The Geekbox: Episode 232

This week, we complain about a bunch of things. I swear, I DO like to be positive sometimes!

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The Geekbox — Episode 232 (2013-08-14)
Wherein we discuss Canadian accents, DuckTales Remastered, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Guacamelee!, controller-throwing moments, Rogue Legacy, pricey Xenoblade Chronicles copies, comic books vs. minorities, Dragon’s Crown, Senran Kagura, NES maintenance, Neil Gaiman, bad reading habits, Game of Thrones, Microsoft’s latest Xbox 180, Wii U connection issues, terrible Kickstarter projects, and click-bait headlines. Starring Ryan Scott, Justin Haywald, and Ryan Higgins, with special guests Mitch Dyer and April Scott.
Running Time: 1h 39m 30s
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  1. jack says:

    more mitch, less fitch

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