest-host Jack DeVries’ sex bucket list, butt secks, what to do with a stack of money when you’re single, why you shouldn’t marry young, how Brian Altano lost his virginity, how Scott Bromley managed to masturbate to Hocus Pocus, growing up (and growing a pair), and relationship advice for cavemen. Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, and Max Scoville, with special guest Jack DeVries.
Running Time: 1h 9m 11s
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Where’s the Geekbox!?

We don’t do this too often — but hey, it’s been 166 episodes, so we’re calling in sick today. Truth be told: I’m absolutely slammed with a lot of work right now, and this week, it just so happened to creep into the Geekbox’s recording schedule (fun fact: I’m already absolutely exhausted from E3 2012, which is still over a month away). So, totally my bad… but it would have been a low-energy episode anyway. Rather than bore you to death even more than usual, we’ll be back next week with some recharged batteries and lots of fun stuff to talk about. In the meantime, go check out our other three podcasts; you might even like them!

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