The Geekbox: Episode 99

Just shy of our 100th episode, former Geekbox hosts Andrew Fitch and Greg Ford drop by to ring in the new year. And Mike Cruz (along with the rest of our regulars) will be on hand next week, when we go all three-digit on you!

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The Geekbox — Episode 99 (2011-01-05)
Wherein we discuss welcome returns, the Fitch Hitch, the real Mexico, Tron: Legacy (again!), Kick-Ass, creator vs. creation, Thor continuity controversies, Scott Pilgrim, Academy Award logistics, DC Universe Online, Game of the Year awards, Heavy Rain, disturbing movies, Burn Notice, and Red Letter Media’s Star Wars: Episode III review. Starring Ryan Scott, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 15m 4s
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7 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 99”

  1. General Zolo says:

    Butcher…? I’m just an honest man trying to make an honest living…

  2. sdf says:

    Awesome episode. I wonder if rebelfm is still hosted by a gang of dbags.

    Worst geekbox episode was that one with the idiot from the message boards.

  3. jeff says:

    Sweet, Fitch & Ford, just like the good old days. Bro-box 4 Lyfe!

  4. kyle allen says:

    PS: this is so on iTtunes.

  5. kyle allen says:

    hey guys, can’t hear the episode. the download links are dead on all your episodes. get it fixed, i’m sure you want it so.

    keep it up, kyle

  6. Eric says:

    I like Fitch and all, but Greg Ford is right Fitch over pronounces his “r” sounds way too much. This is coming from a Mexican Spanish speaking native speaker.

    Always take a citio cab and you should visit Guadalajara it’s a great city and relatively safe from drug lords.

  7. Visor2040 says:

    Hello from Mexico City. 🙂 Last Dec. 6th I received two American visitors and showed them around the city, no casualties (well, one of them lost his debit card).

    You guys are always welcome to visit the city (while the peace lasts). Avoid the border though (I hear Tijuana isn’t as bad as it was a few years ago but Mexico City is still safer).

    If any of you are brave enough I can show you around, I like doing that. 🙂

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