Good Job, Brain!: Episode 61

Mornings are the WORST.


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Good Job, Brain! #61: Waking Up Is Hard to Do (2013-05-15)
Good morning, brains! Love it or hate it, getting up in the morning is something we have to face every single day. Well, unless…you’re a nocturnal mole-person. We gab about juicy trivia and silly histories behind some of our favorite and least favorite parts of the morning ritual: Saturday morning cartoons, extremely hyper morning drink quiz, the dreaded hangover, the morning commute, the worst/best invention of the world – the snooze button, and play a round of “ENERGY DRINK?…Or SHOW ON THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL?” ALSO: Awful jokes by children, and Elements quiz. Starring Karen Chu, Colin Felton, Dana Nelson, and Chris Kohler.
Running Time: 49m 17s
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