The Comedy Button: Episode 39

Max Scoville is out on a hot mouth date this week, but guest host Jack DeVries returns to tell us about his San Diego Comic-Con 2012 adventures.

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The Comedy Button — Episode 39 (2012-07-20)
This week is all about Max getting hot oral (surgery), breaking into Brian’s apartment after a night of drinking, helping Anthony pick up girls, guest host Jack DeVries’ San Diego Comic-Con 2012 adventures, the sudden rise in cereal mascot crime, the miracle of courage, the true story behind all those Chuck E. Cheese vomit balls, open-door bathrooms policies, the scavenger hunt for a garbage can in a movie theater, the terrible and baffling stories that children tell, a great example of a terrible email, and charging your significant other for utilities in a relationship. Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, and Ryan Scott, with special guest Jack DeVries.
Running Time: 1h 5m 21s
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11 Responses to “ “The Comedy Button: Episode 39”

  1. roy says:

    You guys are terrible and annoying. Please stop podcasting.

  2. Hitchey says:

    Of course, yeah it really looked like it…

  3. WangDangle says:

    No shit Hitchey. It is almost like I was joking or something.

  4. sdf says:

    Poor taste on this podcast? Fiddle-dee-dee! Christ…

  5. Hitchey says:

    …and before someone goes “WRONG SPELLING OH NOESSS!!!”, it’s tragedy, not tradegy, I know.

  6. Hitchey says:

    “Yeah Ryan. Way to go you fucking asshole”

    No, you are the asshole. I’m sure Ryan feels bad enough as it is, and the podcast was recorded before the tradegy, so give him a break.

    Like he was to know! Jesus, what’s wrong with some people…

  7. Blight says:

    Damn you, Fortuneteller Ryan Scott.

  8. Ryan Scott says:

    Oh geez, I feel awful now. Incidentally, the podcast was recorded before the DKR tragedy in Colorado took place, so I apologize for my joke, which is now retroactively in very poor taste.

  9. Rick says:

    Uhh, didn’t it happen in the comics? No need to blame Ryan.

  10. WangDangle says:

    Yeah Ryan. Way to go you fucking asshole

  11. The Big Rig says:

    “Oh no, the Joker is going to gas everyone in the movie theatre!”

    Great timing Ryan :/

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