The Comedy Button: Episode 88

Guest host Jack DeVries fills in for me this week!

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The Comedy Button — Episode 88 (2013-08-02)
Guest host Jack DeVries turns into Cool Ryan Scott, Anthony parties hard in Seattle, white girls love crying on curbs, we hear some San Diego Comic-Con stories, Max tells us about Hell Comes to Frog Town, Hawaii has sea turtles and mongooses, we still don’t understand a woman’s period, we recall our personal city-related trauma, and Brian and Anthony sing us a song. Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, and Max Scoville, with special guest Jack DeVries.
Running Time: 1h 11m 48s
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2 Responses to “ “The Comedy Button: Episode 88”

  1. Noah says:

    Other than Scott not being able to know when to stop, this episode was fantastic.

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