The Geekbox: Episode 173

The entire back half of this week’s episode is pretty heavy on Prometheus spoilers, as we discuss our opinions on this movie in detail. We issue a pretty clear spoiler warning beforehand, so watch out, if you haven’t seen it (spoiler: not much to spoil, though).

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The Geekbox — Episode 173 (2012-06-19)
Wherein we discuss tonsillitis, chicken pox vaccines, Justice League: Doom, casual Nathan Fillion encounters, zombie obstacle courses, Wonder Woman, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Before Watchmen, 1986 vs. 2012, and Prometheus (big spoiler warning!). Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Adam Fitch, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 15m 57s
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16 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 173”

  1. Will says:

    Okay, Higgins.

    Lynch is on a different plane. He is making surrealistic avant garde films. He is not making plot hole genre films. Very, very different.

    Come on, man!

  2. Will says:

    Seriously, Karen?! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR OPINION ON THE FILM UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE FILM. Wikipedia means shit. See the fucking film.


  3. maicon says:

    To Steamshadow: most so called defenders of the movie, like Higgins, only say this because most people ask trivial questions, questions that the movie actually answered. Like the one about David’s purpose infecting the douchebag Dr guy. It is clear that he has a agenda related to Weyland objectives (there’s a full scene about this) and, for me, his behaviour is not that different from the android of the first alien movie, you think they have certain free will, but they are only following orders. Said that i agree that the movie has many others questions and problems: one question almost no one asks, and was the first i mentioned to mey girlfriend leaving the cinema was: why the cave paintings pointed to a place that is not the aliens homeplanet? and one problem was the automatic conclusion that the alien dna created all life on earth and ultimately created us with the exact dna match! someone can call it biological convergence, i call it bullshit.

  4. another Adam says:

    Higgins should check out the Red Letter Media videos regarding Prometheus…

  5. BushinRyuCat says:

    First time poster, and lover of all intergalactic chicks! You guys have a great podcast going; do me two favors pleaze:

    1) Ask prof. Ryan Scott: Does he think the reason Marvel Studios is revamping the Spider-man origin movie, is to get movie-licensing rights from Sony Pictures to get Spiderman in the upcoming Avengers sequel, The Infinity Gauntlet (SPOILERS!!)?

    2) Please Geekbox crew, i’m begging you…BEGGING ^~^ you to discuss Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter on next show… this a good time for movies or what 😛

  6. Crowbar_Abortion says:

    Loved the episode, was laughing my ass off by the one hour point, cause the show had turned into the red letter media episode about prometheus.

    I wanna wait til im able to watch it at home before i really tear into it, but my favorite part,

    “There’s only a dozen of these ever made, It can perform a bypass surgery”

    “Please state the nature of your injury”
    (Unless you have a vagina, then fuck off)

  7. Mark Kubiak says:

    I enjoyed the film. Nothing I have the need to see ever again. However, I’m in the minority as I don’t believe Alien is a spectacular movie. Enjoyable film, but nothing more.

    Karen is certainly entitled to her opinion, their is no question on that. I just can’t accept it unless she goes out and sees the film. I don’t know how she can have such an opinion on something she only read about. Films are visual mediums, how can you have such a strong opinion when you read a synopsis. Unless she did see it and I missed that part and then I can accept it.

  8. Ben says:

    #1 The “I’m here for the money, not friends” guy was the geologist.
    #2 The two guys left trapped in the caves during the storm were the geologist and biologist.
    #3 The snake things in the black goo cave were mutated forms of the worms they show under someone’s foot when they are first entering the cave. When they are leaving the cave the first time (because they imagine they’ve contaminated the environment) there is a shot of the worms at the black goo.

  9. Evan_G says:

    Good episode. I like how upbeat Ryan is, since I’ve been going through the GFW archives and he’s totally the opposite in those.

    Also it’s hilarious that Karen has an opinion on a movie she read 800 words about.

  10. Matt says:

    Ryan how DARE you compare this absolute disgrace of a movie in the same breath as David Lynch.

  11. fenixrisingxl21 says:

    Good Lord, the level of hate for this movie is insane.
    I would say the movie was passable, but probably wouldn’t damn it any further. Walking out of the movie, it was pretty obvious to me that this was a film in dire need of a director’s cut to get the ‘full effect.’
    Case in point: Writing-wise, why place 17 people on board this vessel, when only a fraction of them will be on-screen for more than five minutes. At least in this regard, Alien is much better with a smaller set of characters that are each given room to breathe to flesh out their personalities and relationships.
    Believe me, I’m not an apologist for this movie, but I find it difficult to take Ryan Scott seriously, when it’s obvious he only sees things one way, and seems to never veer or lend any credence to differing opinions. Higgins at least sees where differing opinions are coming from, but then supplies his own and gets attacked for it.
    And no offense, but I can’t really take Karen’s dissension seriously, as I’m pretty sure she only read the movie summary on Wikipedia (correct me if I’m wrong), but then disagrees with Higgins’ overtone interpretation. Can I assume the only way should would agree with his overtone interpretation would be if the Wikipedia article went out of it’s way to mention it?
    Enjoyed the podcast either way, but it’s really hard to listen to everyone dogpile on one guy because of his differing thoughts and opinions. Again.

  12. Ryan Higgins says:

    Glad you all enjoyed the episode!

  13. Adam says:

    The worst part about the majority of Prometheus fans is that their defense of the movie usually boils down to something along the lines of “You obviously weren’t paying close enough attention” or “You just didn’t get it” or “Sorry there wasn’t enough action for you”.

    Fuck off. I got the movie. I get what it was doing. But there’s a difference between the mere mention of a theme, and the competent execution of one. There’s also a difference between ambiguous plotting that’s supposed to leave you asking questions, and an incomplete story.

  14. Steamshadow says:

    Ryan Higgins is an idiot. Your justifications for Prometheus are absurd and asinine.

    There’s nothing worse then a Prometheus apologist. They are like Scientologists. Completely batshit insane and yet they believe every word they are saying.

  15. bintin84 says:

    Ryan Higgins asks if everyone had seen Alien. Here’s my response to that.

    I watched Prometheus first without ever seeing Alien, then I went home an watched Alien for the first time (and loved it btw) then I went back and re-watched Prometheus again after seeing Alien.

    I thought it was horrible both times. The movie can not stand on its own and it also can’t stand as a prequel of the Alien franchise. Its fails on every level.

  16. Sonicfan87 says:

    I hated Prometheus so much that I almost walked out of it. Its was so incredibly awful and just full of plot holes. I would consider it one of the top 5 worst films I have ever seen in my life.

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