Good Job, Brain!: Episode 116

Just don’t go on any of those dumb Great America rollercoasters. Fact: The “Great” part is a bit of a misnomer.


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Good Job, Brain! #116: Your Love is Like a Rollercoaster, Baby, Baby (2014-06-24)
Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle as we freefall into a bumpy ride of amusement park trivia. Rides, food, parks, and more! Chris is back from the press preview event of the new addition to the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando (Diagon Alley at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter), and tells us all about the tricks and technology in this new era of amusement parks. Karen shares her very extensive rollercoaster experience and how binaural sound almost made her pee. And it’s time for a round of “ROLLERCOASTER? Or HEAVY METAL ALBUM?” And whet your appetite with the amusement park food invention quiz. ALSO: Clam the clam. Starring Karen Chu, Colin Felton, Dana Nelson, and Chris Kohler.
Running Time: 48m 19s
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