The Comedy Button: Episode 14

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The Comedy Button — Episode 14 (2012-01-27)
This week, we examine the science of gayness (according to our listeners), dumb Amazon wish lists, bus horror stories, setting tree fort traps for Vietcong burglars, porno jackpots, the sad life of the Duffel Bags PR guy, the Justice League vs. world hunger, the continued debate of fart politics and girlfriends, the rules of “OH SNAP!”, listener questions, and Ryan’s first girlfriend. Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Scott, and Max Scoville.
Running Time: 1h 9m 14s
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6 Responses to “ “The Comedy Button: Episode 14”

  1. And for the record, that last comment wasn’t ironic, I legitimately find it hilarious.

  2. My favorite part of this ‘cast is Scott’s nonstop bagging on the listeners. Keep it up guys.

  3. Eric says:

    Yeah, sdf! Let’s “watch” the audio podcast!

  4. Scott Bromley says:

    Thanks for the download, sdf!

  5. Jack says:

    Man, Comedy Button releases always seem to be timed with bad news for me. While the terrible news part sucks, the hour long blissful distraction is awesome!

  6. sdf says:

    Ooooh, I bet Louis CK himself couldn’t top whatever clever shit these idiots have to say about Aquaman. Let’s watch. Not.

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