The Geekbox: Episode 189

My Comedy Button buddy Max Scoville joins us tonight to share raccoon facts, talk about Star Wars, and nerd out over XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Enjoy the episode, and make sure to vote for us in the annual Podcast Awards, and the 2012 Stitcher Awards — stay tuned for another blog post with comprehensive directions on how to vote!

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The Geekbox — Episode 189 (2012-10-09)
Wherein we discuss Hawaiian meth-head facts, ghost raccoons, Tough Mudder, the most horrible haunted house ever, Angry Birds vs. Star Wars, Cabin in the Woods, contemporary music in period movies, remakes of old movies and TV shows, faithful adaptations vs. good adaptations, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Retro City Rampage. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Ryan Higgins, and Max Scoville.
Running Time: 1h 6m 16s
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  1. WangDangle says:

    Max and Karen should just bang it out all ready.

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