The Comedy Button: Episode 3

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The Comedy Button — Episode 3 (2011-10-28)
What do we do when our wives are out-of-town? What kinds of dumb Halloween costume is Scott Bromley cooking up? What sorts of disgusting conversations can we have about mayonnaise and other white substances? Are Louie Anderson and Roseanne Barr actually the same person? Just how awesome was ProStars? What sort of extracurricular delinquency did we indulge in during our high school years? And if we answer all this nonsense, will we finally be relevant enough for Wikipedia’s editorial stamp of approval!? Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Scott, and Max Scoville.
Running Time: 1h 19m 18s
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3 Responses to “ “The Comedy Button: Episode 3”

  1. Suburban Hockey Mom says:

    Okay, I just discovered your podcast yesterday so don’t mind me commenting on an episode from last October……
    First off, “thanks” for alerting me to the existence of “ProStars” – I have 2 boys, aged 15 and 13, and they laughed their bags off when I found some episodes on YouTube for them to watch – that craziness totally eclipses anything that I ever came up while doing acid in high school(um, yeah, back then, I had a smart mouth, wore coke-bottle glasses & got good grades but I also had a mean rack, hung around with cool guys who played in hardcore bands & had much fun going to trig class on LSD – all that, and more, in the wilds of Northern Ontario!!)
    Also, I loved that you guys gave props to the craziness that is hockey – the comments about the players putting “knives on their feet” and the goalie ripping his penis in half to catch the puck made me laugh so hard that I cried – and I know first hand that pro hockey players are total f*cking badasses – my one son just came off a season playing for a coach who played for 15 years in the NHL – among other things, he survived multiple broken noses, a shit load of cuts & bruises and being on the wrong end of a slap shot & getting hit in the mouth with the puck, where even some of his back molars were smashed – he also scored a lot of goals, beat up a shitload of guys (who usually had it coming)and had the best mullet EVER!! He’s actually a really nice guy but nobody I know would mess with him, especially when he’s on skates………
    And one last thing – the helmet rule in the NHL began with players who signed their pro contracts after June 1, 1979 – Craig McTavish was the player you were talking about as the last guy to play without a helmet – he’s famous for that fact and also infamous for missing the entire 1984-1985 season due to his being incarcerated after his conviction for vehicular manslaughter – he was driving while “under the influence” of alcohol (the dumbass) and hit someone with his car – unfortunately the person died of their injuries 4 days later – well, he spent 1 year in jail but afterwards, was able to resume his pro hockey career and managed to get his name on the Stanley Cup 4 different times over the years – it was definitely the end of an era when he finally retired in 1997….
    Okay, I think I’ve bent your ears enough….for now…..gotta run & indulge my OCD tendencies by listening to the rest of your shows in the order that they were recorded…..

  2. Brendan says:

    In High school I didn’t give a fuck and nobody knew who the I was so I created a gay black ganster thug troll. Then I got pissed off gangster kids to storm the music room looking for me and dumb stoner kids to show up and fight a non existent person.

  3. JordanRodkey says:

    Well screw doing my essay.

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