The Geekbox: Episode 83

This week, in collaboration with the California Police Department, we have some important safety tips regarding dangerous Internet memes. And we talk about Jersey Shore. WTF is going on here!?

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The Geekbox — Episode 83 (2010-09-15)
Wherein we discuss fake STDs, awful reality shows (like Jersey Shore), Dragon Quest IX horror stories, Plants vs. Zombies for XBLA, Peggle, Who Do You Think You Are?, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, impossible puzzles, League of Legends, PAX enforcers, the fall TV season, the Video Music Awards, cranky old men, Pedobear alerts, other stupid memes, Super Mario Bros., Mark Millar, and M. Night Shyamalan. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Justin Haywald, Ryan Higgins, and Alice Liang.
Running Time: 1h 16m 11s
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14 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 83”

  1. Chuck Salome says:

    I know im late on this but im watching jersey shore season 1 and its awsum

  2. Lloyd Huret says:

    Boner of Justin Bieber on #Facebook at

  3. Harry says:

    Justin Haywald’s voice is the opposite prozac

  4. Bop says:

    Justin Haywald’s voice, to say nothing of his stuffiness, makes me want to jump-kick innocents.

  5. Gunt Girdle says:

    Maybe I should just give up on trying to be polite on the Internet, because people will just asshole-up what I say anyway.

    Also, let’s be honest, the cast of this show can be very sarcastic and hateful. I suppose it comes with the territory of being a geek. Would it be more effective to speak to the ‘Box’s in their own language, Screednese, than try to be nice?

    Anyway, my real problem is probably that Alice’s experiences in games seem to revolve entirely around grinding and collection, which to me are the two least meaningful experiences you can have in games. Ryan couldn’t sympathize with her misfortune because she didn’t save early and often; I can’t sympathize because complaining about the time you lost beating up ‘metal slime’ (???) sounds like complaining that wild animals came and cleared up the awesome trash pile you were working on.

    In order to be more constructive, here are some cool things I did playing games this year:

    After cutting my teeth on changing school records and selling information to corporations, I was caught stealing millions of dollars and my career as a hacker was over (Uplink).

    I had been a vampire for a few weeks when I ran into a friend from my past life outside a restaurant in Hollywood. She thought I was addicted to drugs and needed help. She went to a pay phone to call my old friends and tell them that she found me. I panicked and killed her, and felt instantly guilty. (Vampire: The Masquerade).

    An old sea captain came to me with a telegram ordering him to sail his ship into port where it would be dismantled. In other words, this old man’s life was over and ruined. Instead of insulting him for his incompetence, I gave him the model of his ship I’d been working on, to show him that I shared in his sorrow and that I was grateful for our friendship (Cryostasis).

    I went up to the top of a very tall stairwell, got into a barrel, and rolled down the stairs until I had to stop and throw up (Metal Gear Sold 4).

    I killed two young children. Trust me, I had very good reasons (Dragon Age).

    Also fuck you dude Ryan Scott has a magnificent voice YOU get in the chamber of not understanding beauty.

  6. sdf says:

    Wait a minute – you troglodytes are criticizing so-called annoying voices on a show hosted by Ryan Scott? Report to the disintegration chambers immediately.

  7. Patrick says:

    Re: Gunt Girdle

    Have you heard Alice on any other podcast before? High-pitched annoying commentary is all she does. You’ll have to get used to it unfortunately.

  8. DogWenis says:

    It was great hearing Justin on the show.. Haywald, not Bieber.

    I think he’s a perfect fit.

  9. Chrespo says:

    Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band, and their band name is the name of the singer’s sister, Sigurros. Literally, the name means “Victory Rose”.

    All this of courtesy of Wikipedia.

  10. Gunt Girdle says:

    I’m trying to be constructive with my criticism lately and less asshole-ish. Try to bear with me here.

    Alice would be a better contributor to this podcast if she did not go on high-pitched turbo-speed rants. In both episodes she’s been on she’s had such a rant, and both times it was very annoying.

    Ryan Scott would be a better contributor to this podcast if he played a greater variety of games.

  11. Thomas P says:

    Things you talked about more than Venture Brothers return on this episode:

    1. Lady Gaga
    2. Jersey Shore
    3. Justin Bieber
    4. Herpes
    5. The 1992 MTV Music Awards
    6. Memes

    Pure and simple, fail.

  12. Jin says:

    Florence and the machine is <3 saw them at T in the Park.

    jonathon ross got fired for prank calling andrew sachs, coz russell brand slept with his grand-daughter. but he's been picked up by sky

  13. sdf says:

    That word: comedienne. How I loathe it.

  14. Ting says:

    After listening to the section repeatedly, I still can’t make out what Alice said as her supposed Chinese name. She was probably speaking actual Lunarish(moon language) and not Mandarin.

    Also, that slowed down Justin Bieber remix was amazing.

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