The Geekbox: Episode 362

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The Geekbox — Episode 362 (2016-02-23)
Wherein we discuss text-walking, Deadpool, Daredevil: Season 2, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Street Fighter V, Fire Emblem: Fates, The X-Files, good games vs. great games, Dark Souls, and playing games with significant others. Starring Ryan Scott, Adam Fitch, Justin Haywald, Ryan Higgins, and Alice Liang.
Running Time: 1h 11m 16s
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2 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 362”

  1. mujun says:

    Easier to combo into a fireball than with a rapid tap. Hard to separate say, a medium kick tap and the first tap of the Lightning Kick tap. Becomes even more difficult if you are doing multiple normal kicks and trying to combo Lightning Kick after that.

  2. BevansDesign says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say that Ryan Scott’s audio sounded pretty bad this week (and maybe last). It sounds like he’s spiking his meters whenever he says anything, and it’s hard to listen to and understand what he’s saying.

    I think I remember someone saying that you run the podcast through a Normalize filter in post, but I don’t think that’ll help in this case, because you lose information when the meters spike. (In the visual world, you can adjust an overexposed photo, but you can’t regain quality anywhere that the image went to 100% white.)

    You may want to look into buying a dedicated audio compressor if you’re able. I don’t know if any of you know TotalBiscuit, but he recently bought a compressor, and he could probably give you some tips. (Or you could ask actual audio engineers of course.)

    Anyway, still enjoyed the show. Keep up the great work!

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