The Comedy Button: Episode 91

IGN’s Mitch Dyer sits in with us this week — and Anthony’s in the room, visiting from Seattle. Hooray!

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The Comedy Button — Episode 91 (2013-08-23)
Anthony vows to stop crime, Max films a completely unrelated crime, Zombie Studios is ground zero for an actual zombie apocalypse, mugging logistics are confusing, Anthony’s cat looks like every other cat, people who leave their fortunes to their pets are stupid, dead man’s treasure maps are the new hotness, Mad Libs temporarily get funny again, scientists relay all-new raccoon facts, we recall our biggest regrets, Brian goes there and back again, and we tell you what to do when your parents are out of town. Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Scott, Max Scoville, and special guest Mitch Dyer.
Running Time: 1h 13m 22s
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One Response to “ “The Comedy Button: Episode 91”

  1. jamie n. says:

    hi comedy button crew love your shows make me break out laughing. he crew have i got a intresting stoey to tell you. have u ever sat down on the toilet and something comes up weh you take a dump. like for example a snake or a mouse.wel ive herd horror stories about that how cridders lke tha come up the toilet pipe and suprise people. and i saw it on tv once. blew my mind . so anyway i always look before i do my duty. thats one of my big fears now. just thought id share that tibit of information with u all . jamie.

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