Where’s the Geekbox!?

We don’t do this too often — but hey, it’s been 166 episodes, so we’re calling in sick today. Truth be told: I’m absolutely slammed with a lot of work right now, and this week, it just so happened to creep into the Geekbox’s recording schedule (fun fact: I’m already absolutely exhausted from E3 2012, which is still over a month away). So, totally my bad… but it would have been a low-energy episode anyway. Rather than bore you to death even more than usual, we’ll be back next week with some recharged batteries and lots of fun stuff to talk about. In the meantime, go check out our other three podcasts; you might even like them!

4 Responses to “ “Where’s the Geekbox!?”

  1. h2hjastermereel says:

    Donated 10$ to you guys because you entertain me as I develop an indie game.

    Great podcast and remember, pineapple doesn’t belong on man-food!

  2. Brodie Spears says:

    Sad puppy…..I’m glad there is no sad song.

  3. Thompson says:

    Thanks for actually telling us their is no podcast this week. Now I don’t have to eagerly wait for this week’s episode anymore. =)

  4. Guillermo_DudeL says:

    My favorite episode.

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