The Comedy Button: Episode 45

This week, we talk all about our trip to the San Francisco Zoo with VIP Comedy Button Kickstarter donor Davin Loh. Our recording circumstances resulted in some unforeseen audio issues, so I apologize in advance for the wonkiness — it won’t happen again!

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The Comedy Button — Episode 45 (2012-08-31)
Apologies in advance for the audio screwiness this week. To make up for it, we tell you all about our trip to the zoo with our second VIP listener, where we watched a prison riot in the gorilla pen, learned about Max’s fear of spiders, tried to steal pretzels from kids, took some low blows for the camera, acted like dirty thieves, met the world’s funniest goat, and witnessed a race riot in the polar bear pen. We also find out why some of us would make horrible (or awesome) parents, Anthony whips out his metal detector, we discuss awkward re-gifting options, and Max tells us about his now-slightly-more-awkward work life. Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Scott, and Max Scoville, with special guest Davin Loh.
Running Time: 1h 9m 49s
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7 Responses to “ “The Comedy Button: Episode 45”

  1. JDornbirer says:

    Golly, I Officially understand why The Comedy Button cast hates their fans…. people take jokes wayyyyy too far…

  2. AnotherListener says:

    Do I understand that right: Ryan already met Davin 3 years ago in one of his podcasts? And they did not even mentioned it?

  3. Scott Bromley says:

    The fucked up part about the reddit post is the original, as it was brought to our attention was a legitimate fan theory about the show being a dream in Max’s head. Each of us had a role in his subconscious. It was cute, clever, and had ABSOLUTELY ZERO mentions of Max sucking his own dick. Then, once it gained steam, the shithead responsible for the post changed the original, omitted all of the actual theory part, and wrote “Max Scoville sucks his own dick” and linked to the podcast episode. A really shitty thing for a “fan” to do. Now you know why we hate our emails.

  4. Billy Bean says:

    Did anyone else see the Max Scoville Sucks His Own Dick post on the front page of Reddit?

    Some person made an entire theory around The Comedy Button and Max sucking his own dick that’s actually somewhat, uh, “plausible.”

  5. Adam says:

    There’s a joke in there somewhere involving self completion, but I’ve got a headache and don’t care enough.

  6. WangDangle says:

    How long until Google auto completes to “Max Scoville sucks his own dick”?

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