Good Job, Brain!: Episode 27

…but can you survive a fall from a plane by wrapping yourself in a life raft?

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Good Job, Brain! — Episode 27: Ticket to Ride (2012-09-03)
All aboard! Mind-blowing facts about transportation. We find out what’s up with those old-timey bikes with the humongous front wheel, airplane secrets, the Hindenburg, JK Rowling’s minor error, and train facts that will make your brain go OOoOooOooOoO! ALSO: Whose Ride Is it Anyways? quiz, and “One Letter Off” word puzzle and new listener challenge. Starring Karen Chu, Colin Felton, Dana Nelson, and Chris Kohler.
Running Time: 43m 28s
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2 Responses to “ “Good Job, Brain!: Episode 27”

  1. Donny Wallace says:

    I listen when walking the dog and I love that your trivia is all computer nerd categories but you talk about it in ways we don’t consider or think about- if you could even do more to show how the material can help us in our lives that would be cooler. But
    it’s like Star Wars hardcore fan, official shades of main colors, codes for names, correct use of words, computer games, trends- all computer nerd stuff. You should do the history of computers too and like the Unitron or whatever that predicted political races for the Networks in the past. My trend or rather the one that sticks out- I wasn’t able to get to be trendy as the only child without a lot of money or knowledge of stuff- my music was whatever the Rolling Stone said in the History of Rock and Roll was the best so I discovered all the other stuff like Punk later. But I was way into Sea Monkeys and Sea Horses during the last stage when you good get animals but not like deadly wild beasts through the mail. They spun around and the men had Moustaches- you should have a gallery or collage of mustaches and Sea Monkeys is one of them. They had the babies as dots swiming all hyper around the heads and then later on their backs and they did stunts all day and then from there cool stuff and I took mine to Science Class and the guy blew them on a microscope projector which was way cool but he killed them and I was crushed. I also had
    the racing set and used to race them with the guy next door who inherited 100+ million and now is like everyone else in my world out of it for me and too good but he was cool back then. I need to move from the #1 worst city in the past now like 8th for White males to date to the #1 best always- Austin, Texas year after year. Anyway while I was so dissapointed that they didn’t rule their kingdom and have a castle and play volleyball- I loved the guys and I want to have cool stuff in one room and then go streamlined metallic cool colored colors and like monitors with art and photos and cool stuff on them and then just like the coolest old items like the best looking coat rack and jackets and cooking items and products and in this room with my hardcover comic book libraries have
    other stuff like the sea monkeys in a cool bowl with colored rocks and Castle and the guys swimming all around. I also had sea horses with babies and pipefish but that is so hard to do because of changing the water. I am waiting for the real on Demand material to come out other than music where it has already and then the next internet stage and so on and you should do more than one show on predictions for the future and what we have already that says it will be true like killer robots and ones that can be your best friend and tell you what to do with body language from interactive chess where the player gets better and better and then how we will get thoughts and amazing mindsets from the cloud and also regenerate and get younger and then also have the mindset to use our talentes well and Virtual Reality and what it will do and like the ability to take photos and turn them into theatrical quality films from one computer and english words and clicks. And more- I learnt we can now have a computer print out exactly what we are thinking for one thing and what this means and who came up with this stuff in Sci-Fi first and now how it is real and when it could come out and what we should prepare for in terms of change in the world through technology. Like will the birth rate go to zero because we are going around the world from our rooms having a blast with computers in VR with a girl we have created and when hooked up to the sensors the sex is better than the real thing- predicted first by U2. But for Colin- you know He can be his version of a Star Wars guy and pick Princess Lea or anyone else in the world and he’d probably never come out of his room and later it might be with a way to hook stuff to your face that you don’t notice that makes the worlds most healthy food taste like anything and with lasers you don’t notice you get in top shape or something or you work out from VR like you are with other people with the best Body Language to make you feel love and you get in shape there or we just take a pill or lazers or something but we have our bodies remade without exercise and so we all stay in our homes having a blast like this or later we just stay in the cloud and never want to come out until a psycho dictator takes over the cloud and programs us to be tourtered and all white guys to die a slow painful death or something- I hoep that part never happens just the blast part.
    You have a great show and how to be the cool version of the kids the older adults just love.
    Rock On- make Good Job Brain Internet competitions with money prizes and so on and make money too

  2. JDay says:

    So why don’t commericial planes have parachutes in them?

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