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Virtuality *Heavy Spoiler*

Postby Klendathu » Jul 1st, 2009 @ 12:36am

I have to say, this pilot was really bad. They set up this space ship environment for 90 minutes, complete with a really weird Earth backstory and then they invalidate it at the end. Which was the best thing about the pilot, the feeling that the spaceship is not real, just another simulation. The feeling this series has actually a way out of this ill-conceived space mission BS.

Considering that every other SciFi show has an episode in which the cast gets trapped in a virtual reality and has to escape, the basic plot of the show might not be that creative. I wonder where this might have gone? Sliders, the VR version?

This plot twist was too little, too late. Matrix used the "nothing is real" revelation to shift the gears to overdrive and then deliver. Virtuality used the same plot twist to roll the credits. So right when you are ready to finally wake up from 90 minutes of boring pseudo reality TV space ship stuff, Virtuality is over.

Judging from the terrible ratings, I guess this will remain a TV movie forever. Fox has their lineup, they do not need it. If another networks wants to pick up Virtuality, they should cut that material down to 20 minutes and produce a real pilot episode afterwards.

13th Floor anyone?
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Re: Virtuality *Heavy Spoiler*

Postby Sokkratez » Jul 3rd, 2009 @ 4:16pm

Thought it was great.
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