Good Job, Brain!: Episode 11

This week’s episode of Good Job, Brain! is fashion, AKA something I know nothing about. Oh boy!

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Good Job, Brain! — Episode 11: Hey, Your Fly Is Open (2012-05-14)
Remember when Hypercolor and acid-wash jeans were cool? Lots of laughs in this episode about ridiculous fashion trends and their origins. Learn about intriguing facts behind a simple pair of blue jeans, powdered wigs, and more. And also, we have to thank Colin for his very intensive research on the bikini. Really taking one for the team. ALSO: Pop quiz!, impressive tricky geography trivia THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND, and new listener challenge (don’t forget to email your answers to Starring Karen Chu, Colin Felton, Dana Nelson, and Chris Kohler.
Running Time: 47m 39s
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